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In February, FrontPageMag reported that Soros was about to take over the third-largest broadcaster in the country, Audacy, along with its stations.

This from frontpagemag.com.

After Audacy was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Soros Fund Management bought hundreds of millions of its debt for 50 cents on the dollar and under a bankruptcy agreement will become its largest shareholder with a potential impact on much of the country and its politics.

Audacy claims to be able to reach 200 million people across the range of its properties which include sports, music, and talk radio stations, as well as a large digital platform, and while Audacy is not an inherently conservative company, it owns a number of talk radio stations and the talk radio format caters to commuters, early risers and working people which is to say conservatives.

And the Soros takeover will give one of the biggest funders of leftist extremism control over not only conservative talk radio stations but those that are, like WILK, in swing states. That includes two other stations in Pennsylvania and many others across the country.


And he is not stopping.

Soros Fund Management, founded by billionaire investor George Soros, is tightening its grip over the U.S. radio industry after scooping up a majority stake in bankrupt radio company Audacy.

According to Semafor:

In those talks, Soros’ fund, which is now controlled by the magnate’s nonprofit organization, Open Society Foundations, has privately mulled acquiring other major radio companies, including AM and FM giant Cumulus Media.

Cumulus Media has been described as the second largest radio network in the country (the New York Post describes Audacy as the third largest), but either way, we are talking about a massive empire.

Audacy claimed over 200 million listeners while Cumulus claims over 250 million.

And it’s not a coincidence that this is happening right before an election.

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A mother may soon be allowed to have her son castrated without the father’s permission because she believes her son is transgender.

California’s court system is preparing to allow a divorced mother, Anne Georgulas, to have her 11-year-old son castrated against the will of the father, Jeff Younger, based on the mother’s claim that the biological boy identifies as female.

A pro forma hearing on April 25 will have court-ordained transgender “experts” take the stand, per National File. Younger will not be allowed to testify in defense of his son during the hearing.

Younger said he believes his ex-wife will take their son to a gender clinic in California after the hearing, fearing the court will rubber-stamp the castration of his son.

Webmaster addition: This is just sick!


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The FBI has launched a criminal probe into the Baltimore bridge collapse that left six construction workers dead last month.

The probe will be overseen by the US district attorney's office in Maryland and focus on whether the 22-crew of the Dali left the port knowing the vessel had serious systemic issues, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

There is already a separate federal probe into the deadly collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge by the National Transportation Safety Board.

During the initial stages of that probe, investigators are focusing on the electrical power system of the massive container ship that veered off course.

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The ongoing Israel/Gaza conflict just passed the six month mark, an astonishing development that almost no one would have imagined at the time it first began.

The length of the fighting is without precedent across the last seventy-five years of Israeli military history. In 1956, Israel allied itself with Britain and France and suddenly attacked Egypt, conquering the Sinai in a war that lasted little more than a week. Israel’s 1967 surprise attack against Egypt, Syria, and Jordan achieved complete military victory in just six days. Then Egypt and Syria returned the favor in 1973 and came close to overrunning Israel until an unprecedented American military resupply airlift allowed Israel to turn the tide and win a decisive military victory in less than three weeks. The main fighting in Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon only took a couple of weeks, while its 2006 invasion of that same country lasted about a month and its 2008 assault on Gaza was even shorter. Most of these previous half-dozen campaigns were fought against heavily-equipped conventional armies but their combined length totaled considerably less than the time Israel has now spent trying to defeat Gaza’s lightly-armed Hamas militants.

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Two weeks after Israel attacked the Iranian embassy in Damascus, assassinating top Iranian commanders, Iran responded with drone strikes last night, and the world is asking, What will Israel do next?

The question is posed with anxiety. Israel has defied all western appeals to moderate its conduct in the last six months in Gaza, while the Iranian attack is seen as restrained and “performative” (per BBC and CNN coverage today). Indeed, the news behind the news this week is that Israel is approaching the status of rogue state even in establishment discourse.

A New York Times editorial called for the “pausing of the flow of weapons” to Israel – at long last – because Israel is destabilizing the region and the U.S. is “beholden” to an unaccountable leader, in Netanyahu.

