Biden On Right Path For Bankruptcy | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Biden On Right Path For Bankruptcy

The Biden administration is modestly laying the groundwork for a long-term increase in food assistance for tens of millions of Americans, without going through the difficulty of a fight with congressional Republicans.

The instrument is an obscure U.S. Department of Agriculture shopping list used to define food stamp benefits, perceived as the market basket.

A review of the so-called Thrifty Food Plan, directed by Biden two days after he took office, could trigger an automatic boost in benefits as early as Oct. 1, a day after expiration of a temporary 15% boost in food stamp payments that Biden included in his $1.9 trillion Covid-relief package.

James Ziliak, director of the Center for Poverty Research at the University of Kentucky, explained that the re-evaluation “could result in an upward adjustment of 20% or more in the benefits.” That would amount to about a $136-a-month raise in the maximum benefit for a family of four, which was $680 before the temporary pandemic-related rise.