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June 16, 2021

Jun 16 09:07

'I considered pulling the fire alarm': Fiona Hill says she was so alarmed at Trump's behavior at his press conference with Vladimir Putin that she looked for ways to end it

Fiona Hill, who served as Donald Trump's top Russian adviser, said she considered pulling a fire alarm or faking a medical emergency to end the then-president's 2018 press conference with Vladimir Putin.

Jun 16 09:05

Man suspected of killing mother-of-two when car ploughed into Minneapolis protest has multiple DWIs and told cops 'he was Jesus Christ, Tim Burton and was trying to get to the Super Bowl'

A man suspected of killing a mother-of-two after driving into a crowd of protesters in Minneapolis told officers he was Jesus Christ and Tim Burton and said he was trying to get to the Super Bowl.

Jun 16 09:03

Why Stimulus Does Not Stimulate

Stimulus is now untethered from its roots. At one time it was a cynical response to institutional conditions that prevented wages from keeping up with prices. Today, no longer a particular response to the unique conditions in one place and time, stimulus has become a universal solvent to heal all economic ills. Stimulus has become 1) wish for something, 2) print money, 3) profit.

Jun 16 09:03

Windows 11: Is Microsoft having its Spinal Tap moment?

I can't get that scene from the classic comedy This Is Spinal Tap out of my head. You know, the one where dimwitted rocker Nigel Tufnel explains why the numbers on his amp all go to 11. "Well, it's one louder, isn't it? It's not ten."

In its long history, Microsoft has never been afraid to go full Nigel Tufnel.

Throughout the first three decades of Windows, Microsoft cranked up its Hype Machine™ every two or three years to get the buying public excited about a new Windows version. Sometimes that hype served as a power washer to wipe away the stains of a previous, unloved version, like Windows 7 successfully cleaning up the mess left by Windows Vista. Sometimes it marked a genuine sea change, like the merging of the consumer and business lines in Windows XP. And sometimes it was just a pure cash grab.

Jun 16 09:02

China Repeatedly Rejected Phone Calls of US' Austin Over Protocol Violation, Reports Suggest

Beijing has repeatedly refused to receive phone calls from US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, who requested to talk not with his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, but with a higher-ranking official, in violation of diplomatic protocol, the South China Morning Post reported, citing military sources.

According to sources, the US official's request caused a misunderstanding, as he sought to talk with Chinese Central Military Commission (CMC) Vice Chairman Xu Qiliang, which offended the Chinese Defence Ministry.

Though both the CMC vice chairman and the defence minister report directly to Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to diplomatic protocol, Wei Fenghe should be the Pentagon head's interlocutor, according to the report.

Jun 16 09:02

New Chinese Submarine Armed With Missiles Capable of Covering Entire US, Reports Say

China's newly commissioned nuclear-powered submarine, dubbed the Type 094A, is equipped with ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) — the most powerful in the country, the South China Morning Post reported, citing a military source.

"The Type 094A is an upgraded version of the Type 094 that overcame one of the key problems – noise – by improving hydrokinetic and turbulent systems, allowing it to carry the more powerful JL-3", the source was quoted as saying on Sunday.

Before the upgrade, the submarine was capable of firing the inferior JL-2 that could only hit the northeast United States, the source said, noting that currently, it is able to cover the whole American continent.

Jun 16 09:00

US Cargo Ship Carrying 350 Tonnes of Military Equipment Docks in Ukraine's Odessa, Reports Say

A US cargo ship docked in Ukraine's Odessa port carrying 350 tonnes of military equipment and vehicles for the country's armed forces, local media reported on Thursday.

The cargo ship under the American flag entered the port on Wednesday evening, Dumskaya news agency said. Among 350 tonnes worth of military equipment, the ship carried 35 HMMWV military trucks for Ukraine's armed forces.

All equipment is expected to be unloaded by mid-Friday, the news agency stated.

Earlier in March, the US Department of Defence announced additional $125 million package for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative to cover training, equipment, and advisory support. The remaining $150 million appropriated by Congress will be provided to Ukraine in 2021 once Pentagon certifies the country's progress on key defense reforms.

Jun 16 08:59

US Export Prices Explode At Fastest Pace On Record, Airfares Soaring

US import and export prices rose more than expected in May (+1.1% MoM and +2.2% MoM respectively). This pushed Export prices up by 17.4% YoY - the highest on record (since 1984) and import prices rose 11.3% YoY - the highest since 2011...