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Mainstream U.S. media coverage of Iran’s retaliation for Israel’s April 1 attack on an Iranian embassy building in Damascus was poor, but could have been worse. Six months of widespread media criticism may be having a modest impact. And there was a welcome surprise on cable news. CNN naturally rousted Wolf Blitzer last night to anchor its coverage, with predictable pro-Israel results, but over at MSNBC Ayman Mohyeldin simultaneously hosted his regularly scheduled two-hour report —  which was a model of fairness and insight, providing genuine journalism. 

Let’s start by examining the lead story in this morning’s New York Times print edition, which will almost certainly be the longest account that more Americans will see than any other. In fairness, the Times sub-headline does say that Iran’s air attack was “Avenging Embassy Bombing in Syria” — and repeats the retaliation angle in the lead sentence. But the article then waits until paragraph 10 to point out that one of the Iranian targets was an Israeli air force base in the Negev desert. Only in paragraph 14 do we learn that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, which launched the drones and missiles, claimed that they had aimed at “military targets.” 

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Israeli settlers have killed two Palestinians since Friday, in a series of rampage attacks on Palestinian villages in the region east of Ramallah. The two martyrs were identified as Jihad Abu Alia, 25, from the village of al-Mughayyir, and Omar Hamed, 17, from the village of Beitin.

The attacks came following the disappearance of a 14-year-old Israeli settler noon on Friday near al-Mughayyir, northeast of Ramallah.

Israeli forces launched a search campaign in the area that continued through the night, blocking village entrances and firing flares while flying drones and helicopters. The missing settler teenager was found dead on Saturday in a hilly area between the villages of Duma and al-Mughayyir.

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Webmaster addition: Forget student debt. Americans DESERVE a refund of the hundreds of billions of tax dollars wasted on Ukraine (and Afghanistan).

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Many Jordanians went out into the streets of Amman early Sunday morning to witness an event they had never seen in the Arab-Israeli conflict's many years – Jordanian Air Force jets downing Iranian drones on their way to attack Israel.

The kingdom's pilots are estimated to have intercepted about 20 percent of the drones that entered its airspace, totaling a few dozen, and whose destroyed remains fell on Jordanian soil.

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COVID-19 vaccination may have contributed to an increase in deaths from neoplasms like cancer during the 2021–22 pandemic period, according to a recently published study that called for more research on the issue.

The preprint study, published in ResearchGate, investigated death rates from neoplasms in the United States. Neoplasm refers to an abnormal mass of tissue caused by cells dividing and growing more than normal or not dying when they should. Some neoplasms can be malignant, like cancers, and can spread or invade other tissues and parts of the body. The study looked at death rate data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), investigating cases where neoplasms were listed as an underlying cause (UC) or one of multiple causes (MC) of death.

The MC/UC cancer death rate ratio “tends to be relatively stable over time,” researchers wrote. While the ratio was “relatively stable” between 2010 and 2019, it jumped in 2020, and continued to rise in 2021 and 2022. “This indicates a break from the existing trend in which people with cancer were increasingly dying of another condition or reason.”

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Authored by Nicole James via The Epoch Times,

Democracy, that ever-so-fleeting fancy, has a tendency to tumble into a bit of a tizz before it topples over, panting and gasping like a winded walrus.

John Adams, ever the prophet of doom, once quipped, “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself”—a sentiment echoing through the corridors of time.

And sounding much like the belch of a senator post-banquet in ancient Rome, where democracy was more a concept for philosophical banter than a practice.

Indeed, Rome, with all its pomp and voracious appetite for self-indulgence, serves as a cautionary tale. It’s a well-trodden path.

Once upon a time in Rome, there was Juvenal. Not your garden-variety naysayer, but a man whose tongue was so sharp, he could slice the moral fabric of society with a mere quip.

“Bread and circuses,” he scoffed.

“Keep the masses stuffed and entertained, and they won’t utter a peep against you.”

How a Great Empire Withered on Opulence

And so, Rome bloated, not just in the midriff but in its sense of self, as leisure became the national pastime.

