Jan 15 12:43

Michael Levin on Morphogenetics, Regeneration, Consciousness, and Xenobots - Youtube

Professor Michael Levin explains his theory of the ion-based, individual-meshed, electric cellular network of animal cells. Implications include regeneration of limbs, cancer cure, etc.

If this is accurate, he will probably win a Nobel Prize, for what that's worth.

Dec 22 04:58

How to Ride an Electric Scooter Safely?

Are you looking for a new way to get around town?

Electric scooters are an excellent alternative to biking or walking. They're fun, they're environmentally friendly, and they're easy to use. But before you take one on the road, make sure you know how to ride them safely!

If you're looking for a new scooter or just want more information about them, visit this website today!

We are going to share with you some tips and tricks that will make sure you enjoy your ride without getting hurt or damaging anything around you. All these steps are pretty easy and simple so anyone can do it even if he/she is a beginner-level rider.

Also, if you have any tips to add, please leave a comment in the section below. We appreciate your input!

So, how do I ride an e-scooter?

It's simple: just climb on it and start riding!

Nov 08 16:09

Massive denial of service attack after posting U.K. privacy breach article

Our website, Redress Information & Analysis was subjected to a massive denial of service attack after posting an article about the mysterious privacy breach at the U.K. Labour Party (

The site is still partially down but we’ve managed to restore some of its pages slowly, including the above article. Work by our technical team is continuing.


Oct 10 06:26

We're #1!!!

Thanks to the fearless efforts and diligent work of our hallowed public servants we can proudly proclaim at this moment that we are #1 again exemplifying our new American exceptionalism!

As of 10/10/21

Most Total Case - USA - 45,179,209
Most Total Deaths - USA - 733,058
Most Recovered - USA - 34,630,654
Most Active Cases - USA - 9,815,497
Most Serious, Critical Cases- USA - 17,157
Most Total Tests - USA - 657,102,757

We are still lagging in the departments of total cases per million and total deaths per million but keep faith our public servants are working tirelessly to make sure we will be #1!!!

Jul 30 13:24


Inventor of mRNA vaccines says bombshell dropped yesterday proving covid vaccines are causing the virus to be more contagious and harmful than in the UNVACCINATED, due to paradoxical immune enhancement, aka breakthrough cases aka, antibody-dependent enhancement.

Best selling author & PhD Dr. Coleman explains the person most likely to kill you is not a burglar, a mugger, a deranged relative or a drunken driver. The facts show that the person most likely to kill you is your doctor. Learn how to protect yourself from the third greatest threat to your mortality, watch Dr. Colmans video "How to stop your doctor killing you".

John Hopkins University study found medical mistakes are the third-leading cause of death or an estimated 9.5% percent of all deaths every year.

Jul 21 22:22

3 Best Online Promotion Course Ideas

Creating an online course is not as difficult as promoting it. While creating an online course one should focus on its marketing strategy as well. There are so many agencies that help to promote your online course. But the one which I know is Think Orion which is one of the best agencies I know who helps as an agency to promote online courses.

Why should create an Online Course?

Creating an online course is one of the best ways to reach and connect with your customers. In fact, it is one of the best ways to monetize things in the longer run. As per the stats within 20 years eLearning revenue has been increased by 900%. In 2015 eLearning market in the US (United States) is $107 billion and which was expected to grow to $325 billion in 2025.

How to Market Your Online Course: Best Strategies

Jul 01 06:09

Here are the 5 Steps to Optimize Your Magento Application for Better Performance

Following are the top 5 optimization that can help you to achieve the best Magento application performance:

Use Varnish
Magento 2 comes with a built-in Varnish solution that offers a perfect performance with ultimate best results.

In the previous versions of Magento 1, users had to install modules like “Phoenix” or “Turpentine” to integrate Varnish with the Magento platform. With Magento 2, Varnish integration is provided by default that concludes best Magento 2 page load speed optimization and performance.

Update the Magento Version
Magento regularly releases new version updates, focusing mostly on the platform’s security bugs and Magento optimization. There, the most basic and essential tip for improving Magento 2 speed optimization is to update your Magento store to the latest version.

May 27 04:55

Top 10 Basketball Leagues in the World

Basketball is one of the classiest sport. People love to watch basketball games worldwide. So here is the list of top Basketball Leagues in the world for you.

1. EuroLeague

The EuroLeague is the basketball adaptation of Soccer's Champions League, with the top European clubs qualifying every year. The leagues play EuroLeague games during the week and in their own nations' associations at the end of the week.

Notable: The EuroCup, which is run by the EuroLeague, is the second-level transnational cooperation in Europe or we can say that it is one of the top basketball leagues in the world. Possessing all the necessary qualities for the resistance relies upon a gathering's accomplishment in its local accord, various contentions, and by hello from the EuroLeague.

Achievement in the EuroCup licenses a crowd to climb the Euro League.

Apr 21 20:16

Amazing device with life saving potential is being suppressed

Ever since the early days of the Egyptian Pharaohs and the ancient Greeks, electricity has been used for healing and fighting disease. A lot of this knowledge was lost during the dark ages of European history but resurfaced in the 1700's.

