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Madagascar Is Suffering Through Catastrophic Famine

Many of the climate disasters that have been front-and-center this summer are fast-moving and devastating: fires and floods that hit quickly and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. But a slow-moving, drought-induced famine in Madagascar could be a preview of other crises in-store in our rapidly changing climate.

Parts of Madagascar are currently suffering through the worst drought the country has experienced in 40 years. More than 1 million people are currently facing famine conditions and hundreds of thousands are facing potential starvation in what experts have called a climate change-induced drought that those affected had little hand in creating.

The scenes from the particularly hard-hit regions in the south of the country, known as the Grand Sud, are horrifying. Residents are stripping spines off cactus, digging up roots, and scavenging for insects to eat, and Al Jazeera reports that aid workers have taken to calling some villages “zombie villages”—filled with just a few remaining residents who are barely surviving.