Jun 16 08:55

Trump executive Allen Weisselberg could face charges in just a matter of DAYS as criminal tax investigation enters final stages and prosecutors hope he'll flip on former president

Allen Weisselberg, the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, could be on the verge of facing charges as prosecutors turn the heat up, hoping he'll flip on Donald Trump himself.

Jun 16 08:51

More than 6,000 people have signed a petition calling for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to be DENIED re-entry to Earth after he launches into space next month with Blue Origin

A petition has had over 6,000 signatures suggesting Amazon founder Jeff Bezos should be denied re-entry to Earth when he launches for space next month.

Jun 16 08:49

'Political Islam has joined with radical left to hijack our schools': Muslim parent at school where board member warned pupils to remember 'jihad' as they 'enter a world of white supremacy' says the graduation speech is a 'wake up call'

Furious parents have spoken out against a school board member who told graduating high school students to remember 'jihad' as they 'entered a world of white supremacy'.

Jun 16 08:46

Survey: 1 in 3 Americans to Postpone Retirement After Lockdowns

By Jon Miltimore

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a retirement surge in 2020, with more than 3.2 million baby boomers retiring—more than double the previous year.

New evidence, however, says a stunning number of Americans are preparing to do the opposite: delaying their Golden Years because of the financial hit they took during the pandemic.

“[A] study from Age Wave and Edward Jones finds that about 1 out of every 3 Americans who are planning to retire now say that will happen later due to Covid-19,” CNBC reports.

The poll, a survey of 2,042 adults conducted in March, estimates that 69 million Americans say their retirement plans have changed since March 2020...

Jun 16 08:40

Wholesale Prices Jump 6.6% In The Fastest Rise On Record As Soaring Inflation Threatens Economic Recovery

Wholesale prices in the U.S. increased at their fastest annual rate ever in May, driven by rising food prices, as soaring inflation threatens to derail the post-pandemic economic recovery.

Jun 16 08:29

Columbus police say shooting spree was racially motivated

A 39-year-old man accused of shooting and wounding five people in Alabama and Georgia told police his assaults were racially motivated, and he was targeting white men, a detective testified Monday.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reported that a police detective testified in a preliminary hearing that Justin Tyran Roberts, who is Black, told police that white men had picked on him and wronged him for all his life.

“Basically, he explained throughout his life, specifically white males had taken from him, and also what he described as military-looking white males had taken from him,” Detective Brandon Lockhart testified, according to the newspaper.

Jun 16 08:28

'FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol': Tucker Carlson claims the January 6 insurrection was planned by the government

Tucker Carlson claimed Tuesday that the Capitol rioters who were named as 'unindicted co-conspirators' in court documents, were actually federal agents, orchestrating the attack.

Carlson on Tuesday night referenced a report in Revolver News, which looked into the indictments of the around 400 people charged over the January 6 unrest.

More than 2,000 criminal charges have been filed against 411 suspects, including hundreds of felonies such as assaulting officers and trespassing with a weapon.

Jun 16 08:27

Oregon Counties Vote to Secede Into Idaho

By now most of you have probably heard the reports of counties that have voted to break away from Oregon and become part of Idaho. While this type of vote is not an unheard of development and many pundits have claimed there is precedent, should these counties get their wish it would be a first time event in American history. Let’s cut through the political positioning, wishful thinking, and questionable constitutional analysis to see what it would take for these counties to move between states.

On May 18, 2021 the voters in five counties voted to secede from the state of Oregon and join the state of Idaho. Malheur, Sherman, Grant, Baker, and Lake counties join Jefferson and Union counties, who had already approved measures last year. I’ve read and heard quoted a few comment on this vote, many claiming that there is precedent for it. They point to the states of Kentucky, Maine, and West Virginia as examples. What is being proposed in Oregon though, is unique in our history.

Jun 16 08:26

Black Gunman Murders Black Female Grocery Clerk Over Mask Argument, NYT Readers Blame Tucker, Trump

Earlier: The Fulford File: “You Swine Happy Now?” MSM, Complicit In Disgruntled Minority Massacres, Desperately Suppressing VA Shooter’s Race

Objections to mask mandates are associated with Trump voters rather than the left. However, since Memorial Day of last year, one section of the Democratic voting public has been ramping up its objections to obeying any rules at all to the max.