During this period, there was a number of individuals who brought this back into popular knowledge. Among these was John Wesley who published “The Desideratum, or Electricity Made Plain and Useful” in 1760. Previously, In 1747 he published “Primitive Physick, or an Easy and Natural Way of Curing Most Diseases”, which was a very successful pamphlet addressed to the lay public that contained a list of over nine hundred recipes for medical remedies and practical directions on how to cure a large number of disorders.

Apr 15 08:24

Tinnitus Or Ringing In Ears After COVID-19 Vaccine? This Easy Home Remedy Made Mine GO AWAY.

The ringing had a rapid strong fade-in onset, got really loud, and then died off in about 30 seconds, twice at approximately 4 hours after my dose. Then my Honey asked me if I was "hearing the 'cicadas,' too," and I said, "you mean that noise is not really out there?!"

Details my adverse vaccine experience (includes full list of side effects) as well as the remedy, which for me was completely effective. Graphic, audio, and video illustrations.

"The Tinnitus I Experienced After My First Dose Of Coronavirus Vaccine Disappeared After I Used This Home Remedy"

Apr 08 22:33

Another biological time bomb lurking

There are forces of evil acting around the world, striving to invent the ultimate biological weapon. This is in addition to the problem of new emerging diseases that come from natural sources but mutate over time.

While the current Covid-19 pandemic, a result of a coronavirus discovered in the area of Wuhan China, is on our minds, one of the most recent scares in this regard was Anthrax, a microbial infection of Bacillus anthracis, which when inhaled can be fatal. There is, however, a treatment available if it is caught in time. All that is usually required is simple antibiotics unless the infection is antibiotic resistant.

Jan 25 12:03

If you think the U.S. Constitution is going to save us, remember: North Korea also guarantees basic human rights

For those that cling to the belief that our solution to this crisis can be found in the Constitution or merely hoping the vote goes our way in 2022 and 2024, I offer these gems from the Constitution of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (North Korea).


If you don’t think it can happen here in America, ask yourself: On January 25, 2020, did you ever think you could be imprisoned in your home, be made to wear an article of clothing across your face, be fined or imprisoned for running an un-approved business and see a corrupt, racist dementia patient assemble “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Jan 12 06:51

Google My Business Post | All You Need to Know

The Google My Business Posts feature helps you collaborate with current and potential customers via your Google Search Business Profile and Maps via posts. You can create and share directly with your customer's updates, deals, new or popular products in stock, or event information.

Advantages of Google My Business Post

When clients have more access to your business information and news, they then make better choices while browsing.

It enables you to:

  • Communicate with your regular consumers directly.
  • Enhance customer experience with timely and accurate information.
  • Promote sales, offers, events, news, and deals for you.
  • Engage your customers via videos and photos.
  • How does it work?

    For the promotion of business profiles, posts often include text, photographs, or videos.

    They're visible for users by:

    Jan 07 13:06

    Feel Free To Copy and Share

    A more representative banner for today's political environment.

    Oct 28 08:45

    The Top Class Action Settlements - Claim Your Rebate Today

    Are you planning to claim any settlement this year?

    In this article, we are going to discuss the class action lawsuits that have been settled and you could get a handsome amount if you have suffered from the same loss that the defenders have been claimed for.

    The following are some of the Top class lawsuits that you want to know about.

    LG Refrigerators Cooling Defect Class Action Lawsuit Settlement 2020

    LG appliances owners can claim their rebates from a settlement that ends after hearing claimants that the LG appliances have defects. Especially the defects have been found in cooling.

    The consumers can claim up to $450 without giving any proof of the defect. Or if they have repaired the defect of a new appliance than by providing the proof of repairing, laboring, and part purchasing, they can claim up to $6,000.

    Oct 26 10:49

    Delta Airlines is banning over 450 “anti-maskers;” I wrote to them and told them to add me to the list

    Delta Airlines paid for the services off CNN Newsource, CNN’s fake news division (yes there is such a department) to issue a press release and brag about having banned 460 customers from flying on their airline again for having apparently mouth back to the waitress or driver about having to endure the face diaper and inhale their own carbon dioxide for an hours-long flight.

    I took the opportunity to send Delta a strongly-worded e-mail:

    Corporate media is reporting that your airline is banning 450 “anti-maskers.”

    Oct 20 00:21

    US Presidential Elections

    Only in USA (regarding election)

    1. People start voting even before the first Presidential Debate starts

    2. You don't need an id to vote but need one to buy beer.

    3. They don't even know how many ballot boxes are there. (They keep finding more and more boxes until desired result)

    4. People spend billions to campaign for posts that pay millions (How this makes any economic sense is beyond me).

    5. They want to send election observers to other countries but will arrest any election observer coming to theirs.

    6. The lesser the qualification of the candidate more chances of winning.

    7. They campaign on the small issues and fight tooth and nail about it. The BIG issues are not even raised.

    8. (Presidential) Elections are decided not by the ballot box but by the Supreme Court.

    9. Presidential Debates are organised by a self appointed "Commission".

    Jul 19 05:41

    Repeat after me ...

    Repeat after me:

    When you repeat anything five times it makes it true! Saw it on the television and on the google!

