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"If there has to be a blood-bath [of our own youth], let's get it over with." -- Ronald Reagan, Governor of California during the Vietnam War



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Jan 20 11:41

The SAF raises the alarm on Biden-Harris

One thing we can’t ignore, and honestly gun owners and Second Amendment advocates have been great about being engaged on this, is the fact that the Biden-Harris administration is no friend to civil liberties. From a party that talks such a big game about the rights of the people, they sure do love to completely stfile and infringe upon American’s right to keep and bear arms. With the influx of millions of brand new gun owners the Second Amendment Foundation has stepped up to the plate on trying to keep them informed.

Jan 20 11:31

Totalitarian Paranoia Run Amok: Pandemics, Lockdowns & Martial Law

What has unfolded over the past few years has been a test to see how well “we the people” have assimilated the government’s lessons in compliance, fear and police state tactics; a test to see how quickly “we the people” will march in lockstep with the government’s dictates, no questions asked; and a test to see how little resistance “we the people” will offer up to the government’s power grabs when made in the name of national security. -- Most critically of all, this has been a test to see whether the Constitution—and our commitment to the principles enshrined in the Bill of Rights—could survive a national crisis and true state of emergency. -- We have failed the test abysmally.

Jan 20 11:31


Jan 20 11:30

Must See: Tucker 'Makes Sense' Of Biden's George Floyd-MLK Comparison

There are not many things Tucker Carlson agrees with when it comes to Joe Biden, however an insane resurfaced clip from 2020 in which Biden alleged that Martin Luther King was less significant than Goerge Floyd sparked Tucker to actually agree with the verbally challenged President.

Back when President Joe Biden was the presumptive Democratic nominee in June 2020, he alleged George Floyd's death in Minneapolis policy custody, which ignited violent Black Lives Matter riots, had more significant "worldwide impact" than the 1968 assassination of civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 20 11:29

DOD Law of War Manual states 1/20/22 belligerent occupation can be ended.

Jan 20 11:28

Biden 'Ally & Friend' Hammers First Nail Into Administration's Coffin

In a CBS interview, Virginia Democrat Senator Tim Kaine confesses that Biden's Build Back Better agenda as we understand it is doomed. Although, he thinks that key items within the legislation will survive.

Former 2016 running mate to Hillary Clinton and survivor of traffic on the I95 had this to state on Face the Nation to host Margaret Brennan.

Jan 20 11:24

Best Question At Biden's News Conference Before Being Escorted Out of the White House

Jan 20 11:17

Ukraine may participate in NATO's summit to be held in June

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg have held phone conversations, Jens Stoltenberg tweeted, APA reports.

"I spoke to President Zelenskyy to express NATO’s strong support to Ukraine in face of Russia threat. Allies call on Russia to de-escalate immediately. We’re ready to engage in further dialogue with Russia but won’t compromise on key principles," noted Jens Stoltenberg.

Jan 20 11:17

NATO’s northeast spearhead states speak of imminent war

Estonian Defense Forces commander: There will likely be war in Ukraine soon

Threat of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is “Serious” Says Polish Deputy FM

Canada, echoing U.S., says it fears armed conflict could erupt in Ukraine

Jan 20 11:16

FM: new Azerbaijani-Turkish war against Nagorno-Karabakh means war with Russia

No one can guarantee the complete absence of the possibility of a new war, but now such a possibility is very small, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Foreign Minister David Babayan told a press conference Wednesday.

He stressed that a large-scale attack on Armenia would mean an attack on the CSTO, and this simply could not go unnoticed.

Jan 20 11:15

Flanked by Blinken, Ukrainian FM says conflict will only end when last Russian soldier leaves Crimea, Donbass

All efforts of the international community are currently aimed at making Russia adhere to the diplomatic settlement of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, which will be resolved only when Russian troops leave the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Crimea.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba made a corresponding statement at a joint press conference with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Kyiv….

The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine will be settled only when the last Russian soldier leaves the occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, Ukraine’s chief diplomat stressed.

Jan 20 11:14

This is 'cruel' and 'evil': Victor Davis Hanson

The senior fellow at the Hoover Institution lambasts the left's ideology amid eroding confidence in America's institutions on 'Fox News Primetime.'