This New York Times story about a killing over a mask argument gives no hint of which it is, and would probably cause NYT readers to blame rednecks and loose Georgia gun laws.

Jun 16 08:25

MHRA Data shows a 3016% increase in number of women who’ve lost their unborn child as a result of having the Covid Vaccine

According to the nineteenth report released by the UK Government on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, using data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 2nd June 2021, there has been a 2,475% increase since the 24th January in the number of women who have lost their unborn / newborn child after having the Pfizer vaccine. The total number of miscarriages now stands at 94 alongside 1 report of a tragic premature baby death, 6 reports of foetal death and 2 reports of stillbirth.

The AstraZeneca jab has also caused unnecessary pain to expectant mothers. As of the 2nd June there has been a 4,100% increase since the 24th January in the number of women who’ve lost their unborn / newborn baby, bringing the total to 84.

Tragically this includes 80 reports of miscarriage, 3 reports of stillbirth and 1 report of foetal death.

Jun 16 08:24

FBI Announces War On White Supremacist Terror, Actual Racial Terrorism Against Whites Ignored

The Main Stream Media and its pet politicians both need to create a new "crisis" to gin up ratings, donations, and politically useful moral hysteria. Thus, Attorney General Merrick Garland held a press conference claiming that we need a "whole of society approach" to fighting "militia violent extremists" and "racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocated for the superiority of the White race" [To fight domestic terrorism, AG Garland calls for 'whole of society approach, by Evie Fordham, Yahoo, June 15, 2021].

Leave aside for the moment the federal government's pat on the head for volunteer commissars eager to throw fellow citizens to the state. Leave aside the implications of what a "whole of society" Total War by the government against its own citizens could possibly mean. If a foreign leader spoke in such terms, we'd call him a tyrant, and we'd be right. But forget that for a second.

Jun 16 08:24

Eventually, People Are Going to Get Sick of These Blacks

Watch this video. It’s 21 seconds and it communicates so much about what is happening right now.

Jun 16 08:23

The Covid Vaccine Is Causing the Covid Variants

The so-called Covid variants, officially designated as mutations, are being used to extend the British lockdown. However, Dr. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel laureate and former director of the Retrovirology Lab at the Pasteur Institute reports that in fact it is the vaccinations that are producing the variants.

Dr. Montagnier says that an enormous mistake, an unacceptable mistake, a scientific and medical error has been made. The Covid vaccines are causing new variants that perpetuate the problem.

Dr. Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are silent about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE). Prof. Montagnier explained that the trend is happening in each country where “the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.”

Jun 16 08:22

Congress Moves to Censure Both Ilhan Omar and Marjorie Taylor Greene for Accidentally Offending Jews

Members of Congress have put forth resolutions to censure Reps. Ilhan Omar and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

On the surface, the hijab-wearing Muslim progressive from Minnesota and the gun-toting Southern Evangelical Republican could not be more different. But the two women — portrayed in the press as extreme manifestations of their respective party’s ideologies — have accidentally crossed organized Jewry.

The act of censuring a member of the House of Representatives is less grave than a formal expulsion, but it is still considered to be a serious punishment. Only 24 members of Congress have been censured since 1832, the most recent cases were for engaging in brazen corruption or sexual assault.

In Rep. Omar’s case, Florida Republican Mark Waltz is leading the charge to shut her down for making a moral equivalence between the actions of the Israeli military and the Palestinian resistance group Hamas in a question posed to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

Jun 16 08:21

Israel Bombs Gaza for First Time Since Fragile Ceasefire Took Effect

Israel bombed targets in the Gaza Strip early on Wednesday, marking the first airstrikes on the besieged enclaves since a fragile ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was reached on May 21st.

The Israeli Defense Forces said the airstrikes were done in response to incendiary balloons that were launched into southern Israel from Gaza. The balloons only caused fires in fields near the Gaza border, and no casualties were reported.

No casualties have been reported in the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. The Palestinian Wafa News Agency said “material” damage had been done in airstrikes in Khan Younis, a city in southern Gaza.

Israel’s airstrikes came after Israeli nationalists marched through occupied East Jerusalem, an event known as the “Flag March.” Israeli demonstrators were filmed chanting “death to Arabs” during the march. At least 27 Palestinians protesting the march were wounded by Israeli police.