    Jun 20 11:48


    Wondering since I am contributing member if there is way to eliminate ads? Not sure if this is proper venue to ask this question. Thanks in advance!

    Jun 16 16:22

    Technology adaptability and the global pandemic

    Around the globe, most of the people are basically quarantined in their homes and obviously they require basic necessities hence online store and shops have become increasingly popular and firms since the pandemic have become more adaptive and efficient in providing service to its customer, therefore, VPNs in Europe
    provide a safe channel between the peer and the consumers and provide the top VPN deals
    to protect against tracking while doing online shopping, but the question is what exactly a VPN is? Thought you never ask, VPNS stands for VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK.

    Jun 16 11:49

    My Cancer Journey , Changed the Perspective towards the life

    I’d like to share my breast cancer recovery journey with you.
    I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in late 2017 when a massive 7cm tumour was found in my left breast, along with multiple infected lymph nodes. I endured one year of gruelling treatments while working as a doctor in training and trying to keep my life as normal as possible.

    My mum came to live with me and was a vital support. My friends and colleagues rallied around and were amazing. I had an incredible and supportive treatment team including an exceptional breast care nurse. I owe my life to these people! After a year of chemotherapy, losing my breasts (double mastectomy with left axillary lymph node clearance), and radiation I survived.

    Jun 04 13:32


    This title was originally "Out of the ashes, a Pheonix."

    It only took us days of protesting, eventually involving all 5o states and several other countries, but all four officers involved in the death of George Floyd have finally been charged.

    There seems to be reason for hope, despite the added pain and in some cases loss of life that that caused.

    If you see only one, see this one:

    But you should see more than one if you can. I have curated a selection, not comprehensive by any means, here.

    Because maybe we are getting somewhere after all.

    May 31 18:27

    VIDEO: "Reopen?! $@#^!!!" -- An Original Coronavirus Pastiche (With Lyrics)

    May I proudly present, A Faustian Original.

    Coronavirus USA, June 2020:
    An adaptation of Nina Simone's 1964 civil rights song,
    "Mississippi G*dd*mn."

    lyrics by johanna Faust (@femalefaust)
    music arranged and performed by Alex Jerousek (@schwa_iska)

    BE SAFE.

    May 20 05:24

    Is COVID-19 breaching our online privacy?

    Have you ever heard of a saying, "one should never waste a good crisis"? Well, that's exactly what giant tech corporations are doing right now. If you haven't heard already, Google and Apple are supposedly working together to fight and the COVID-19 pandemic.

    But is there an ulterior motive behind it?

    Based on intuition and all the news I've been consuming lately from credible sources, I think that Google, Apple, and other tech companies are simply building a privacy violation coronavirus tracking app.

    Even though it's easy to think that Google and Apple are partnering up for the betterment of humanity, experts speculate that this uncanny partnership might be hiding something dark. After all, who knows what Apple and Google will do with all the personal information that they've collected about us.

    May 20 02:16

    The Rise and Challenges of Telehealth during Pandemic

    With the outbreak of the new Corona virus 2019 (COVID-19), many outpatient clinics and facilities are not yet ready for regular medication visits, The health care facility seeks to set up screening protocols, prevent optional medical care, and prepare for immediate and serious patients. Clinical expertise will determine who is at high risk and should be avoided, and we should assess patients.

    Phone calls and patient portal messages will increase dramatically. Remote monitoring of implants would support a population of chronic diseases, while non-invasive monitoring should be delivered along with weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, and other standard heart monitors to replace routine nursing visits.

    May 19 00:07

    Facebook and Fake Political News Scandal; What You Need To Know

    Facebook’s motto is to connect people; however, the event of 2016 has led us to believe otherwise. The election year in the United States is a highly divisive one with loyalties tested along party lines. In these highly bipartisan times, came a surge of fake news peddled from different social media avenues. These avenues were mostly social media platforms, and especially in focus was Facebook.

    These divisions became amplifies since the tech giant came fist-bumping into the latest political news arena without any SOP’s or guidelines to curb the malaise of fake news. Facebook’s model relied on clickbait headlined news articles and viewers reach trumped integrity of the content found on the site. It quickly evolved into a giant cabal of lies, deceit, and propaganda served to the public along party lines.

    May 05 21:20

    Sanford, Florida: Gentle Giant, 17, Slain Whilst Car Shopping In Homeowner’s Gated Driveway

    “(The) man indicated that he was in fear of his life but mostly for his newborn child and his wife who were in the home,” (Seminole County Assistant State Attorney Dan) Faggard said. “We have to find there is probable cause to believe that the individual did not act in self-defense or justifiably. That’s a very high standard. Currently, we’re not able to make that determination and therefore he was not arrested this morning.”

    Smith said officers found a large rock and a car battery near the passenger side of the homeowner’s vehicle. He explained marks on windows and the side of the vehicle are indicative of someone attempting to break in. Smith says this evidence leads officers to believe Green had intended to burglarize the vehicle.

    May 04 08:51

    The New Unemployment Wave and What Should We Do?

    US is on the list of the countries that has been effected the most in this Coronavirus Pandemic. The sudden jump in the rate of unemployment and insufficient unemployment funds leading to the global recession.

