"Argument Against Abolishing Christianity in England" in A Modest Proposal and Other Satirical Works
"The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men." -- Samuel Adams

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New incidents of abuse suffered by Gaza detainees at the hands of Israeli forces have come to light following a news conference held on Monday by the Commission of Detainees Affairs, a Palestinian prisoner's organisation. 

Speakers at the press conference in Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank, provided updates on the conditions faced by Palestinians taken from Gaza and held in Israeli custody.

Khaled Mhajne, the commission’s lawyer, reported on his conversation with Mohammed Arab, Al Araby TV’s Gaza correspondent, who was detained by Israeli forces during their raid on Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital on 18 March.

“Mohammed Arab, the journalist with Al Araby TV, informed me of cases of rape of inmates as well as torture in front of everyone,” Mhajne said.

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In 1992, U.S. foreign-policy exceptionalism went into overdrive. The U.S. has always viewed itself as an exceptional nation destined for leadership, and the demise of the Soviet Union in December 1991 convinced a group of committed ideologues – who came to be known as neoconservatives – that the U.S. should now rule the world as the unchallenged sole superpower. Despite countless foreign policy disasters at neocon hands, the 2024 NATO Declaration continues to push the neocon agenda, driving the world closer to nuclear war. The neoconservatives were originally led by Richard Cheney, the Defense Secretary in 1992. Every President since then – Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden – has pursued the neocon agenda of U.S. hegemony, leading theU.S. into perpetual wars of choice, including Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Ukraine, as well as relentless eastward expansion of NATO, despite a clear U.S. and German promise in 1990 to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not move one inch eastward.

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Authored by Flora Zhao via The Epoch Times 


The long list of unfamiliar names on ingredient labels of processed foods is already a cause for concern. However, many people are unaware of another category of additives never listed on these labels. These “invisible” additives are known as processing aids.

(Illustration by The Epoch Times, Shutterstock)

Processing aids serve various roles in food production. They can soak and wash ingredients, filter beverages like wine or juice to make them clearer, or improve the texture of bread to make it softer and more elastic. During the production process, these aids are consumed, transformed, or removed, rendering them virtually undetectable in the final product.Take fruit juice as an example. Using enzymes for juice extraction is a common production method, which can result in juice yields exceeding 90 percent of the fruit’s weight. By treating the raw fruit materials with several enzymes at a specific temperature for a few hours, the fruit “liquefies.” Specifically, cellulase breaks down the cell walls of the fruit, releasing more juice and sugars, while pectinase and amylase break down polysaccharides such as pectin. These enzymes improve the flow of the juice in processing containers and enhance its sweetness. They are consumed and transformed during processing, ultimately not appearing on the ingredient label.

Claire's Observations:  I want to know EVERYTHING  which exists in the food we consume, period, end of discussion.  When Mike and I go to our local "big box store", we both take our "industrial strength" reading glasses, to insure that nothing we bring home has any GMO material in it, or any headache triggers (like MSG)

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The Indispensable Nation meme originates not in the universal condition of mankind and the nation-states into which it has been partitioned. Instead, it stems from an erroneous take on the one-time, flukish and historically aberrant circumstances of the 20th century that gave raise to giant totalitarian states in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia, and the resulting mass murder and oppressions which resulted there from.

What we mean is that Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany were not coded into the DNA of humanity; they were not an incipient horror always waiting to happen the moment more righteous nations let down their guard.

To the contrary, they were effectively born and bred in April 1917 when the US entered what was then called the Great War. And though it did so for absolutely no reason of homeland security or any principle consistent with the legitimate foreign policy of the American Republic, its entry tilted the outcome to the social chaos and Carthaginian peace from which Stalin and Hitler sprung.

So you can put the blame for the monumental evil of 20th century totalitarianism squarely on Thomas Woodrow Wilson. This megalomaniacal madman, who was the very worst President in American history, took America into war for the worst possible reason: Namely, a vainglorious desire to have a big seat at the post-war peace table in order to remake the world as God had inspired him to redeem it.