Jun 16 08:21

Producer prices climb 6.6% in May on annual basis, largest 12-month increase on record

Producer prices rose at their fastest annual clip in nearly 11 years in May as inflation continued to build in the U.S. economy, the Labor Department reported Tuesday.

The 6.6% surge was the biggest 12-month rise in the final demand index since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking the data in November 2010.

On a monthly basis, the producer price index for final demand rose 0.8%, ahead of the Dow Jones estimate of 0.5%.

Those higher price pressures came amid a pronounced dip in retail sales, which fell 1.3% in May, worse than the 0.6% estimate, according to the Census Bureau. The disappointment in that number was tempered by a sharp upward revision to the April number, which went from flat to a gain of 0.9%.

Jun 16 08:20

Smart IoT Devices Can Be Weaponized By Hackers To Launch Even Larger DDoS Attacks

DDoS threats are immensely harmful to the day-to-day operational activities of targeted networks operated by corporations and or governments and can cause considerable damage.

This means billions of smart home devices could be susceptible to cyberattacks and silently weaponized to launch DDoS attacks in a simultaneous fashion.

The proliferation of IoT devices has increased the number of devices a malicious actor can weaponize. The combination of IoT and DDoS may result in a devastating cyberattack using armies of IoT devices.

A problem we notice is that much of the world's electronic devices are produced in China. As a result, the communist government may have the ability to backdoor these devices and weaponize them against the US.

Jun 16 08:20

“This is the Battle of Our Lives – If the Result Stands… This will be the end of American Democracy” – Dr. Peter Navarro Joins Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Hoft on Latest Updates in Election Investigations (VIDEO)

Dr. Peter Navarro joined The Gateway Pundit’s Jim and Joe Hoft on Tuesday to discuss the latest updates in the 2020 election investigations.

Dr. Navarro served as Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy at the White House during the Trump Administration.

Since November Dr. Navarro has spent a large amount of his time and energy in investigating the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

Jun 16 08:20

Smart Tech Expert: Future “Smart Homes” Will Include Sensors in Clothing, Furniture, etc. Connected to Hazardous “Smart” Meters

By B.N. Frank

It’s amusing as well as alarming when industry folks go to great lengths to depict “Smart Homes” as something desirable now and in the future. For many years already, experts have warned about privacy and cybersecurity risks associated with ALL “Smart” and wireless technology including “Smart Home” appliances and technology. In fact, Samsung has discontinued its Smart Home “SmartThings Ecosystem”.

In regard to utility “Smart” Meters – electric, gas, and water – they are also privacy invasive and at a high risk for cybersecurity issues. Additionally, they have been associated with HIGHER bills, fires, explosions, and other inconveniences including health problems which have led to lawsuits...

Jun 16 08:19

ARIZONA AUDIT UPDATE: Handcount Is COMPLETED – Paper Ballot Examination Continues – 100 THOUSAND Ballots Inspected per Day

On Tuesday, The Arizona Audit Twitter page announced that the hand count was finally completed on Monday, President Donald Trump’s birthday!

The Gateway Pundit accurately reported this on Monday, when Senate President Karen Fann and a Wyoming delegation toured the historic process.

Jun 16 08:18

BIG BROTHER: Biden Administration Wants Americans To Report ‘Radicalized’ Friends And Family To Government

For four years, the left insisted that Trump was a fascist dictator. Even people in politics and media echoed this falsehood.

Now we have the Joe Biden administration urging Americans to snitch on their family and friends to the government.

What would Democrats and the media call that?

Jun 16 08:17

NOW WE HAVE PROOF: FBI and DHS Attempted to Recruit Green Beret to Infiltrate Oath Keepers Before Jan. 6 Riot — AND HE RECORDED IT

Throughout 2020 the Black Lives Matter terrorist group was linked to conservatively 91% of the riots that resulted in the most expensive property damage in US insurance history

There were zero Trump rallies that turned violent during this same time period.

Then on January 6, after one million Trump supporters rallied with President Trump at the Ellipse outside the White House, some 900 individuals went inside the US Capitol. Over 400 have since been arrested even those who were waved into the US Capitol by the police standing at the exits.

Since January the Deep State and Democrats will not release videotapes to Republican lawmakers from January 6th inside or outside the US Capitol.

On Tuesday Revolver News published an important piece on the “unindicted co-conspirators” in the Jan. 6 attack who were never charged by the DOJ or FBI for their part in the violence on Jan. 6.