    Mass layoffs and health crisis not only dent the economy but also have severe psychological and financial impacts on the unemployed workers.

    Government jobless benefits are turning out to be inadequate as more and more people are filing for unemployment.

    According to the labor department report, 3.8 million people filed for unemployment insurance in the last week of April that takes the tally to 30.3 million unemployment claims in six weeks. Almost twenty percent people who had jobs in February shift their status to unemployed.

    Half of the American have either lost their jobs or faced reduction in their work hours.

    May 02 09:50

    Associated Press B.S.: Michigan militia puts armed protest in the spotlight

    Gun-carrying protesters have been a common sight at some demonstrations calling for coronavirus-related restrictions to be lifted. But an armed militia’s involvement in an angry protest in the Michigan statehouse Thursday marked an escalation that drew condemnation and shone a spotlight on the practice of bringing weapons to protest.

    The “American Patriot Rally” started on the statehouse steps, where members of the Michigan Liberty Militia stood guard with weapons and tactical gear, their faces partially covered. They later moved inside the Capitol along with several hundred protesters, who demanded to be let onto the House floor, which is prohibited. Some protesters with guns — which are allowed in the statehouse — went to the Senate gallery, where a senator said some armed men shouted at her, and some senators wore bulletproof vests.

    Apr 25 14:02

    Three Waves

    And 3 waves....
    Ethan Allen and...

    So by the time we get out of all the lock downs or they all sorta merge together there won't be an economy left.
    I'm a boomer, an earlier one. People our age, on up are prime targets of this stuff. From what I have been seeing on the net for years, we are hated anyway. If we die off faster, it just means the government won't have to pay out so much money. No big deal. Virtually all boomers will be dead in 25-30 years. And if governments(I hope this is natural. Not on purpose by a government.)are doing this or just exploiting a natural virus,we will probably be gone sooner.
    But if the lockdown continues millions of Americans will die and hunger makes no discrimination as to age or sex. But the children and elderly will die first and it won't be pretty.

    Apr 23 06:55

    5 Steps to Work from Home Securely during the Coronavirus Pandemic

    It’s been a really sad beginning to 2020 with Coronavirus being the most dangerous of calamities to befall on mankind. From killing over 119,000 to causing huge economic instability, over 210 countries are currently battling this deadly virus.

    To keep things afloat, many countries have ordered lockdowns, while organizations have given work from home (WFH) instructions to employees. And if things were not bad enough, cybercriminals are not taking a backseat to cause more damage.

    Apr 22 04:53

    The Best Cheap VPN in 2020

    With the burgeoning coronavirus pandemic, people have to work from home as per their companies asked them to do in order to save the global economy from collapsing along with combating this outbreak. As they are working from home, they are exposed to cyberattacks. That’s where a VPN service comes in which serves as a defense line to combat such threats. People need to use the best VPN service to ensure their cybersecurity as hackers are trying to exploit coronavirus pandemic.

    A VPN service doesn’t necessarily require to be expensive to prove that it’s one of the best in the business. Price isn’t a parameter to judge the quality of the VPN. If you want to judge the quality of a VPN, you should look at the features it offers, keeping in mind what are the benefits of a VPN and why you are using one. VPNs are generally used for circumventing geographical restrictions, spoofing location, and encryption. So, you should keep in mind these features while selecting a VPN.

    Apr 22 00:45

    What is a Dedicated IP VPN and why you need one

    Whenever you’re comparing VPN services that which VPN is best, more secure, reliable and safe. So, what you do is to compare one VPN provider features with the other one.

    There are so many features like Multi hop, multiple devices, Kill switch, and a lot more but what I believe is Dedicated IP is most important one and the game changer in comparison.

    What is a Dedicated IP or Static IP?

    Most of the people ask this: What is a Dedicated IP VPN?
    A dedicated IP is an IP address which is used by only one person. Whenever he/she get connected with the selective VPN service, it found the exact same IP address every time.

    With this dedicated IP feature, your provider will assign you a static IP address which is dedicated to you only.

    Apr 20 15:41


    I can't listen to the show with that guy going on and on with the fear porn. Aren't their any other callers that could be put on. This guy is on their day after day spewing his BEX!

    Apr 01 01:51


    And what are the advertisers paying for? Audiences.

    And so it isn't so much that the Media are selling you a product -- their output --

    They're also selling Advertisers a product -- YOU..


    did I mention it had a rockin' soundtrack? Somewhewre between prog and orchestral metal...

    Mar 30 14:52

    WRH Traffic

    Why in 24 hours have wrh traffic numbers gone down by almost 2/3rds?

    Mar 25 10:16



    I have almost half the board. h/t @entrxpv for the first quadrant.

    stay well.

    Be seeing you.

    Mar 21 11:15

    Banks are going down!

    Can't find out how much is in my account and limited to $250 purchases. Bank says this problem is nation wide!

    Mar 20 03:10

    Vaccine Contents - A Witch’s Brew!

    During the last 30 years, the number of vaccines given to babies has quadrupled from 10 to over 40 on average and over 70 by school age. This rise is coincident with a dramatic increase in the number of Autism Spectrum Disorders (latest estimate is 1 in 6 of those vaccinated). Shockingly, it is strictly an increase in vaccinations responsible for this catastrophe.

