Oct 20 08:35

Natalie Winters scoop…

Oct 20 08:34

[Video] The Highwire with Del Bigtree - SERIOUS ANTIBODY DROP AFTER VACCINE

Multiple data points and science from numerous countries have exposed the Covid shot’s massive failure to stop infection.

Oct 20 08:21

Biden Spin Doctor Jen Psaki Blames Supply Chain Crisis on Americans “Buying More Goods” [Video]

During the White House briefing on Tuesday, Jen Psaki said the supply chain crisis is because people have more money and are buying more goods:

Oct 20 08:21

Ivermectin gets a big win…

Oct 20 08:20

“It was close to being something worse”...Video of Moment Intruder Broke Into Home Forcing Mom and Toddler to Barricade in Bathroom

A gun for protection while in the home is a great idea. Home intrusions can happen anytime, so it’s a great idea to have a weapon available. Another thing to consider is that defunding the police would cause a delay in their arrival in an emergency. This mom was lucky that nothing happened in the 10 minutes it took for the police to arrive. What if there weren’t police officers available until 20, 30 minutes later?

Oct 20 08:17

CA's Last KMART To Close...

Oct 20 08:16

Seattle Firefighters and Police Officers Fired for Not Complying with the Vax Mandate Feed the Homeless [Video]

Washington’s vaccine mandate, issued by Governor Jay Inslee in August, is believed to be among the strictest in the nation and covers more than 800,000 workers. Police officers and firefighters who didn’t comply with the vaccine mandate have been fired. The deadline to be vaccinated or be fired was Monday at midnight. Here’s how the fired Seattle first responders have chosen to move forward:

Oct 20 08:14

It's simple. (Picture)

Oct 20 08:14

Latest Video of Awkward Terry McAuliffe Will Turn Virginia RED

If you look up the definition of a narcissistic career politician in the dictionary, Terry McAuliffe would be on the list right next to Joe Biden. The Clinton crony has a shady history just like Joe, but they’re both counting on American voters to forget. McAuliffe is in the last days of his campaign to be Virginia’s governor. Democrats have pulled out all the stops to push him over the line, but McAuliffe is so tone-deaf that he’s committed several self-inflicted campaign errors that will hopefully end in his defeat.

Oct 20 08:07

“This would be like the Chicago Bears benching their entire team”...Suburban Chicago Sheriffs Say No to Offering Aid to Chicago After Vaccine Mandate Showdown

The vaccine mandate is all about control over safety when it comes to letting first responders go. They are desperately needed with the rising crime in urban areas like Chicago.

Oct 20 08:06

Milwaukee is a war zone…

Oct 20 08:05

4, why not 5? (Picture)

Oct 20 08:05

“I’m putting my money where my mouth is”: Country Music Star Travis Tritt Speaks Up...Refuses to Play Venues Requiring Mask or Vaccines

Country music star Travis Tritt has announced he’s refusing to play venues requiring masks or vaccines.

Oct 20 07:55

Anatomy of a progressive tyranny over parents that will shock you

For months, widespread parent-led uprisings against school boards have pitted everyday mothers and fathers against powerful political bureaucracies. Skirmishes across the country have revealed the radicalism — and ruthlessness — of the educators and administrators who run the American education system.

But none has been as gruesome as that of Scott Smith, the Loudoun County father who became a target of the managerial class that presides over the wealthy northern Virginia suburb.

Smith, a plumber by trade, told The Daily Wire that he was ignored and eventually prosecuted by local authorities for calling attention to the sexual assault of his ninth-grade daughter, which he says was perpetrated by a male student wearing a dress in a Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) bathroom. Privately, Smith was assured that his daughter’s May 28 assault would be handled “internally.”

Oct 20 07:54


His contemporaries in the U.S. cannot find enough words of praise. “Colin Powell was the North Star to a generation of senior American military officers including me,” wrote retired Adm. James Stavridis. For Richard Haass, who heads the Council on Foreign Relations, Powell was “the most intellectually honest person I ever met.”

It’s a different story in Iraq, where millions of people likely share the sentiments of Muntadher Alzaidi, who memorably threw his shoes at George W. Bush during a 2008 press conference in Baghdad. Reacting to Powell’s death, Alzaidi expressed sadness only over the fact that he did not face a war crimes trial for his pivotal role in the invasion of Iraq. “I am sure that the court of God will be waiting for him,” Alzaidi wrote on Twitter.