Jan 20 11:13

NATO Military Liaison Officer in Kyiv

NATO has a military officer in Kyiv as part of the NATO Liaison Office (NLO). This officer and his staff focus at the military aspects of the NLO's mission in Ukraine. This webpage gives further information on these military aspects.

The NATO Liaison Office (NLO) was established in Kyiv in April 1999 to facilitate Ukraine's participation in the Partnership for Peace and to support Ukrainian efforts in the area of defence reform.

NATO and Ukraine are working to deepen and expand their partnership and create a strong framework for cooperation. This will include intensified consultations and cooperation on political, economic and defence issues, with a view to raising the relationship to a qualitatively new level.

Jan 20 11:13

Tucker: We’re watching civilization collapse in real time

Jan 20 11:12

Putin Stamps Out the Fire in Kazakhstan and Ukraine

This week’s events in Kazakhstan are not surprising.

Less than one week before a major summit between the United states NATO and Russia over the security architecture of Eastern Europe, we’re treated to another failed color revolution in the most strategically important place along Russia’s southern border.

There was looting, horrific violence and former government buildings, the ultimate symbols of power, set on fire.

What may have been surprising was how quickly Russia and Kazakh’s President, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev invoked the CSTO to come in and stop the nonsense. But, if it didn’t happen this way the consequences for Russia and the rest of Asia would have been catastrophic.

Jan 20 11:08

Covid-19 contact tracing apps: a €100m failure

Contact tracing apps have failed in the EU. Since the onset of the pandemic, they have been talked of as an essential tool in preventing transmission and Member States did not hesitate to invest millions of Euros in their development. Then, their introduction was announced with great fanfare and ambitious communications campaigns were launched to promote their use. Yet only a year on, statistical analysis about their usage means that many have already been consigned to the dustbin.

Jan 20 11:07

Work underway on Russia’s first-ever robotic torpedo-carrying submarine hunter

An unmanned torpedo-carrying ship capable of autonomously detecting and eliminating enemy submarines in distant waters and Arctic latitudes is being developed for the Russian Navy, a source in the domestic defense industry told TASS on Wednesday.

"Work is currently underway at the design firm’s own initiative to develop an unmanned craft designated to hunt down and eliminate adversary submarines in autonomous mode. After spotting an enemy submarine, the robotic system will on its own identify the target and make a decision on launching a torpedo," the source specified.

The robotic torpedo boat will be capable of both operating autonomously and being controlled by a small crew and also being remotely controlled by operators from a costal center or from aboard a carrier ship of these drones, he said.

"The Arctic version of the robotic torpedo craft with a reinforced hull for navigating through broken ice is also envisaged," the source said.

Jan 20 11:06

‘One-sided, incendiary’: Russian diplomat slams NATO’s space policy paper

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova took NATO to task over its space policy paper at a briefing on Thursday, branding it as slanted and incendiary.

According to her, the document entitled NATO’s Overarching Space Policy, which was published on January 17, covers the Western-led bloc’s priorities in space.

"The document is one-sided and in fact incendiary as it is based on destructive beliefs of the US-led NATO members who have an important role in space," Zakharova emphasized.

She added that by releasing the document, NATO sought to legitimize the use of force in outer space, which ran counter to the international community’s efforts to prevent an arms race in space. "That said, the alliance is turning outer space into a battlefield," the Russian diplomat noted.

Jan 20 11:05

More Than Two Dozen FBI Agents Descend on Home of Texas Democrat Rep. Who Blasted Biden and Harris Over Border Crisis

What’s going on?

More than two dozen FBI agents descended on Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar’s Laredo, Texas home on Wednesday.

The FBI was also present at Cuellar’s campaign office in Laredo.

“Congressman Cuellar will fully cooperate in any investigation. He is committed to ensuring that justice and the law are upheld,” his office said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The FBI is Biden's Gestapo!

Jan 20 11:04

BREAKING: Democrats’ Attempt to Nuke the Filibuster FAILS — Senators Manchin and Sinema Join Republicans in 52-48 Vote

The Democrats attempt to nuke the filibuster has FAILED in a huge blow to Biden and his authoritarian agenda

Final vote: 52-48.