    The basic theory of vaccination is to inject a small sample of an attenuated virus or bacteria into the body to stimulate antibodies in order to jumpstart an immune response. However, injection of live viruses, even attenuated ones can cause the disease the vaccine was intended to prevent (admitted by Dr Jonas Salk associated with the polio vaccine).

    Combining multiple drugs in different Vaccines can and does lead to unpredictable results, especially detrimental to Babies and Young Children. This tragedy is further compounded when 38 vaccines (drug doses) are given in the first 18 months of the baby’s life.

    Mar 04 13:34

    VPN vs Proxy - which is more secure?

    VPN and Proxy both help its users to access the content and stuff which are geo-restricted. Its allows the users to virtually be appeared anywhere in the world. However, there is still a little difference in between both of them, one protects the privacy of the users and one does not.

    What is a VPN?

    VPN is a privacy tool uses to hides the user identity. VPN reroutes the traffic through isolated server and hides the original IP of the users. That means the ISPs of the users monitoring the activity and collecting the data no longer can see what the user are doing online. The encryption also protects users from surveillance, tracking and hacking if anyone tries to get into your system. VPN offers ultimate online privacy and security.

    Advantages of Using VPN

    1. VPN uses different protocols to encrypt your network traffic to keep the data safe and secure.

    Mar 04 13:34

    VPN vs Proxy - which is more secure?

    VPN and Proxy both help its users to access the content and stuff which are geo-restricted. Its allows the users to virtually be appeared anywhere in the world. However, there is still a little difference in between both of them, one protects the privacy of the users and one does not.

    What is a VPN?

    VPN is a privacy tool uses to hides the user identity. VPN reroutes the traffic through isolated server and hides the original IP of the users. That means the ISPs of the users monitoring the activity and collecting the data no longer can see what the user are doing online. The encryption also protects users from surveillance, tracking and hacking if anyone tries to get into your system. VPN offers ultimate online privacy and security.

    Advantages of Using VPN

    1. VPN uses different protocols to encrypt your network traffic to keep the data safe and secure.

    Mar 01 20:09

    CORONAVIRUS: Basic Essential Preparedness Checklist

    From -- a better one than they seem to have up right now:

    Quarantine/Shelter-In-Place Checklist.

    Feb 29 19:42

    Turkey is set to invade Syria along a 900 km front.

    A Syrian friend is telling us that his sources in Syria are telling him that Turkey is preparing to invade Syria along it entire border at various points. The Russian and entire Syrian military are on high alert. Unless somebody dissuades Erdogan all hell may break loose. 2 days ago the Russians moved several surface warships near Syria and the are carrying scores of Kaliber missiles. Things are gonna get ugly. Got my ear to the ground. I hope the Russians talk him out of it.

    Feb 24 14:29

    6 Ways to Hide your IP Address

    Various Ways to hide your IP Address, but the best way is using a VPN service followed by Proxy service, Tor, Mobile Data, Public Wi-Fi and with the help of ISPs.

    If you’re curious about your privacy and anonymity over the internet, then you must hide your IP Address. This will help you protect your personal details from your ISP (Internet Service Providers) which as we all know, can sell your data to pesky marketers.

    By hiding your IP address, you can dodge your ISPs. This way, you can easily access geo-blocked content with the help of fake IP (region wise) and also explore the restricted websites in your country.

    6 Ways to Hide IP Address

    If you don’t know how to hide your IP address, simply follow the below listed 6 easy steps by TheVPNExperts to hide your IP address. If all works well, you’ll become totally anonymous on the web in less than no time.

    Feb 12 21:15

    Otto Warburg - Brilliant Biochemist Discovered Prime Cause of Cancer

    Otto Warburg discovered the true cause of cancer in the 1920's and received the Nobel prize for it in 1931. And yet...

    "Most of Warburg's work has been categorically ignored by the US Medical Establishment who prefer not to define a generic cause of cancer or find a cure because it would threaten their very lucrative business model which rakes in hundreds of billions of dollars a year."

    "The goal of Orthodox Medicine is to treat the symptoms of cancer with rigid protocols (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) rather than actually looking for a cure. They use institutions like the FDA, AMA, ACS, and NCI to discourage natural remedies and persecute their sponsors."

    "Warburg's research concludes that cancer results from a deficiency of cellular oxygen within an acidic environment. But even as the body becomes more acidic, an increased intake of minerals and respiratory enzymes can shift the balance back to alkaline to prevent the formation of cancer."

    Jan 26 08:49

    Anyone have an update on Mike?

    I'm kind of worried, no updates on Mike, anyone have any info?

    Jan 18 10:37

    Security Certificate expired on this site!

    Had trouble getting here today. Says the security certificate has expired. Hope the site isn't going under.
    Mike and Claire need to be transparent here and let the People know what is going on and what we can do to help if anything!
    There is too much going on for whatreallyhappened to die now!

    Jan 04 14:46

    According to RBN.....

    Mike has 3 ulcers and has been told by his doctor to stay off the internet and the computer. All it would have taken is a short 1 paragraph statement to that effect to let people know what is going on.