Jun 16 08:15

China will launch three astronauts to its ISS rival space station TONIGHT, marking the first time the nation has sent humans into space in five years

China is sending three astronauts into space for the first time in five years in the third of 11 missions needed to build its new Tiangong space station in low Earth orbit.

Jun 16 08:14

‘If pubs lose their summer, they won’t survive’: Entrepreneur Hugh Osmond brands Freedom Day delay an ‘absolute disaster’– as singer Frank Turner says friends in music industry are ‘looking to sell up’

Captains of Britain's ailing hospitality industry today blasted the Prime Minister's 'absurd' four-week delay to Freedom Day, warning that many businesses will go under this summer with the Prime Minister responsible for an 'absolute disaster'.

Pub and restaurant bosses also warned of thousands of job losses and a £1 billion-a-week cost to the industry of persisting with social distancing measures. They pleaded with Boris Johnson not to leave the UK in 'Never Never Land'.

While rock star Frank Turner says festivals now cancelled at the last minute will likely go bust and music venues up and down the land may 'sell up' or never reopen again.

Jun 16 08:12

'FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol': Tucker Carlson claims the January 6 insurrection was planned by the government

Tucker Carlson claimed Tuesday that the Capitol rioters who were named as 'unindicted co-conspirators' in court documents, were actually federal agents, orchestrating the attack.

Jun 16 08:09

Covid vaccines causing men to become infertile, develop prostate cancer

Dr. Diego Rubinowicz spoke with local media recently, revealing that men’s prostate-specific antigen (PSA) values are mysteriously spiking after they receive an experimental injection for the Chinese Virus, which has him concerned.

“I have seen patients’ PSA to be falsely elevated for at least six weeks after getting the vaccines,” he says, suggesting that men’s PSA levels might just be artificially high post-injection.

“I was seeing patients who were coming in with a history of having a stable PSA and all of a sudden the PSA has risen.”

Eventually, some of the men’s PSA levels later returned to “normal levels,” but having them jump at all – sometimes up to nine times higher than base levels – is a cause for concern and could point to later development of prostate cancer, infertility or other problems.

Jun 16 08:07

BREAKING NEWS - Biden and Putin's showdown starts with a VERY awkward photo op: Joe says 'it's better to meet in person' as face-off begins with little eye contact, few words spoken and aides telling shouting press to 'go away'

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin have begun their summit at a villa on Lake Geneva with a very awkward photo opportunity with stilted chat, minimal eye contact and with aides shooing the press away.

Jun 16 08:06

Oxfam sacks workers after claims that staff used prostitutes, issued death threats and committed fraud in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The probe found two members of Oxfam's staff engaged in sexual misconduct
Other claims found to be true included bullying and 'inappropriate' relationship

Jun 16 08:05

'Your job is to sell things not get involved with political debates': Furious Tory MPs call for a BOYCOTT of IKEA, Nivea, Kopparberg and Grolsch as firms pull adverts from GB News after social media campaign whipped up by 'sinister' left-wing group

Andrew Neil hits out at IKEA and its 'snooping' former boss after adverts row sees big businesses pulling ads
GB News pledges to do news differently, cover stories ignored by rivals and be pro-British and anti-woke

Jun 16 08:05

Waitrose changes the name of its Kaffir lime leaves to 'avoid offence' because it was 'historically used as a racial slur'

Waitrose's Cooks' Ingredients product will be re-labelled as Makrut Lime Leaves
The spokesman said it was 'in response to customer comments we've received'

Jun 16 08:03

Former NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton who was dubbed 'supercop' for cleaning up NYC streets in the 90s warns US cities are in for a 'very long, dangerous summer' as shootings surge by 40%

Former NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton has warned American cities are in for a 'very, long dangerous summer' as murder rates skyrocket nationwide.

Jun 16 08:01

Ah double standards (Picture)

Jun 16 08:01

Kim Jong Un is thought to have lost around 40 pounds as new photo shows him looking noticeably slimmer while warning North Korea faces 'tense' food shortages

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has faced fresh speculation about his health as he appeared noticeably slimmer.