Back then, over 200,000 souls, their fingers sticky from pastry, found the concept of lifting a finger (unless it was to signal for another helping) utterly foreign.

Rome was transformed into a grand stage, where almost every day was a festival, and the citizens were either performers, spectators, or busy in the vomitorium making room for the next course.

Naval skirmishes in makeshift lakes, chariot races that put the fast and furious to shame, and theatre so risqué it could make a statue of Venus look prudish, were all funded by the very people it was designed to distract.

Ninety-three days of sheer, unadulterated spectacle each year, turning Rome from a republic into an extravagant production, where democracy was but a whisper drowned out by the roar of the crowd.

Sound familiar?

A face-masked man walks by the ancient Colosseum in downtown Rome on Dec. 5, 2020. (Filippo Monteforte/AFP via Getty Images)

As the mighty arm of the empire began to resemble less of a fearsome gladiator and more of a feeble old man waving a stick at rambunctious youths, the calendar started to look like a mushroom farm after a spring shower, each new holiday popping up to toast to victories most had forgotten the taste of.

Seems positively contemporary, what with the world running out of calendar days and having to celebrate Easter Sunday on Trans Awareness Day, an event that surely had the ancients rolling in their extravagantly decorated sarcophagi, perplexed by the modern conundrum of “calendar overcrowding.”

Emperors, those illustrious leaders of men, were reduced to headline acts in this comedic opera, plastering on smiles and feigning a zeal for the games that could rival a wet sponge’s enthusiasm for a desert trek.

In this farce, the once hallowed ceremonies now resembled a confused shuffle of days, where the only thing more bewildering than the holidays themselves was the populace’s ability to keep track of what they were celebrating.

Gone were the days of the iron-fisted rule of Julius Caesar or the cunning Augustus. Now, the sceptre was in the shaky grasp of the likes of Commodus and Septimius Severus, whose reigns were as inspiring as a flat ale on a hot day.

Leadership, once a robust wine, had become a watery vinegar, with emperors inflating their egos and coffers, whipping up the populace into a frenzy with what amounted to little more than patriotic chest-beating and flag-waving.

Claire's Observations:  does this sound or feel familiar?  Now, we have digital "weapons of mass distraction",  capable of holding human attention for small amounts of time, which appear to be getting smaller.

A Google search reveals the following:  "Computer scientists and psychologists have been studying attention spans for about 20 years, over which time the average time that a person can focus on one thing has dropped from around 2½ minutes to around 45 seconds."    This reality feeds into everything we hear or see these days, with commercials being dumbed down to appeal to the "average consumer". 

 Mike and I were watching a little TV yesterday, and noticing the utterly simplistic appeal of the commercials we were watching.   They had, of course, to be approved by "focus groups" before they got plastered on your screen.

And this leads me to the following conclusion;  most people in this country have been so mesmerized by their "digital distractions" that they have not a clue as to what is being planned for them by the elites who run the system.  In short order, this is a coming "pandemic" and/or a World War, with which to kill off the "Useless Eaters "

Between" bird flu" and "mad cow disease",  massive culls will happen, taking food prices to a whole new level of crazy.  If you have a "big box store" you frequent, NOW is the time for a "big shopping" and putting meat protein into your freezer. Potable water, and extra medications/supplements are also high up on the list.  

Folks, I don't want to be' "Mrs. Chicken Little"  2024 for Santa Claus, Indiana, and the last thing I want to do is promote upset;  I am just asking all the readers of this site to be "7 Day Awareists".  Find some news sources you can trust, (most of them on line, like WRH), see if what they are predicting has been accurate, and behave accordingly.  

 "Prepping" is not a dirty word; it needs to become a life-style.  

 And if you are a "newbie" to the concept, the Mormon Church has some great on line literature about how to start, even though their reasons for "prepping" are religious in nature, and a fundamental  process for their faith.



Here is a list of on-line prepper tutorials;  some may be adverts, but those are easily identified, and either acted upon, or ignored.


Please; this information could potentially save both your life and the lives of people you love.  In a world spinning out of control, knowledge is power; and the right use of the power of knowledge .... is wisdom.



