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COVID Mass Psychosis: Causes and Solutions

By Neenah Payne

Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, explains in the video the four conditions under which a population willingly sacrifices its freedom. Desmet, who also has a master’s degree in statistics, discovered peculiar anomalies in statistical analyses done during the COVID pandemic which made him realize our global society is starting to enter a “mass formation” state, a type of “collective hypnosis” required for the rise of a totalitarian regime.

The four conditions necessary for mass psychosis (aka “mass formation”) are:

1 - Social Isolation: The central condition is a lack of societal bonding — social isolation on a mass scale, which is what the lockdowns were all about. We were told that any contact with others, including members of our family, could be a death sentence. Some people have not met with a single person, remaining locked in their homes for over a year, for fear of contagion. But social isolation was a widespread problem even before the pandemic.

2 - Sense of Meaninglessness: The second condition is that a majority of people experience life as meaningless and purposeless. Desmet cites research showing that half of adults feel their jobs are meaningless, providing no value to either themselves or others.

3 - Free-Floating Anxiety: Mercola’s article pointed out: “The third condition is widespread free-floating anxiety and free-floating discontent. Free-floating anxiety refers to anxiety that has no apparent or distinct cause. If you’re in the jungle and find yourself chased by a lion, your fear and anxiety have a natural, easily-identified cause — the lion. However, when you are socially disconnected and feel your life has no meaning, a free-floating anxiety can emerge that is not connected to a mental or physical representation of a specific threat. Judging by the popularity of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs, condition No. 3 was also fulfilled long before the pandemic.”

4 - Free-Floating Frustration: The article adds: “The fourth condition is free-floating frustration and aggression, which tends to naturally follow the previous three. Here, again, the frustration and aggression have no discernible cause.”...