Conrad Black: A Tsunami Of Crises About To Swamp Biden Administration | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Conrad Black: A Tsunami Of Crises About To Swamp Biden Administration

The Biden-Harris administration is now in an extended levitation of credibility. Except for Donald Trump, who entered office in the midst of a public relations terror campaign against him and had no trace of a political honeymoon, all incoming presidents arrive with a favoring wind of bipartisan goodwill behind them.

Especially as President Biden came into office promising a quieter and more genteel atmosphere and has largely done that, it is not surprising that his general popularity has been sustained at somewhat above 50 percent these first five months. But for a long time the Democrats have not had any war-cry except “We’re not Trump” and “That is racism.”

In service to that credo, from Inauguration Day they have taken the position that they would do the reverse of anything Trump did: outright reaction unsupported by any analysis. Nothing else is conceivable as an explanation for their southern border policy.

As Vice President Harris checked the box by going to El Paso, 800 miles away from the more agitated areas of illegal southern entry last week, she repeated the mantra that this administration inherited a mess. The polls are unanimous in indicating that the public realizes they did not inherit a mess; they inherited the almost complete end of illegal immigration and they squandered it instantly and jubilantly by effectively inviting the world to enter while having the hapless Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas repeat like a Disney World self-propelled puppet “The border is closed.”