    Jan 03 10:19

    Is whatreallyhappened dead! Where is Mike!

    Shit is hitting the fan! Where are you Mike? Are you sick on vacation or dead?
    No updates in 5 days. No radio show in 2 weeks! This isn't right! WTF is going on?

    Dec 19 07:33

    Top 3 Most Dangerous Browser Hijackers For Mac

    Browser hijacking is when a software modifies browser settings, especially homepage, extensions, extensions, and default search engines without taking your consent. The explanation may not seem that dangerous but in actual, these hijackers can also steal your personal information while redirecting you to some unwanted platforms. Recent forms of this adware like Search Baron are extremely persistent.

    Browser hijackers are basically some kind of unwanted applications in the cybersecurity world. No one wants to install those programs on their Mac systems, but they are still present without getting noticed. Hackers also use them to distribute malware, keyloggers, adware, and spyware, etc. In the worst cases, they can even steal your banking information, such as passwords and usernames as well.

    Top 3 most dangerous browser hijackers for Mac

    Oct 27 11:49

    Stupid is as Stupid does? Or a stroke of genius?

    Is the supposed killing of Al Baghdadi an operation designed to save Trump from impeachment and take a lot of bad news off the front page or is it what Trump needed to set up the complete withdrawal of US forces from Syria including the oilfields and bread basket of Syria.
    On the one hand a rather cynical political scam designed to pull Trump's nuts out of the impeachment fire or......
    A show of political genius. If it is a show of political genius it will save him from impeachment and get him re-elected while at the same time getting US troops out of Syria and handing the oil and farming areas of Syria back to the Syrian Nation. And the dems and neocons will have to keep their mouths shut!
    WE shall see!

    Oct 12 03:21

    How to Download Torrent Files Safely

    When downloading files, it’s difficult to know for sure whether or not they are safe. Files we receive via email or download from websites may contain viruses, Trojans, worms, or other malicious programs that can infect our computer system.

    Data exchange using P2P protocols and torrent sites is hugely popular. Torrent trackers provide access to a vast number of books, movies, TV shows, software, and so on. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to securely download files from torrent trackers.

    1. Update your antivirus

    Often (but not always) when downloading a dangerous file, an antivirus alerts you and blocks infected files. It is good to regularly update your antivirus signature database to stay on top of new malware outbreaks.

    1. Update your torrent client
    Oct 07 10:00

    A Turning Point for America and The World?

    11 days ago the Russian Combat Engineers completed a bridge across the Euphrates, under fire,connecting Western Syria with Eastern Syria,capable of handling 8,000 vehicles a day.

    Neither Syria,Russia or Iran are protesting the Turkish invasion as of yet.

    Today President Trump announced a pullout of US troops from Northeast Syria in anticipation of a major Turkish incursion into Northeastern Syria.
    Russia demanded all uninvited foreign troops leave Syria.

    Sep 29 09:32

    Glad to see Mike back Online!!!

    Very glad to see you back online today Mike.Hope you are feeling better. Please get off that damn drug the allopaths put you on. Get well and get your Mojo back and let's(all the posters) kick some NWO ass!!!

    PS! It appears that hell is a poppin with all the latest news.

    Sep 25 16:07

    What Has Happened?

    To Mike. Haven't listened in quite awhile due to work,divorce and Epstein/Barr virus contracted from X-wife.
    Mike sounds really weak. I hope he is going to get better. Been here for about 20 years now. He sounds really bad and in recent pics doesn't look too good. Was shocked looking at the pics of him and hadn't heard his voice in ages.
    Get better Mike.

    PS! This website is dying! No posts period for 2 days. None of the posters are getting much up when things are posted. I promised Mike that as long as I am working I would send $50/month. $600 a year. Don't know how much others are paying,but if 200 people would donate on the average that much, that amounts to $120,000/year which ought to be enough for Mike and his wife to live on and keep the site up,

    Sep 23 18:36

    Lions and Tigers and Uighars! OH! MY!

    I can't say I am a proponent of the Chinese government. However their so-called mistreatment of the Uighars,revolves around the US using the Uighars(along with Turkey)to destabilize China(Like they are doing in Hong Kong)along a key linchpin of China's Silk Road Project in Xinjiang,which is also rich in natural resources.
    Here are a few stories to back up my contention,which is shared by people much smarter than myself.
    Once again the US governments policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries,anywhere and everywhere is behind all of this turmoil and bloodshed.
    The Policy of non-interference in the affairs of other nations as espoused by George Washington in His Farewell Address should be followed,otherwise the USA is headed for much more trouble!

    Sep 22 11:19

    Not a False Flag!

    The Houthi's have destroyed the Aramco IPO. 1 or 2 more attacks like this and the House of Saud will fall and with it the US petrodollar.
    This strategy is sheer genius. When the petrodollar falls,all those worthless pieces of paper will come home to the USA to roost causing a massive inflation and with that starvation and riots in the streets. The End of the US Empire is near!

    Aug 06 04:14

    How to Remove Malware from Macbook Pro

    How to remove malware from Macbook Pro?

