New scam involving USPS is costing people thousands | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

New scam involving USPS is costing people thousands

May is national moving month. One big item on the top of many checklists is changing your address. But be careful, there’s one website, experts say is misleading people into thinking they’re submitting address changes with the post office, when they’re not! And it’s taking their money. Call …

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – One victim we talked to was scammed out of money after moving to a new home. “I went to check my bank statement and realized they charged $89.95. I think is what it was,” the victim said. He didn’t want to be identified.

“I just hurried up, filled out my information and did [like] autofill and all of that stuff. And I paid the price for it,” said the victim.

He just moved to east Nashville. While setting up his utilities he realized that he forgot about forwarding his mail. So, he went online and googled ‘USPS address forwarding.’ “I mean, the site looks just like a USPS site, same color scheme and everything.”

But it wasn’t. He says he hit submit, thinking it’ll only take out a dollar. “It didn’t say the amount --of what you’re being that was a red flag,” the victim said.

He ended up losing close to $90!

“First off, $89.00, that’s fortunate --cause the average loss for this scam is between $1,500 and $1,600,” Robyn Householder of the BBB of Middle TN told us. And since last year, the Better Business Bureau of middle Tennessee says they've seen an eleven percent increase in government scams.