Jan 20 10:58

What East Germany Can Teach Americans about the Current Supply Chain Crisis

By Walter Block

What is happening with our supply chains? They seem very rusty, if not altogether broken. There are numerous ships at several California ports waiting patiently to be unloaded. We are talking thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of gigantic railroad car sized containers, all just sitting there; well, floating there. Meanwhile, our supermarket shelves are sometimes as much as half empty. Grocers are all too often out of the foodstuffs and other things we used to take for granted.

Jan 20 10:57

Diplomats & experts: negotiate, or expect ‘drastic escalation’ by Russia

On Monday January 17, the Quincy Institute convened a small closed door working group of former American and British ambassadors and experts on Russia and Ukraine to discuss possible scenarios in the context of the present crisis between Russia and the West. Senior fellow Anatol Lieven chaired the meeting and summarizes its conclusions here.

Is a Russian invasion of Ukraine now certain? This was the belief of one participant in the discussion, on the basis of the fact that Russia enjoys overwhelming military superiority and that the United States and NATO have simultaneously made clear that they will not fight Russia and that they will not accede to Russia’s key demands.

The rest of the participants were not so pessimistic. All agreed though both on the extreme seriousness of the present crisis, and that we only have a matter of a few weeks at most to prevent a drastic escalation by Russia.

Jan 20 10:56

US Special Operations Forces Continue Mission in Ukraine Amid Russia Tensions

US special operations forces are continuing a mission to train troops in Ukraine amid heightened tensions with Russia, Stars and Stripes reported on Wednesday.

An undisclosed number of US special operators has been training Ukrainian forces inside Ukraine for several years under a mission led by US Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR).

“The bottom line is that our training mission in Ukraine is ongoing,” said Lt. Col. Juan Martinez, a spokesman for SOCEUR. “We continue to view our mission in Ukraine as part of an ongoing effort in enhancing Special Operations Forces capabilities as a keystone for regional stability.”

There is a renewed focus on the presence of US military personnel in Ukraine as the White House is claiming Russia is preparing to invade the country. Besides the special operations, there are also about 100 US National Guard troops in Ukraine.

Jan 20 10:56

US Giving Ukraine Extra $200 Million in Military Aid

The US is giving Ukraine an additional $200 million in military aid that was approved by the Biden administration in December, a senior State Department official confirmed with reporters on Wednesday. The additional military aid was announced while Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Kyiv.

The official didn’t detail what military equipment would make up the new aid package. Since 2014, the US has provided Ukraine with over $2.5 billion in military aid. Under the Trump administration, the US started giving Ukraine lethal weapons, including Javelin anti-tank missiles and armed patrol boats.

Earlier reports said the Biden administration was considering giving Ukraine more stinger missiles, mortars, and more Javelin missiles. Another plan under consideration is giving Ukraine military aid that was meant for the now-defunct US-backed Afghan government that would include Russian-made Mi-17 helicopters.

Jan 20 10:55

The Cold War, Reborn and Resurgent

In the early 1960s, at the height of America’s original Cold War with the Soviet Union, my old service branch, the Air Force, sought to build 10,000 land-based nuclear missiles. These were intended to augment the hundreds of nuclear bombers it already had, like the B-52s featured so memorably in the movie Dr. Strangelove. Predictably, massive future overkill was justified in the name of “deterrence,” though the nuclear war plan in force back then was more about obliteration. It featured a devastating attack on the Soviet Union and communist China that would kill an estimated 600 million people in six months (the equivalent of 100 Holocausts, notes Daniel Ellsberg in his book, The Doomsday Machine). Slightly saner heads finally prevailed – in the sense that the Air Force eventually got “only” 1,000 of those Minuteman nuclear missiles.

Jan 20 10:55

Finland's PM Says NATO Membership Is 'Very Unlikely' in Her Current Term

Finland does not plan to join NATO in the near future but is ready to stand with its European allies and United States by imposing tough sanctions on Russia if it attacks Ukraine, Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Wednesday.

"It would have a very substantial impact and the sanctions would be extremely tough," Marin told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.

Marin said it is "very unlikely" that Finland would apply for a NATO membership during her current term of office.