Oct 20 07:51

Chicago cop blasts Lightfoot…

Oct 20 07:50

“We went from America First to America Last”..Laid Off Keystone Pipeline Worker Blasts Joe Biden On Gas Prices [Video]

So many pipeline workers were laid off after Biden’s election with the empty promise of green energy jobs. As gas prices go up, these same workers are still unemployed. This is what happens when political ideology goes before common-sense policy. Biden is beholden to the green energy leftists, so he destroyed America’s energy independence. We have now resorted to going to OPEC.

Oct 20 07:49

Peter Doocy battles Jen Psaki…

Oct 20 07:49

AWESOME: Southwest Pilots Win Battle Against Vaccine Mandate [Video]

Southwest Airlines bas done an about face and will not place unvaccinated workers on paid leave after the December 8 deadline.

Oct 20 07:48

Why Walmart Has Gone Woke

Oct 20 07:43

Navy Facility in Bethesda on Lockdown After Bomb Threat

Naval Support Activity Bethesda, home to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, is on lockdown Wednesday morning after a bomb threat, officials say.

The installation received an anonymous call at about 8:45 a.m. “stating there is a bomb at or near Building 10.”

An investigation is ongoing.

All gates are closed to non-emergency traffic, officials said. Members of the public are asked to avoid the area.

Oct 20 07:40

BREAKING: Kinney County Texas Sheriff Brad Coe Is Deputizing Citizens To Protect County From Illegal Alien Invasion

Last week, Fox Business News’ Maria Bartiromo interviewed husband and wife ranchers in Kinney County, Texas. Paul Schuster broke down when his wife Donna explained how she could no longer walk around their ranch without carrying a pistol because of the constant stream of dangerous illegal aliens traveling around and through their ranch.

Oct 20 07:39

“You have to lead by example”...Terry McAuliffe Busted by AMTRAK Passenger Flaunting Not Wearing a Mask

Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe is in a tight race for governor and isn’t doing himself any favors by showing up all over the place without wearing a mask. He just recently called a reporter “dangerous” for not wearing a mask but can’t bring himself to obey the mandates he’s forcing on everyone else.

Oct 20 07:21

More than a third of Chicago police officers defy city vaccine mandate

About 4,500 Chicago police officers didn't report their vaccination status by Oct. 15 as mandated by the city, officials said Monday.

That means roughly 35% of the city's 12,770 police officers could be placed on no-pay status in the foreseeable future.

The Chicago Police Department had the lowest response rate of any department in the city, but of the about 64% who did report, the majority of officers say they are vaccinated, according to data released by the city.

Specifically, 6,894 indicated being vaccinated while 1,333 reported they have not.

Those who said they are not vaccinated are required to opt into twice weekly testing for COVID-19 until the end of the year to remain in compliance with the city policy.

Oct 20 07:21

Driver is lucky to be alive…

Oct 20 07:20

OUCH: This is Why Kamala’s Husband Doesn’t Speak Much [Video]

VP Kamala Harris and many other Democrats are showing up to help Terry McAuliffe win the race for governor in Virginia. One person who pitched in is Kamala’s husband, who released a video in support of McAuliffe.

Oct 20 07:20

Netflix Staff Apparently Unaware That Dave Chappelle's Comedy Special Would Include Jokes

Comedian Dave Chappelle's newest hourlong special, The Closer, pokes fun at people's pieties, sprinkled with a tenderness that Chappelle has long supplied. It's humane and irreverent and, yes, he directly deals with the criticism and cancellation attempts he's gotten from transgender activists; why wouldn't he? He's never been one to shy away from good material.

If you were reading reviews of the special, you wouldn't know that. "Too often in The Closer, it just sounds like Chappelle is using white privilege to excuse his own homophobia and transphobia," sanctimoniously declares an NPR piece, clumsily arguing that he thinks that the plight of the black man in America trumps oppression faced by all other identity groups, intimating that Chappelle is just looking for thinly veiled excuses for his own purported animus. A Daily Beast headline reads "Dave Chappelle, and the Week From Hell For Trans People."

Oct 20 07:18

“I hear China’s beautiful this time of year”...Senator John Kennedy’s Brilliant Take On Biden’s Effort to Expand IRS Control [Video]

Senator John Kennedy put Biden’s effort to expand powers of the IRS into perspective today. He’s always got such a great way with words that helps cut through the BS.

Oct 20 07:16

Blame Joe Biden for this…