    Attracting malware that ruins the entire life is not uncommon for Apple devices and Macbook Pro in particular. However, these days, there are several ways of detecting their presence. You might notice that there is a surprising decrease in computer’s speed without any legit cause or you will have the reboots and apps automatically permitting themselves. Apart from this, most of the webpages you visit can be flooded with unwanted advertisements. To remove such malware and restore the original efficiency of your Macbook Pro, here are a few ways that you can try.

    Prevent suspicious apps from launching

    Jul 29 10:08

    Posting: Reupping

    Will be posting regularly again in a few weeks after reupping my membership and giving Mike a little extra.
    Working a decent job in warehousing and transportation. Working my butt off,but feeling much better after the x left and the divorce went through in my favor. Health is much improved. Gotta go to work now. Let's kick some NWO butt.

    Thanks for restoring my posting privelege Mike.

    Jul 19 10:08

    How to Earn or Get Free Bitcoins?

    Recently, new services related to Bitcoin cryptocurrency have started to appear very widely. There is no more need to use long chains of intermediaries to perform simple transactions, losing interest at each stage. This article is more focused on newbies who have difficulty starting to work with Bitcoins.

    So, let's begin. Before you start receiving the cherished Bitcoins, you need to prepare storage first. There are several ways for that. You can use third-party online services called online wallets, or a get a Bitcoin wallet on your computer. You can also keep your Bitcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges, on a hardware wallet, or even on paper.

    Jul 11 00:24

    Top 7 Ways To Use A VPN

    Due to increased cyber crimes, VPNs, virtual private networks have contributed a lot in ensuring internet security. VPNs provide a high level of security and privacy to the internet and computer users. The VPN software provides protection by creating a digital tunnel during the user's internet connection and thus not allowing spies to access it. To achieve this, a VPN user's internet connection is routed via remote servers, hiding user’s IP address, and offering them high security features such as encryption which makes it impossible for third parties to identify data content. VPNs are most common in business enterprises that allows remote users to enjoy using private network without the fear of getting hacked.

    Jun 09 14:17


    So I made a photo mosaic of faces of people on the Internet, the censored, the demonized, the curious: podcasters and YouTube niche celebs and profiles from everywhere, from Twitter and Instagram and Myspace and Reddit and Pinterest and Snapchat and Tumblr and LiveJournal and even Facebook; faces of activists from BDS and BLM and OWS; faces of journalists of all kinds, anonymous and pseudonymous and eponymous, citizens all; whistleblowers and more whistleblowers and more whistleblowers; magazine publishers and rock stars and politicians and webmasters and authors and artists and poets and revolutionaries.

    All of you who think for ourselves. Thousands and thousands of faces.

    I made a mosaic. You should see it. I made it for you.

    It is seven and three quarter feet tall, but fully zoomable on your device’s screen. Check it out. I call it “We Are All Assange.”

    Apr 23 15:48

    "Stage 4 police raid"

    "When you're dying and in stage 4 of your cancer and the police show up at the hospital to shake you down for weed."

    Apr 23 15:48

    "Stage 4 police raid"

    "When you're dying and in stage 4 of your cancer and the police show up at the hospital to shake you down for weed."

    Apr 23 15:06

    Pompeo ‘I Was The CIA Director – We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole’

    Hear it straight from the horses mouth!

    Mike Pompeo admits that the CIA is in the business of lying, cheating, and stealing.

    Apr 23 15:06

    Pompeo ‘I Was The CIA Director – We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole’

    Hear it straight from the horses mouth!

    Mike Pompeo admits that the CIA is in the business of lying, cheating, and stealing.

    Apr 23 15:06

    Pompeo ‘I Was The CIA Director – We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole’

    Hear it straight from the horses mouth!

    Mike Pompeo admits that the CIA is in the business of lying, cheating, and stealing.

    Apr 05 18:31

    The CIA Takeover of America in the 1960s is the Story of Our Times

    CLICK>>>The CIA Takeover of America in the 1960s is the Story of Our Times

    When Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated on June 5, 1968, the American public fell into an hypnotic trance in which they have remained ever since. The overwhelming majority accepted what was presented by government authorities as an open and shut case that a young Palestinian American, Sirhan Sirhan, had murdered RFK because of his support for Israel, a false accusation whose ramifications echo down the years. That this was patently untrue and was contradicted by overwhelming evidence made no difference.

    Sirhan did not kill Robert Kennedy, yet he remains in jail to this very day. Robert Kennedy, Jr., who was 14 years old at the time of his father’s death, has visited Sirhan in prison, claims he is innocent>>>

    Mar 29 12:01



    (*it doesn't look that way in my neighborhood!)

    Mar 18 10:38

    Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony

    "Rebuilding America's Defenses" – A Summary
    Blueprint of the PNAC Plan for U.S. Global Hegemony

    05/06/03: When the Bush administration started lobbying for war with Iraq, they used as rationale a definition of preemption (generally meaning anticipatory use of force in the face of an imminent attack) that was broadened to allow for the waging of a preventive war in which force may be used even without evidence of an imminent attack. They also were able to convince much of the American public that Saddam Hussein had something to do with the attacks of 9/11, despite the fact that no evidence of a link has been uncovered. Consequently, many people supported the war on the basis of 1) a policy that has no legal basis in international law and 2) a totally unfounded claim of Iraqi guilt.