Webmaster addition: Woodrow Wilson also gave us the Federal Reserve!

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Monash University Deputy Head of Immunology Professor Benjamin Marsland discusses the new research linking early exposure to antibiotics to long-term asthma susceptibility. “It revolves around the depletion of certain microbes … considered to be healthy bacteria in our guts," Mr Marsland told Sky News Australia. “As a consequence of depleting those healthy bacteria, we lose a molecule called IPA … where it protects airway cells as they are developing. “Early in life, the absence of this molecule can lead to an increased risk of asthma later in life.”
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A pair of recent military strikes on civilian targets in the Ukraine war demonstrate the expanding risk of escalation. Unfortunately, the United States and its European allies are directly contributing to that risk through their provision and likely operation of advanced weapons systems in Ukraine—all while simultaneously refusing to countenance a realistic solution to the conflict.

The first attack took place several weeks ago when an American provided ATACMS utilizing cluster munitions struck a packed beach in Crimea. The result was over 100 injuries and multiple deaths among the beachgoers. Those killed included three children. 

Coming from the Russian side, a children’s hospital in Kiev was likewise hit this past week with a missile. It is believed that at least two people were killed and 17 wounded in the attack, drawing significant rebuke in the Western press.

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Ukraine is ready to work with whoever wins the U.S. presidential election, including Donald Trump, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Monday.

The former president and likely Republican nominee, who survived an assassination attempt over the weekend, has pledged to restore his version of "America-first" isolationism if he were to be reelected, cutting aid to Ukraine and ending the war "in one day."

"If Mr. Donald Trump becomes president, then we will work with him. I am not afraid of it," Zelenskyy said at a press conference in Kyiv.

Bringing the war to a conclusion so quickly would likely involve Ukraine ceding territory that Russia seized during its two-year war assault on Ukraine.

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Authored by Daniel Lacalle,

If you read the latest OECD publication, “Employment Outlook 2024: The Net Zero Transition and the Labour Market,” you would imagine that the world has not gone through the largest monetary and fiscal stimulus in decades.

The results are so poor, they are embarrassing.

Furthermore, the report illustrates the impoverishment of citizens and subtly suggests that achieving the net zero goal will present an even greater challenge. Translation: You will be even poorer.According to the OECD report, 20% of the global workforce is in jobs that will expand due to the net-zero transition.

The report basically tells us that the remaining 80% will face significant challenges.

Furthermore, it highlights that “low-income and rural households usually spend more on goods and services with larger carbon footprints, such as energy and food, because they are typically necessary goods.

Therefore, climate-mitigation policies, by increasing the relative price of carbon-intensive goods, will tend to affect these households as consumers disproportionally, with a strong impact on the real value of their income and wages. Recent carbon pricing reforms in many countries have indeed proved regressive. Recycling the revenue from carbon taxes in the form of transfers to households, however, can make this type of reform progressive. Yet targeting these transfers towards household needs is key to cost efficiency. ” Thus, we are doomed. Just look at the disastrous result of the carbon tax in the European Union, what it has done to inflation of non-replaceable goods and services and the widespread increase in discontent among citizens

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They earlier said the gunman was not carrying identification, so they analysed his DNA to provide a biometric confirmation of his identity. 

Webmaster addition: That raises a question of just how the FBI had a reference sample of Thomas Matthews Crooks DNA in the first place!

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Authored by Conor Gallagher via NakedCapitalism.com,

In back-to-back weeks Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended first the Shanghai Cooperation Organization gathering in Astana and then the NATO summit in Washington DC. The contrast was stark.

Erdoğan made clear Türkiye’s opposition to escalation with Russia and US support for Israel, while Washington tried its usual small-carrot-big-stick approach. 