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The regional war in the Middle East now involves at least 16 different countries and includes the first strikes from Iranian territory on Israel, but the United States continues to insist that there is no broader war, hiding the extent of American military involvement. And yet in response to Iran’s drone and missile attacks Saturday, the U.S. flew aircraft and launched air defense missiles from at least eight countries, while Iran and its proxies fired weapons from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

The news media has been complicit in its portrayal of the regional war as nonexistent. “Biden Seeks to Head Off Escalation After Israel’s Successful Defense,” the New York Times blared this morning, ignoring that the conflict had already spread. “Iran attacks Israel, risking a full-blown regional war,” says The Economist. “Some top U.S. officials are worried that Israel may respond hastily to Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile attacks and provoke a wider regional conflict that the U.S. could get dragged into,” says NBC, parroting the White House’s deception.

The Washington-based reporting follows repeated Biden administration statements that none of this amounts to a regional war. “So far, there is not … a wider regional conflict,” Pentagon press secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said on Thursday, in response to a question about Israel’s strike on the Iranian Embassy. Ryder’s statement followed repeated assertions by Iranian leadership that retaliation would follow — and even a private message from the Iranians to the U.S. that if it helped defend Israel, the U.S. would also be a viable target — after which the White House reiterated its “ironclad” support for Israel.

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What's so funny about this is that (save Infowars) these are all the sites that would be defending Israel right now on everyone's Facebook feeds but instead they've all been algorithmically crushed. 

The decision eight years ago to ban everyone on the "far-right" from social media and close their bank accounts has also clearly backfired as nearly all their ideas have gone mainstream and everyone from Tucker Carlson to Candace Owens is now calling out the Israel Lobby.

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Pastor John Hagee, founder of the Christians United for Israel lobbying group, said Sunday that Iran's retaliatory attack on Israel was the start of the "Gog and Magog war" from the Bible and said he's going to lobby Congress not to "deescalate" tensions and instead support Israel's war. 

"Pastor John Hagee this am says Iran's missiles are the prophetic start of the 'Gog and Magog' war from the Bible (that ends w/ Jesus returning and Jews killed or converted)," Lee Fang commented. "Says he will travel to DC to lobby lawmakers not to 'deescalate' and support Israel. Asks for money."

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It is the question that has intrigued psychologists since the 1940s: are all humans capable of killing someone?

Perhaps the most famous exploration of this debate came from the infamous post-Holocaust experiments on obedience by American researcher Stanley Milgram.

The Jewish researcher wanted to know if a unique quality among the German population could explain why so many obeyed Hitler's violent demands.

He was shocked by the findings: in the right circumstances, every one of us is capable of blindly following orders - no matter how aggressive.

This is a phenomenon that psychologist Dr David Shanley knows all too well. 

The Denver-based therapist has spent the best part of his career supporting the mental health of both civilians and veterans who have been trained to kill on the battlefield.

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Webmaster addition: There is an important point to consider. Iran was able to penetrate Israel's air defense systems to strike military targets despite Israel being aided by the UK, US, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Despite all the money poured into Israel, their military capability appears to be more of an illusion than reality.

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The left’s J6 narrative hinges on the idea that President Trump was orchestrating an “insurrection” to overthrow the US government. But think about it—if that were true, wouldn’t he want as few cops around as possible? Yet, Trump actually requested 10,000 National Guard troops to be at the scene. It doesn’t add up, right? How does that fit their wild “insurrection” story? If you’re planning to overthrow the government, why on earth would you ask for more law enforcement to be there? That pesky little fact blew so many holes in the uni-party narrative. Meanwhile, those traitors on the J6 Committee knew full well that President Trump had requested the National Guard, but they buried that fact because it totally wrecked their “insurrection” theory. But as always, the truth has a way of coming out, doesn’t it?

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Aging ships, emerging threats, rigid mindsets and indecision about investing in numerous but small or a few large amphibious warfare ships – all those factors threaten US force projection and expeditionary warfare capabilities.