    What most people do not know, however, is that certain high ranking officials in the Bush administration have been working for regime change in Iraq >>>

    Mar 13 21:11

    58,000 Dog Tags That Commemorates Soldiers Who Died in the Vietnam War Is A Grim Reality Of The Price Of War

    CHICAGO – A massive memorial to the soldiers who died in the Vietnam War has been on display at the Harold Washington Library since February 20, 2016 and will continue until April 15, 2020.

    The massive memorial is an art exhibit called Above and Beyond, which features a memorial 58,307 replica dog tags hanging from  a 410-square-foot rectangle ceiling,  honoring those who died in the war.

    Mar 13 07:05


    (*but my friends did , on Saturdays , they'd head to the store and buy some candy , ciggeretts , balsa wood gliders , or yoyo's , tops , comic books , kid stuff .
    I didn't get that welfare handout from my parents . I had to report to my battle station for provision maneuvers .
    For cigarettes I would need cash , because they were behind the counter , and the attendant had to hand them to us , no ID necessary , so I would resort to propaganda , and say they were for my mom .
    I'd have to breach the border of the parents room , go behind enemy lines , execute a preemptive attack on the cash draw , and loot the enemy's treasury for the obligatory $.27cents , as they were priced under the nations horrifying days of socialism .
    For all other items, in the red zone of the store's floor , I would resort to the covert operation of shoplifting , up , under the shirt , up the sleeve , in the pocket , of my ill fitted PI (*PARENTAL ISSUED) uniform , moving quickly to confuse , while constantly scanning the perimeter for the enemy , the store dick .
    If these facts , as alleged , are true , I actually was a better Role Model , for America's Youth , from A More Principled Nation , I MEAN FAMILY , then the welfare mooching , allowance grabbers , my , lesser then myself , communist , nazi , socialist , childhood , and adolescent friends were .)

    Mar 07 11:48

    the bible is a work of fiction.

    it was wrtten for the purpose of by six jewish guys for the purpose of putting the jews ahead of all religions' as having god in back of them and are god"s chosen people.. the adopted jews of kazaria wrote this stuff..not hebrews

    Feb 16 11:32






    Jan 06 11:36

    Canada's State Broadcaster relays former Fed Chairman's threat to President Trump; Posts, then removes, original israel links

    Our good friends over at Canada’s State Broadcaster relayed a communique from America’s misnamed “federal” “reserve” on December 28, 2018 (five days after the “fed” celebrated the 105 anniversary of its unconstitutional founding).

    Interestingly, the CBC’s original picture of (Stanley) Fischer, standing with a menorah as his backdrop (above), did not last long. Lest CBC’s gentle web audience somehow get the idea in their heads about where the real power rests, the picture came down.

    The caption identifying Fischer as a former governor of the Bank of Israel (sic) similarly came down. But don’t worry, CBC! We saved it! And the comments, too!

    Dec 27 12:30 Doesn't Believe In Free Speech

    Here is the response from,why they will not post Breitbart or many of the websites here on WRH.

    Daniel from Mix Support
    1:57 AM (8 hours ago)
    to me
    As per our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to exclude any content form our service at our discretion, and without explanation.
    Kind regards

    Frank Marion

    10:19 AM (0 minutes ago)
    to Daniel
    In other words you are deepstate and you are censoring Free Speech. Pathetic.I don't agree with much on Breitbart but they unlike you believe in the Bill of Rights!

    Dec 21 02:21

    Data Storage Issues (And Solutions)

    Ten to fifteen years ago, we would struggle to fill up those seemingly huge 20 GB disks that were available for a rather high price. For many of us, all of our accumulated resources, including music, videos, and photographs could easily fit on modest DVD discs.

    Today, the hundreds of gigabytes of storage on our computers, smartphones, and tablets, and in the cloud are not enough for us. We are constantly buying additional external drives and cloud space to fill them with things that we collect all the time. But this growing volume of data creates can create more problem than benefits. In this post, we explore those issues and discuss what can be done.

    Too much data for storage and backup

    Dec 11 11:46

    More Censorship by deep state minions the successor to stumbleupon will not post many of the websites here like Govt Slaves and others. Contact them. I like putting everybody's stuff up.

    Nov 28 08:22

    Why Is Using Kodi Without a Vpn the Last Thing You Want Do

    If Kodi is your only streaming option for watching Movies and TV Shows, then its time you pay attention. Kodi is a media platform that helps to stream a variety of content. It is perfectly legal under the international laws. But what makes it a threat to Kodi users is its ability to install unofficial third-party add-ons.

    Kodi is an open-source platform, just like Google Play Store that has tons of official and third party apps. Unfortunately, using a third-party add-on can be risky and may get you into trouble. That is why using a best VPN for Kodi should be your ultimate choice.

    What is Kodi and How Does it Work?

    Kodi is a free media player app that was first developed for Xbox and was named as Xbox Media Player (XBMC). It is currently available in 5 Million UK homes and is equally popular in other European countries, and also in US, and in Canada.