Far more interesting was what was happening with Türkiye, Russia, and China at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization gathering the week before the NATO summit.But first, the problems with the world’s “most successful military alliance.” Türkiye is opposed to further escalation of Washington’s conflict with Russia. Public opinion at home is overwhelmingly against Israel and the US (during the NATO summit Erdogan said the US is “complicit” in Israeli war crimes). The US continues to support Türkiye’s Kurdish enemies in Syria while there are  increasing problems with Syrian refugees in Türkiye. NATO generally seems hellbent on starting even more conflicts, such as with China which is in no one’s interest, but only Türkiye, Hungary, and Slovakia are apparently willing to say so.

Meanwhile, Ankara is facing fresh sanctions threats from the US where the House of Representatives is pushing forward with legislation that would require the Biden administration to sanction Russian nuclear energy company Rosatom and its affiliates and subsidiaries…[and] authorize secondary sanctions on any foreign person engaged in significant transactions with Rosatom.”

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Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warns that the Israeli regime’s strikes against Syria will escalate tensions in the region and push it to a “dangerous abyss.”

Speaking to reporters during a briefing on Friday, Zakharova said Russia condemns the recent Israeli aggression against the Mediterranean coastal city of Baniyas in the northwestern province of Tartous.

She added that the Israeli aviation carried out the strikes late on Monday “under the pretext of arms depots located there.”

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A recent poll showed that a quarter of US citizens back secessionist movements. Analysts say that this secessionist mood may be tied to mounting polarization within society. This trend is evident in heightened partisanship and strained relations between local governments and the federal government, especially on border security and immigration.

New Hampshire has joined the ranks of American states harboring strong secession sentiments. Its Independence Movement - NHEXIT - has accused the federal government of bringing the nation to the brink of bankruptcy.

"There are 2.5 million unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., and they are responsible for dragging the nation to the brink of bankruptcy. Not only that, but they are siphoning money out of taxpayers' wallets every year, trampling on the rights of New Hampshire citizens," said NHEXIT Now leader Carla Gericke in a statement for Newsweek.

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World Bank data shows 43 countries achieved a trade surplus last year with China topping the list, while 72 were in deficit, with the US ratching up the largest deficit of $1.1 trillion.

Russia earned $121 billion in trade surplus last year, placing it seventh in the global ranking, according to World Bank data analyzed by Sputnik.

Globally, countries exported a net total of $23.3 trillion worth of goods and imported $22.9 trillion, resulting in a trade surplus of $365 billion.

In total, 43 countries achieved a trade surplus, with a combined amount of $2.5 trillion.

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A team of snipers were inside the building where Donald Trump's would-be assassin climbed onto the roof and opened fire after being spotted 26 minutes earlier, bombshell new reports claim.

Cops at the scene noticed Crooks, 20, clambering into place in plain sight just 130 yards away from the rally stage and took two photos of him because he was acting suspiciously, sources told WPXI.

Meanwhile a counter-sniper team was inside the building that was being used as a 'watch post' during the event when Crooks pulled the trigger, The New York Post reported.  

It's not clear if he had the AR-style rifle on him when he was first seen scaling the AGR International Inc. factory or if he stayed on the roof for the whole time.

Webmaster addition: Wouldn't carrying the ladder have aroused suspicion? Or was it placed there before? And how would Thomas Crooks know it was there?!?

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Popular YouTuber James Klüg posted a man-on-the-street video interview he filmed in the aftermath of Saturday’s attempted assassination of Donald Trump where one deranged leftist said he supports more Americans trying to take out the 45th President.

Asked for his thoughts on the shooting, the random citizen said, “They missed. He should have died. He’s not good for this country and he never will be.”


Deranged Liberal: "Since he missed, I can guarantee there's going to be 100 people that are going to try to not miss."

Me: Would you support that?

Deranged Liberal: "Yeah. 100%"

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Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Weissmann said Monday on MSNBC’s “Ana Cabrera Reports” that Judge Aileen Cannon’s dismissal of former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case in Florida is an “opportunity” for the 11th Circuit to remove Cannon if they think that this was frivolous.

