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US Demands Iran Stop Nuclear ‘Escalations’

The US has continued its trend of responding to IAEA reports on Iran’s civilian nuclear program with opposition, and a strongly exaggerated narrative. Tuesday’s statement demands Iran halt its “nuclear escalations” related to the conversion of uranium tetrafluoride to uranium metal.

Iran has been very forthcoming with details to the IAEA on what they’re doing and why, converting some of their stockpile of enriched uranium tetrafluoride into uranium metal. The conversion was successful, as the IAEA confirmed yesterday, and Iran’s next goal was to form the metal into fuel plates for the Tehran Research Reactor (TRR), their sole source of nuclear medicine isotopes.

The US narrative is that the Iranian creation of metal in and of itself is escalatory, because it conceivably could be used in a part of certain nuclear bomb designs. It should be noted that Iran is not using this fairly small amount of metal in any such way, and has made no attempts at producing weapons-grade uranium to try to build weapons in the first place.