Jun 16 07:57

Two spectators are hospitalised with head injuries in botched Greenpeace stunt horror at France-Germany game as paraglider protesting against VW hits spidercam wires and hurtles into stands

Greenpeace protester lost control during a paragliding stunt at last night's Germany-France game in Munich
He clipped wires for the aerial 'spidercam' TV camera attached to the stadium roof and veered towards fans
Two people were injured as he whizzed inches over the heads of people preparing for the match to begin

Jun 16 07:50

AUDIT UPDATE: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Missing Ballots, Boxes Full of Blanks

Jun 16 07:49

HUGE! Revolver News Breaks Report on Likely Deep State Plants Inside Jan. 6 Uprising — WAS IT ALL PLANNED?

Throughout 2020 there were zero Trump rallies that turned into violent riots and zero damages.

Since January the Deep State and Democrats will not release video tapes to the Republican lawmakers from January 6th inside or outside the US Capitol.

There’s likely a reason for that.

Who ever saw a group of black block Trump supporters lead a violent break-in of a federal government facility?
It’s never happened.

Who were these people?

Jun 16 07:48

BREAKING: Hunter Biden text messages reveal eugenic views on abortion: ‘veto the sperm’

As the U.S. bishops debate permitting Holy Communion for abortion-pushing President Joe Biden, the Biden family has been embroiled in a new abortion controversy as text messages from the President’s son have revealed his eugenic views on abortion.

“I think women should be able to veto the sperm a man purposely or accidentally released into a woman’s v----a with her consent and often without her consent,” wrote Hunter Biden in a 2018 text message. The crude language is nothing new for those familiar with the laptop’s contents, which include lewd photos and video, along with the evidence of what many call treasonous behavior on the part both of the Biden family and the FBI which concealed it.

Jun 16 07:47

Prince Andrew’s Epstein Ties Allegedly Used as ‘Distraction’ to Keep Bill Clinton 'Out of the Frame’

Socialite and TV personality Lady Colin Campbell triggered a backlash earlier, when she appeared to defend disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein in the wake of a “car crash” BBC Newsnight interview given by Prince Andrew in 2019, claiming that “soliciting sex from minors is not pedophilia”.

Lady Colin Campbell has once again embarked upon a controversial rant about Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew as she appeared on GB News.

Prince Andrew, who was forced to step back from royal duties after growing backlash following a BBC interview in 2019 about his friendship with late sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, was being made a “scapegoat” in the US, the writer and television personality claimed on Dan Wootton’s evening show.

Jun 16 07:47

Pentagon Reportedly Mulling Cold War-Style Permanent Navy Task Force in Pacific ‘to Counter China’

The Biden administration dramatically ramped up the US’s military footprint in the Asia-Pacific region in recent months, deploying carrier strike groups to the South and East China Seas at four times for ‘freedom of navigation’ missions, and doubling reconnaissance flights over Chinese-claimed waters.

The United States military is mulling the creation of a permanent naval task force in the Pacific “to counter China” and “add muscle” to President Joe Biden’s tough talk about Beijing, Politico reports, citing two persons said to be familiar with the discussions.

The outlet’s sources say the task force would be modelled after a NATO-based permanent naval deployment created in the Atlantic in 1968 to ‘counter the Soviet Union’ known as the Standing Naval Forces Atlantic. That force currently has between four and six destroyers, frigates, and auxiliary ships deployed at any one time, and is designed to provide the Western bloc with an immediate response capability.

Jun 16 07:46

Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge

Of all the questions asked, words spoken, and ink spilled on the so-called “Capitol Siege” of January 6, 2021, none hold the key to the entire event quite like what Sen. Amy Klobuchar asked of Christopher Wray.

The Democrat from Minnesota asked the Trump-appointed FBI Director: Did the federal government infiltrate any of the so-called “militia” organizations claimed to be responsible for planning and executing the Capitol Siege?

Christopher Wray is able to uncomfortably weasel his way out of answering the question directly, partially because Klobuchar does him the courtesy of not asking him the question directly. Klobuchar instead asks the FBI director if he wishes he had infiltrated the militia organizations allegedly involved in 1/6 — assuming from the outset that there was in fact no infiltration, thereby providing the FBI director an easy way to avoid addressing the question one way or another.

Jun 16 07:45

Israeli Nuclear Engineer Confirms: The Mossad Sabotaged Iraqi Nuclear Equipment on French Soil

On June 7, 1981, 40 years ago last week, Israel destroyed the Osirak (aka Tammuz) nuclear reactor near Baghdad. The decision to use the air force to launch the surprise attack on the unfinished facility was made by the government headed by Menachem Begin, in consultation with all the country’s defense and intelligence bodies, after other options to thwart Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program had failed.