The Nordic country shares a 1,340 km (833 mile) border and a difficult history with Russia and the Soviet Union, including clashing during World War Two, but has opted to only cooperate with the Western security alliance instead of joining it.

Jan 20 10:49

Jewish Settlers March, Attack Palestinians across West Bank

Dozens of Jewish settlers organized marches across the West Bank on Tuesday evening, attacking Palestinian vehicles and threatening to attack nearby homes, the Middle East Monitor reported.

Dozens of extremist settlers gathered near the northern entrance to the town of Al-Bireh in the occupied West Bank, under the protection of the Israeli forces, and organized a march, threatening to aggressively attack nearby homes and vehicles.

Jan 20 10:48

Global food prices close to all time highs…

Jan 20 10:48

Biden Says Redesignating Houthis as Terrorists ‘Under Consideration’

President Biden said during a press conference Wednesday that redesignating Yemen’s Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization is “under consideration.”

The Trump administration listed the Houthis as a terror organization as one of its last foreign policy moves. The UN and other aid groups warned the designation would lead to a massive famine since the label essentially criminalizes delivering food to Houthi-controlled areas of north Yemen, where most of the country’s starving population lives.

Because of the dire warnings, President Biden quickly lifted the designation when he first came into office. But now, the UAE is calling on the US to redesignate the Houthis as terrorists after the Yemeni Shia group launched an attack on Abu Dhabi that killed three people. The UAE is part of the Saudi-led coalition that has been waging war against the Houthis since 2015, so the attack isn’t much of a surprise.

Jan 20 10:48

Arab League Describes Israeli Demolitions in Occupied Jerusalem as Ethnic Cleansing (VIDEO)

The Arab League condemned on Wednesday Israeli demolition of Palestinian-owned houses in occupied Jerusalem, describing it as ethnic cleansing, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

The comments came following the demolition of the Salhia family home in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, which displaced 13 people, mainly children.

Jan 20 10:47

Israel to probe alleged use of Pegasus to spy on its citizens

Israel’s justice ministry has pledged a full investigation into allegations that the controversial Pegasus spyware was used on Israeli citizens, including people who led protests against former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli police firmly denied a report by the business daily Calcalist that Pegasus, a surveillance product made by the Israeli firm NSO, was used on citizens at the forefront of last year’s protests against Netanyahu, as well as on journalists and dissidents worldwide.

Jan 20 10:44

Palestinians fight ongoing ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah

A Palestinian man threatened to set himself and his house ablaze on Monday if Israeli occupation forces moved to expel him and his family.

It was the latest dramatic escalation amid Israel’s ongoing effort to ethnically cleanse the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Mahmoud Salhiya stood on the roof of his home while holding a tank of gasoline, refusing to surrender.

The Israeli-controlled Jerusalem municipality seeks to expel the family of seven supposedly in order to build a school in its place.

The municipality plans to take over the entire neighborhood, Salhiya told reporters, warning that his house would be the first of many.

During a day-long standoff with Israeli police, Salhiya remained on his rooftop, with support from other Palestinians in the community.

Jan 20 10:43

Pentagon agrees to spend $52M on blimps flying surveillance missions at the U.S.-Mexico border

The Defense Department has agreed to spend about $52.5 million to operate and maintain observation blimps at the U.S. border with Mexico as part of an ongoing mission in the region.

The original request to support the blimps called for about 1,500 additional troops to deploy to the border mission that supports the Department of Homeland Security and began in 2018, according to Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas.

About 2,400 troops are now deployed along the southern border, but up to 3,000 are authorized to deploy through the end of September, based on an agreement signed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. The service members are a mix of National Guard and active-duty personnel who work alongside Border Patrol agents in a variety of support roles that allow those federal agents to conduct direct border security.

Jan 20 10:43

A second suspect in Haiti president’s assassination extradited to the US

A key suspect in the murder investigation of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was arrested Wednesday by federal agents in Miami after being extradited to the United States.

Rodolphe Jaar, a Haitian businessman who had been convicted of U.S. cocaine-trafficking charges a decade ago, was detained by Dominican authorities earlier this month after crossing into the country following months of hiding in neighboring Haiti.