Weissmann said, “I think it’s really important what Barb said, to think about what are the next steps because this is not a decision on the merits it’s about the procedure that was used. While I think that the bulk of the law, the balance of the law is squarely against Judge Cannon, this is something that the 11th Circuit or the Supreme Court can remedy.”

He continued, “It is also an opportunity for the 11th Circuit to remove Judge Cannon if they think that this is a particularly frivolous ground, something that  a decision that had been rejected by three D.C. and Eastern District of Virginia courts. It also is the opportunity potentially for Jack Smith to think about a different venue for bringing these charges.”

Webmaster addition: Judge Cannon dismissed the charges with prejudice, meaning they cannot be tried again. Second, the dismissal was based on the fact that Jack Smith was not legally a Special Council.

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-President Joe Biden is on the brink of failing to win a key labor endorsement as leaders of the 1.3 million-member Teamsters union consider backing no candidate at all in the U.S. presidential race, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters decision has not been finalized and is expected to be made in the coming weeks.

Not backing Biden, who the union endorsed in 2020, would compound political damage to the Democratic president's reelection bid.

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The attempted assassination of former President Trump has heightened concerns in Congress about member security, with some lawmakers even cancelling events and closing their offices in response.

Why it matters: The shooting at a rally in Pennsylvania, in which Trump was struck in his right ear, comes against the backdrop of a steady rise in threats against members of Congress.

  • House Republicans are set to receive a security briefing from the House-sergeant-at-arms Sunday afternoon, according to a GOP lawmaker and another source familiar with the matter.
  • House Democrats will receive their own briefing on Monday afternoon, according to an invite obtained by Axios.
  • Senior Democratic congressional staff will also receive a security briefing Sunday, according to a Democratic lawmaker and aide.
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An FBI staffer has been accused of posting a vile message where she expressed regret that Donald Trump was not killed in an assassination attempt on Saturday.

Jenna Howell, who reportedly works at the FBI'S research identity department, posted an image of the grim reaper trying to pick a Trump doll from a claw machine, according to The Federalist.

The caption read: 'Awww so close.'

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A former agent has linked diversity-hiring at the US Secret Service (USSS) to the security failures at Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania, where the former president was shot at and grazed in an assassination attempt.

Kenneth Gray, an ex-FBI special agent with experience in counterterrorism and crisis management, said the USSS 'really screwed up' on Saturday and that efforts to hire more women in field roles may well have played a role.

Gray's comments come as allegations swirl on social media that Trump's women guardians were too short to protect the 6ft 3in candidate, and that a female agent could be seen struggling to holster her firearm.

The chaotic scenes at the rally cast doubt on Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle's controversial bid to 'diversify' the agency and make the male-dominated force absorb 30 percent female recruits by 2030.

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The Biden administration announced on Monday that they will finally provide Secret Service protection to Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Despite requesting Secret Service protection on three occasions in the past, Kennedy, the son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy, who were both assassinated, the Biden Regime has refused to provide him with presidential security.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today, President Trump called for the Secret Service to be assigned to Kennedy immediately.

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Americans are moving there in droves, but this big, southern US state has nevertheless ranked as America's worst place to live.

In its annual scorecard, CNBC rates Texas as having the poorest quality of life in the US.

The Lone Star state gets that ignominious title due to its lack of doctors, and because so many residents are broke and struggle to pay their medical bills, the outlet says.

The trouble is, Americans who plan to relocate do not appear to have gotten the memo.

People are flocking to Texas — its population exploded by 473,453 people in the year to July 2023.

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Pakistan’s government plans to outlaw former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party Tehreek-e-Insaf, Information Minister Attaullah Tarar announced on Monday. The cabinet is also seeking to bring new charges of treason against the politician, just days after a court overturned previous convictions.