Jun 16 07:44

Netanyahu uses last speech as prime minister to attack Biden on Iran

Hours before a vote to oust him, outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused President Biden of endangering Israel's security by taking a soft line on Iran, and claimed his successor, Naftali Bennett, would be too weak to stand up to Washington.

Why it matters: Netanyahu waged a desperate but unsuccessful campaign to stop a "change coalition" from joining together to replace him after an inconclusive election in March. Facing an imminent demotion to opposition leader, he foreshadowed a willingness to damage the U.S.-Israel relationship to put his rival under pressure.

Jun 16 07:43

U.S. ends Airbus subsidies dispute and pivots to confront China — risking Boeing jet sales

Years of litigation initiated by Boeing against Airbus in 2004 at the World Trade Organization came to a whimpering end Tuesday, with little to show for 17 years of legal pressure.

More worrisome for Boeing, the trade deal the Biden administration announced with the European Union includes an agreement that the two sides will now pivot to confront China on trade.

Earlier this month, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun said the jetmaker won’t be able to ramp up 737 MAX production as planned next year unless China opens up its market. That outcome now seems at risk.

The Airbus/Boeing dispute had become “the white whale of trade issues,” its solution constantly eluding successive administrations until now, said Kelly Ann Shaw, a former attorney at the U.S. trade representative’s office and trade expert in the Trump White House.

Jun 16 07:41

Vast majority of Dem voters support McCollum bill promoting Palestinian rights, but less than 13% of House Dems back it

A recent survey shows that a sizable majority of Democratic voters support Rep. Betty McCollum’s (MN-D) recent bill promoting Palestinian human rights. However, the legislation currently has just 26 cosponsors in the House.

In April, McCollum introduced H.R.2590, the Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act. The bill, which is endorsed by over 75 human rights organizations, aims to block any U.S. funding that would be used by Israel to detain Palestinian children, demolish homes, or annex land. “Congress must stop ignoring the unjust and blatantly cruel mistreatment of Palestinian children and families living under Israeli military occupation,” said McCollum at the time. “I strongly believe there is a growing consensus among the American people that the Palestinian people deserve justice, equality, human rights, and the right to self-determination.”

Jun 16 07:39

Colorado School Shooter Who Survived On Diet Of Cocaine, Cough Syrup And Weed Is Convicted Of Murdering Hero Classmate, 18, Who Ran At Him While He Was Shooting To Save His Friends

A school shooter who killed a heroic teenager who lunged at him to try and save his friends has been convicted of murder.

Jun 16 07:38

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters calls Mark Zuckerberg 'a little pr**k' and 'one of the most powerful idiots in the world' after turning down 'huge sum' for Instagram to use Another Brick in the Wall

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters launched an attack on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg as he revealed he turned down 'a huge amount of money' for the rights to use one of the band's songs in an Instagram ad.

Jun 16 07:36

Harvey Weinstein holds his head in his hands on finding out he WILL be extradited to LA to face sex assault charges after judge rejected rapist's attempt to stay in NY

Harvey Weinstein will finally be extradited from New York to California to face sexual assault charges after a judge rejected a last-ditch attempt from his lawyers to delay it because of his medical treatment.

Jun 16 07:34

Hospital employees who were told they must get COVID vaccine or lose their jobs say they'll bring their case to the Supreme Court after federal judge ruled against them

Unvaccinated employees at Houston Methodist hospital system say they plan to bring their lawsuit against their employer to the U.S. Supreme Court, after their bid to have a vaccine mandate at work thrown out was ruled against by a federal judge.

Jun 16 07:17

Why is this so accurate?!! (Picture)

Jun 16 07:17

Shipwreck hunters solve mystery of the missing Griffin: Wreckage of 'cursed' vessel that sunk in Lake Michigan on its maiden voyage is identified nearly 350 years after it vanished

A ship that was 'cursed' by native tribesmen has been identified nearly 350 years after it vanished, solving one of America's oldest and most notorious maritime mysteries.

Jun 16 07:15

Greenpeace apologise for Euro 2020 stunt that left two spectators hospitalised after paraglider - who was nearly SHOT DOWN by sniper - crashed when eco engine failed during anti-diesel protest

Greenpeace has apologised for a stunt that left two Euros spectators needing hospital treatment when a paraglider almost crashed into the stands during last night's game between France and Germany.