The arrest of Jaar, known as “Dodof,” in the Dominican Republic came six months to the day after a hit squad allegedly made up of Colombian commandos, Haitian police officers and others piled into vehicles from Jaar’s home in Petionville and drove to the president’s nearby residence to carry out his assassination.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why is this guy in the US? Isn't this case under Haitian jurisdiction? Something stinks here.

Jan 20 10:41

Biden's Handlers Scramble After He Suggests 'Minor Incursion' by Russia Into Ukraine Will Be Met With Proportionate Response

Joe Biden's handlers had to step in on Wednesday after the "president" suggested that a "minor incursion" by Russia into Ukraine would be met with proportionate force.

Though America's border has been intentionally thrown wide open, Ukraine's borders must be protected at all costs.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki put out a statement shortly after Biden's press conference to clarify that if any Russian forces step foot over the border they'll be met with a "swift, severe" response.

Jan 20 10:40

Will Mass African Migration Make Hispanics Immigration Patriots?

Immigration is one issue on which Hispanics do not speak in one voice. Contrary to Karl Rove, many don’t really care for mass immigration and are even quite hostile to it. And if you put Hispanics under the microscope, you’ll find that hostility increases even more when it comes to the mass immigration of blacks.

Which raises an interesting point about the complexity of race relations in America. The current fixation is, of course, black vs. white, Jim Crow, the “legacy of slavery,” and “institutional racism.” But it’s worth taking a look at black vs. Hispanic, what Hispanics think of blacks, particularly immigrants, how blacks interact with other non-whites, and mass black immigration.

Those matters will be the most interesting to monitor as the country becomes less white in the following decades. In this new demographic ecosystem, blacks will be compelled to interact more with non-white immigrants and their descendants.

Jan 20 10:40

If There Was Any Debate On What Dems Think Of School Parents, It Just Ended

Michigan Democrats were grilled over the weekend for disclosing to parents that they are not "clients" of public schools and that public education teaches kids what society "needs them to know."

On Saturday, a Facebook post conveyed by the state's Democrats on their official page slammed the idea that parents should be affected by what public school teaches their children. The post was taken down on Monday morning following heavy disapproval.

Jan 20 10:39

Clarity of the Bigger Question, WHY This Massive Push for Vaccinations?

A guest on the Tucker Carlson show outlined the answer to this question {Direct Rumble Link} which has been stated in these pages and a multitude of conversations for well over a year. Why has there been this massive disproportionate push for vaccination against a virus which, all things considered, is NOT that deadly?

For two years, as we have watched the various governments around the world pushing the COVID-19 vaccination, many have asked this question? The demand and effort is wildly disproportionate to the risk. So why has this vaccination program been so severely pushed, including the mandates and requirements that everyone must follow in order to participate in society? Why this scale of effort?

Tucker Carlson and Eva Vlaardingerbroek explained the motives and intents last night. Yes, in essence, this is the quiet part being said out loud.

Jan 20 10:37

James Rosen twists the knife…

Jan 20 10:37

America's Future Under Anti-White CRT: 19-Year-Old Light-Skinned Hispanic Murdered by Jamaican National in NYC, the Latter Demanding Reparations for "400 Years of Slavery"

We already know Critical Race Theory is just a racist, anti-white ideology.

We also know the teaching of this theory to those who lack impulse control is a recipe for societal chaos, disorder, and mayhem. [Jamaican National Accused of Murdering 19yo Cashier in NYC Demands ‘Reparations’ For ‘400 Years of Slavery’, InformationLiberation.com, January 15, 2022]:

The 30-year-old Jamaican national accused of murdering 19-year-old cashier Kristal Bayron-Nieves while robbing a Burger King in East Harlem demanded “reparations” for “400 years of f***ing slavery” after being arrested.

Jan 20 10:33

So Ashli wasn’t part of the violent mob

NEW— Corrupted video footage shows the moment Ashli Babbitt and I arrived at the Speakers doors.

Ashli is seen briefly talking with Officers.

