NRA Members Show Up In Droves to Oppose Federal Gun Control | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

NRA Members Show Up In Droves to Oppose Federal Gun Control

On April 21st, your NRA-ILA announced that we will be spending at least $2 Million in the fight against Federal Gun Control. As part of this concentrated effort to fight Biden's Gun Control Agenda, your Grassroots team has been traveling around the country to educate our members and supporters on not only the importance of being involved, but also on ways to actively engage in this fight.

NRA-ILA Legislative Town Hall Participants are Fired up!

Throughout the past month, your NRA hosted eighteen (18) in-person town hall meetings (and numerous virtual ones) with lawmakers in key states to discuss pending legislation at the federal level. Attendance at these town halls was at capacity in most places, and due to covid restrictions we had to set up a waiting list because we had more RSVPs than seats available in a number of states!

At the town halls, ILA staff gave substantive briefs on what Biden's Executive Actions would mean for Gun Owners, different pieces of legislation that have been introduced in Congress, and the corresponding actions that need to be taken from the ground to defeat these anti-gun proposals.

The passion and commitment by attendees was palpable to say the least and NRA members have been eager to get involved by connecting with their U.S. Senators to ask them to oppose any new gun control.