Jun 16 07:13

Checkmate vegans (Picture)

Jun 16 07:13

Trump may be rejecting 'sleazebag' book deals but son-in-law Jared Kushner is writing a 'definitive recouting of what happened behind closed door' to come out next year

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former President Donald Trump and one of his top advisers during his administration, has a book deal.

Jun 16 07:07

Biden Domestic Terror Plan To Focus On Militia ‘Extremists,’ ‘White Supremacy,’ Will Include ‘Anti-Radicalization’ Training For Retiring Military

Biden administration released its new White House National Security Council plan to address “domestic terrorism” on Tuesday and pledged to focus on curbing the spread of the “militia extremism” and “white supremacy” that, the administration argues, present “most persistent and lethal threats.

Jun 16 07:05

Hunter Biden’s Weird Artwork To Get NYC Exhibition, Expected To Fetch $1 Million

Hunter Biden, the scandal-plagued son of President Biden, has embraced a new life as a full-time artist and will get his paintings shown this fall in Los Angeles and New York City, where they are expected to fetch upwards of $1 million.

Jun 16 07:04

VIDEO: Deputies lift car off woman to save her life after brutal hit-and-run crash

Harrowing dash cam video captured sheriff's deputies in Oakland County, Michigan, lifting a car to free a woman who was pinned below the vehicle following a violent hit-and-run crash last Thursday.

Jun 16 07:02

Lin-Manuel Miranda apologizes after viewers say actors in new musical about an NYC Latino neighborhood don't have dark enough skin

The production — which is now in U.S. theaters and is streaming on HBO Max — is based on a tight-knit, largely Latino New York City neighborhood, Washington Heights, where Miranda grew up.

Jun 16 06:32

What a Mc-Meltdown! Seething customer rains blows down on two McDonald's workers in Ohio just because they refuse to mix three flavours for her slushie

Video footage has caught the moment an aggressive altercation broke out between McDonald's employees and a female customer.

Jun 16 06:30

Five Georgia cops are FIRED and another is suspended after suspect, 60, was found hanging in interrogation room - as investigators find officers shared meme joking about his death

Five Savannah police officers have been fired, and one has been suspended, after leaving a 60-year-old suspect alone in an interrogation room - where he took his own life - then sharing a meme joking about his hanging.

Jun 16 06:28

A perfect storm! Meteorologist couple gets engaged in front of a TORNADO after driving six hours to see their first twister together

A couple of storm-chasing Kansas meteorologists are on cloud nine after getting engaged in front of a tornado.

Tom Bedard, 29, and Raya Maday, 26, work together at AccuWeather in Wichita, and over Memorial Day weekend, they drove six hours to Colorado in the hopes of seeing a tornado in person.

Jun 16 06:28

Marilyn seduces another president! Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower with artwork of the famous sex siren as protesters hurl abuse at him in NYC

Donald Trump was in Manhattan on Tuesday for a series of meetings - before leaving Trump Tower with Marilyn Monroe.

Jun 16 06:28

‘Give Unto Caesar’: Alberta Pastor Jailed Again After Police Helicopter Finds Secret Church Gathering; Officer Quotes Jesus To Justify Arrest

A Baptist pastor in Calgary, Alberta, was arrested a second time Monday after a police helicopter discovered where his church had been secretly gathering since authorities locked their building.

Jun 16 06:28

Many U.S. Cities Are Already Starting To Resemble Post-Apocalyptic Cesspools As America’s Collapse Accelerates

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.  As our cities continue to deteriorate, millions more Americans will be seeking to relocate. -- Of course this ongoing mass exodus has already pushed home prices in many desirable rural and suburban areas to absolutely absurd levels. -- If you are thinking about relocating, I would recommend doing it as soon as possible, because the collapse of our major cities is only going to get worse.

Jun 16 06:26

Florida GOP candidate backed by Matt Gaetz says Republican rivals are plotting to have her assassinated before the primary and has filed a restraining order against her opponent

A gun-toting Florida GOP candidate backed by embattled Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz has filed a stalking injunction accusing her political opponents of trying to assassinate her.

Jun 16 06:23

Former Mississippi state rep killed outside same home where her sister-in-law was found dead

A former Mississippi state lawmaker was fatally shot over the weekend outside the same burned-out home where her sister-in-law was found dead following an arson fire after Christmas.