(You can also hear me offer Yetter a water bottle since he’s covered in powder from the crowd control munitions they were throwing)

Jan 20 10:27

Sputnik V Bests Pfizer Jab in Effectiveness Against Omicron, Research Shows

Previous data already suggested that Sputnik V vaccine is highly effective against the Omicron variant, with studies also pointing at a lesser and slower decline of antibody levels for the Russian jab when compared to other vaccines.

Sputnik V is twice as effective as the Pfizer vaccine in neutralising the Omicron strain - this is the key takeaway from the latest analysis by Italy's National Institute for Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani, Russia’s Gamaleya Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology and Moscow State Sechenov Medical University.

The researchers pitted Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine against the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA jab in a comparative preprint study published by MedRxiv portal. The goal was to explore the efficacy of the two COVID-19 vaccines against the Omicron variant.

Jan 20 10:27

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia Waiting for US Approval to Send Weapons to Ukraine - Reports

Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are waiting for US approval to send American-made lethal weapons to Ukraine in order to deter an alleged Russian invasion, Politico reported on Wednesday.

The three Baltic countries are prepared to transfer weapons such as anti-armor and ground-to-air missiles to Ukraine, the report said citing officials from the countries and people familiar with the matter.

Sen. Jim Risch, who is the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told Politico he hopes the Biden administration will immediately approve the transfer of weapons to Ukraine.

Jan 20 10:26

If Blinken Doesn’t Want a Russian Invasion of Ukraine Why Is He Provoking One

Some time ago I wrote about the falsification by historians of World War I. Now we are watching the falsification of history in Ukraine. What is essentially a US invasion of Ukraine is called a Russian invasion, and the conflict that Washington is provoking is being blamed on Russia.

My generation associated dystopias, such as George Orwell’s 1984, with the Soviet Union, a country in which explanations were controlled and criticism of Stalin would land a person in the Gulag.

We thought of the United States and our life in America much differently.
But with the passage of time the difference between life in the Soviet Union in the 20th century and life in the Western world today is disappearing.

Jan 20 10:26

FOIA Docs Reveal Pfizer Shot Caused Avalanche of Miscarriages, Stillborn Babies

Among the first reports handed over by Pfizer was a ‘Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports’ describing events reported to Pfizer up until February 2021.

Netflix reality TV star Maya Vander told her fans last week of her devastating grief after she delivered a stillborn baby at 38 weeks of pregnancy December 9.

“Yesterday was the hardest day of my life,” Vander, 39, posted on Instagram, with a picture of new baby clothes in a memory box she was taking home from hospital instead of her baby boy. “I always heard of it but never imagined I’ll be part of the statistics.”

Vander, a Beverly Hills real estate agent who stars on the show “Selling Sunset,” had posted a photo of herself in November from a pregnancy shoot and looked the picture of health. Described as “fully vaccinated,” by US magazine, Vander has two other children: Aiden, two, and daughter Elle, one.

Jan 20 10:25


The FBI’s fingerprints all over the thing. Deja Vu all over again.

Jan 20 10:24


How many rich white men does it take to end a global health crisis? Just 10, according to a new report, although we know damn well that ain’t gonna happen.

Oxfam released a pretty damning report this week that coincided with the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda. It found that enforcing a one-time tax on the 10 richest men in the world for the profits they made during the pandemic could fund everyone’s (and their mother’s) vaccines, as well as universal healthcare in countries that don’t have it. Oh, the hypothetical tax could also change the course of global warming, according to the Fast Company. There’s a lot else we could do with that money, as media outlets pontificated something fierce: cover our entire defense budget and pay for the extension of the child tax credit, for example. Shit, they could probably get rid of our acne, move our terrible exes to the moon, and buy all of us Yeezys.

Jan 20 10:22

Boom! Boom! Boom! The Narrative IS Crumbling! Finally!..... Who Looks Like A Clown Now??

Jan 20 10:18

Sen. Mike Lee: Desperation Causing Democrats To Attack Manchin And Sinema

On Wednesday, Sen. Mike Lee blasted the Democrats’ push to get rid of the filibuster and pass their voting bill, and also commented on why he thinks Dem Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are getting so much criticism for not going along with their party’s agenda.

Lee made his remarks during an interview on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom.”

