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Six key takeaways from Biden's Russia sanctions announcement

The Biden administration slapped sweeping sanctions on Russia Thursday over Moscow's alleged interference in the 2020 election, the massive SolarWinds hack and the ongoing occupation of Crimea, signaling it is adopting a tougher posture toward the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The sanctions announcement also showed that the Biden administration is more willing to directly call out Russia's meddling in US affairs after Trump administration officials had to dance around former President Donald Trump's frequent unwillingness to criticize Moscow.

Here are the key takeaways from Thursday's sanctions:

Sanctions now align with the President's rhetoric

The Trump administration was more than willing to issue sanctions against Russia, and did so on multiple occasions, including over the occupation of Crimea, the poisoning of an ex-spy in the United Kingdom, and even election interference.

But those actions were taken while Trump himself repeatedly refused to condemn Russia's actions. He would not acknowledge Russia's election interference in 2016, bristling at the notion Russia helped his campaign, even as his top national security officials unanimously said they agreed with the intelligence community assessment that Moscow interfered.