The Navy Times reported this month that the US Navy and US Marine Corps have started an urgent study to enhance the readiness of the US amphibious warship fleet. This study, signed off on by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Lisa Franchetti and Commandant of the Marine Corps General Eric Smith, underscores the immediate need to thoroughly examine ship readiness and requirements for the training and certification of ship groups and the Marines who embark on them.

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New York City health authorities have recorded a significant rise in cases of human leptospirosis, a disease caused by contact with the urine of animals, particularly rats. 

According to an advisory issued by the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on Friday, six people have been diagnosed with the disease so far this year, while 24 cases were reported in 2023, marking the highest number in a single year. The authorities attribute the rise to a soaring number of rats in the city.

If left untreated, leptospirosis can lead to kidney failure and liver damage. The ailment is caused by several species of bacteria transmitted through animal urine or feces, or contaminated water or soil if comes into contact with the eyes, mouth, nose or breaks in the skin. Among the most common symptoms of the disease are a fever, headaches and chills.   

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A resurfaced report shows that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) misused Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to conduct warrantless searches against U.S. citizens over 278,000 times from 2020 to 2021.

Sharing a Fox News video report on the number of times the FBI misused FISA to monitor Americans in 2020 and 2021, Turning Point CEO Charlie Kirk tweeted, “My team and I were searching for this story all morning and finally found it. It’s been memory-holed unless you know the exact number of times the FBI abused FISA in 2021: 278,000 times.”

Kirk explained that the 278,000 FISA abuses would be the “equivalent” of each FBI employee abusing FISA eight times.

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The World Health Organization’s Dr. Hanna Nohynek testified in court that she advised her government that vaccine passports were not needed but was ignored, despite explaining that the COVID vaccines did not stop virus transmission and the passports gave a false sense of security. The stunning revelations came to light in a Helsinki courtroom where Finnish citizen Mika Vauhkala is suing after he was denied entry to a café for not having a vaccine passport.

Dr. Nohynek is chief physician at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and serves as the WHO’s chair of Strategic Group of Experts on immunization. Testifying yesterday, she stated that the Finnish Institute for Health knew by the summer of 2021 that the COVID-19 vaccines did not stop virus transmission

During that same 2021 time period, the WHO said it was working to "create an international trusted framework" for safe travel while EU members states began rolling out COVID passports. The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation passed in July 2021 and more than 2.3 billion certificates were later issued. Visitors to France were banned if they did not have a valid vaccine passport which citizens had to carry to buy food at stores or to use public transport.

But Dr. Nohynek testified yesterday that her institute advised the Finnish government in late 2021 that COVID passports no longer made sense, yet certificates continued to be required. Finnish journalist Ike Novikoff reported the news yesterday after leaving the Helsinki courtroom where Dr. Nohynek spoke.

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Energy prices, particularly the cost of electricity, have skyrocketed under Democrat Bidenomics. It outpaced inflation.


Since January 2021, electricity prices have soared 29.4%. That is 50% more than overall inflation, which is awful as well.  It is rising 13 times faster than the previous seven years, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

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The press office for the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) reported that the facility is preparing to switch its 4th power unit into cold shutdown.

"Since the heating season in the city of Energodar has come to a close, the management of the Zaporozhye NPP decided to turn the 4th reactor unit into a ‘cold shutdown’. In this state, the reactor plant does not produce any thermal energy," the statement read.

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According to Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine Svetlana Grinchuk, imports usually account for up to 10 billion cubic meters of the total volume of Ukrainian storage facilities of 31 billion cubic meters. Ukraine stores gas from Poland, Norway, Hungary, and other countries, which they receive even from the Caspian region, as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG), which comes to Europe from the United States.

"The EU aims to phase out the use of Russian gas and reduce the share of fossil fuels in the energy mix. Ukraine can help achieve these goals," Grinchuk told Euractiv.

The Kremlin decided that Europe should rather think about revisiting Nord Streams or slide into recession and inflation further.

On the night of April 10-11, eight MiG-31s struck the Bilche-Volitsko-Uhersky underground gas storage facility (UGS) near the city of Stryi in the Lviv region. This is the largest (17 billion cubic meters) underground gas storage facility in Ukraine and the second largest in Europe. Russia struck the target for the third time in a month.


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