Jan 20 10:18

Democrats Believe Biden AG Merrick Garland Will Prosecute Trump Over January 6

Several Democrats told The Hill that there is a “good chance” the Department of Justice will want to prosecute Trump, who has been blamed for “inciting” the riot at the Capitol.

To date, Merrick Garland has not specifically said that he plans to prosecute Trump.

Senate Democrats also gave no direct evidence that Garland plans to pursue prosecution, which begs the question of why The Hill was asking Democrats about it.

Still, The Hill reported that Democratic Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Tim Kaine said the DOJ could have evidence to prosecute Trump without specifics.

Jan 20 10:17

Who’s “Cleaning” Our Voter Rolls? Soros Founded and Funded ERIC Is Now Used In 31 States

For decades the Democrats and leftists have fought ferociously to prevent the cleanup of State voter registration rolls. Recognizing a potential niche, left wing activists created ERIC to clean voter rolls their way, using their rules. So in 2012 the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) was formed as a membership organization primarily for blue States. ERIC is essentially a left wing voter registration drive disguised as voter roll clean up. But it’s been gaining traction in Red States too. Originally funded by the Soros Open Society, it is now responsible for cleaning the voter rolls in 31 States, plus D.C. A top election official from each member State is appointed a seat on the ERIC Board or as an Officer, all unpaid positions.

ERIC located 17 million new voters for the 2020 election, the most in the history of their organization. For comparison, they only found 5.7 million in 2012, Obama’s reelection.

Jan 20 10:16

US: Swift, severe response if Russia sends troops to Ukraine

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Thursday that there would be a “swift, severe” response from the United States and its allies if Russia sends any military forces into Ukraine.

Blinken’s comments in Berlin appeared to be another effort to clear up any confusion about the position of the U.S. and its NATO allies after U.S. President Joe Biden was heavily criticized for saying a “minor incursion” by Russia would elicit a lesser response.

“If any Russian military forces move across the Ukrainian border and commit new acts of aggression against Ukraine, that will be met with a swift, severe, united response from the United States and our allies and partners," Blinken told a news conference with his German counterpart.

Later, Blinken accused Russia of threatening the foundations of world order with its buildup of an estimated 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s border. He said Russia must face a concerted and severe global response if it invades.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trying to back peddle from Biden's "Minor incursion" remark.

Jan 20 10:15

'There are no minor incursions' pleads Ukraine leader after Biden remarks

Western countries sought to project unity over Ukraine on Thursday, after U.S. President Joe Biden suggested allies were split over how to react to any "minor incursion" from Russia, prompting Kyiv's leader to plead that there was no such thing.

Jan 20 10:14

Top US, European diplomats hold talks on Ukraine crisis

Top American and European diplomats are meeting in Berlin on Thursday as the allies seek to project a united front to Russia over concerns that it may be planning an invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has massed an estimated 100,000 troops near Ukraine, and U.S. President Joe Biden said Wednesday he thinks Moscow will invade. He warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that his country would pay a “dear price” in lives lost and a possible cutoff from the global banking system if it does.

Against that backdrop, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken held talks Thursday with diplomats from Germany, France and Britain — a so-called Quad meeting. A day earlier, he met Ukraine’s president in Kyiv to discuss the threat.

Russia has denied it is planning an invasion and has, in turn, accused the West of plotting “provocations” in Ukraine, citing the delivery of weapons to the country by British military transport planes in recent days.

Jan 20 10:13

Russia prepares a surprise for USA and NATO in Vietnam and Iran

The appearance of Russian army bases in the above-mentioned countries is not going to be either advertised or announced. On their part, Vietnam and Iran will receive Russian weapons for their protection.

"We could deploy weapons in Venezuela or Cuba. However, who needs that in our times? This is ridiculous! This is not what the Americans are afraid of. They fear that Russia will join efforts with Iran. We did not fight in Vietnam, but it was Soviet aircraft and Soviet missiles that shot down all US airplanes in Vietnam. This is the worst scenario for the United States — Russia is washing her hands, and Russian missiles can fly from anywhere in the world," Russian military expert Ivan Konovalov said, Avia.pro publication said.

Noteworthy, negotiations are currently underway between the authorities of Vietnam and the United States regarding the possible arrangement of an American military base in Cam Ranh. This could lead to problems for Russia.