Khan, 71, who is currently imprisoned on corruption charges, was ousted in April 2022. Since then, he has faced over 100 indictments, which his party has denounced as politically motivated.

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EU leaders are planning to boycott a key foreign affairs summit to be hosted by Hungary, due to take place on August 28-29, Politico reported on Sunday, citing three EU diplomats.

The bloc's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell is reportedly considering holding a “formal” foreign affairs council at the same time, to prevent foreign ministers from attending the event hosted by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The move was reportedly discussed informally with several EU members, including Germany and France, and was prompted by Orban’s recent visit to Moscow, which was condemned by senior bloc figures.

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The FBI announced that it had gained access to the phone of the 20-year-old man who attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump on Saturday. 

According to an update posted Monday afternoon, the FBI said that it was now going through the phone of Thomas Matthew Crook, who shot Trump while he spoke at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday. Trump and two other rally attendees were injured while one man, 50-year-old Corey Comperatore was killed. 

“FBI technical specialists successfully gained access to Thomas Matthew Crooks’ phone, and they continue to analyze his electronic devices,” The FBI said. “The search of the subject’s residence and vehicle are complete.”

Webmaster addition: The claim they could not get into that phone was never believable.

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Donald Trump Jr. stuck it to a reporter from MSNBC, rolling his eyes and telling him off during a live shot from the floor of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee on Monday.

The president’s son, flanked by his brother Eric Trump, briefly humored MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff and seemed amenable at first to answering a few questions — but things took a turn when Soboroff asked Trump Jr. to concede the point that his father was “a divisive figure.”

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X owner Elon Musk has pledged that he will give a new super PAC supporting former President Donald Trump tens of millions of dollars per month.

The Wall Street Journal reported Musk that is committing to giving $45 million a month to America PAC. Other major backers of the PAC include Palantir Technologies co-founder Joe Lonsdale, the Winklevoss twins, former U.S. ambassador Kelly Craft and her husband, Joe Craft, who is the CEO of Alliance Resource Partners, the report said.

The political action committee is focused on “registering voters and persuading constituents to vote early and request mail-in ballots in swing states,” the report said, adding that the group wanted to neutralize the massive advantage Democrats have had for years with their “get out the vote” campaigns.

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President Joe Biden repeatedly got nasty with NBC News host Lester Holt during an interview on Monday where he struggled to answer questions and made numerous false claims.

When asked if his inflammatory language against former President Donald Trump is appropriate given the assassination attempt that happened over the weekend, Biden falsely claimed that he does not use inflammatory language against Trump.

Examples of times that Biden has engaged in highly inflammatory rhetoric against the Trump includes:

  • March 22, 2018: “If we were in high school, I’d take him [Trump] behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.'”
  • September 1, 2022: “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”
  • March 21, 2024: “That’s Hitler’s language. That’s not America’s.”
  • June 28, 2024: “Donald Trump is a genuine threat to this nation. He’s a threat to our freedom. He’s a threat to our democracy. He’s literally a threat to everything America stands for.”
  • July 8, 2024: “It’s time to put Trump in a bullseye.”
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The Secret Service had already been under investigation by House Oversight Committee Republicans for several months when a bullet came within inches of killing former President Trump, killed a bystander, and injured at least two others at a rally in Pennsylvania Saturday afternoon.

Even though Trump and his family members credited the special agents and a counter sniper assigned to his protective detail with saving his life and possibly many others, recriminations against the Secret Service started almost immediately after the assassination attempt.

Americans could see for themselves how the agents and officers traveling with Trump on Saturday acted heroically, falling on the former president after his right ear was pierced by a bullet and returning heavy caliber gunfire, killing the 20-year-old shooter, Thomas Crooks. But questions remain over how Crooks managed to perch on a nearby rooftop and come within inches of killing Trump, renewing past criticisms of the once-vaunted agency with a troubled history of security lapses, employee misconduct, and uneven discipline practices.

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