“The story of its ruin is simple and obvious; and, instead of inquiring why the Roman Empire was destroyed, we should rather be surprised that it had subsisted so long. The victorious legions, who, in distant wars, acquired the vices of strangers and mercenaries, first oppressed the freedom of the republic, and afterwards violated the majesty of the purple. The emperors, anxious for their personal safety and the public peace, were reduced to the base expedient of corrupting the discipline which rendered them alike formidable to their sovereign and to the enemy; the vigor of the military government was relaxed, and finally dissolved, by the partial institutions of Constantine; and the Roman world was overwhelmed by a deluge of Barbarians.” — Edward Gibbon. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter 38 “General Observations on the Fall of the Roman Empire in the West”

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The office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton strongly pushed back Friday afternoon on attempts by some Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives to impeach him, saying that the articles of impeachment were so weak that if they were filed in court they would likely be dismissed.
Posted on: May 27 12:20

Recall that Kamala Harris curiously hid the fact that she was in the DNC building on January 6th, and it was only an entire year after the so-called insurrection that the press reported that the Vice President-elect was in the building the morning of the 6th while the pipe bomb was on the premises. Of course, as Vice President elect Kamala Harris enjoyed the protection of the Secret Service, this means that the Secret Service must have conducted a sweep of the DNC building before she entered.

According to Senator Ron Johnson, the Secret Service definitively affirmed that they swept the outside areas of the DNC building adjacent to the entry and exit doors, as well as the parking deck […]

The notion that the Secret Service, the most elite protection detail in the world, swept the DNC building and managed to miss the pipe bomb is impossible to believe—either that or what transpired was such an act of such gross negligence that it is tantamount to deliberate malfeasance. Indeed, as the Google Earth satellite photo reveals, the pipe bomb was mere feet from both the entry and exit doors, as well as the parking garage, where the Secret Service claims it conducted a sweep.

Darren thinks the “pipe bomb” story is incredibly flawed and messy, to the point that it completely undermines the entire “Fedsurrection.” It unravels everything.

Posted on: May 27 12:16

The Biden White House on Thursday called on "all online platforms" to ban "extremist websites," ban "hate speech" and institute "zero tolerance" policies to protect Jews from antisemitism.

The bold and highly illegal censorship effort forms the cornerstone of the White House's new "National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism."

Posted on: May 27 12:04

In an interesting recent speech in Tallinn, Estonia, former White House official Fiona Hill showed that at least someone in Washington has enough self awareness to see what's happening in the world. 

Hill acknowledged that the conflict in Ukraine has sparked a global “proxy rebellion,” led by Russia, against American hegemony. This is quite true, as many of us could see from the very start of Moscow’s military offensive, in the spring of last year. But this kickback has been a long-time coming, and the US has brought it upon itself through its own deeds.

First of all, it must be pointed out that the Soviet Union, modern Russia’s predecessor, led a rebellion against American hegemony throughout much of its history. Especially during the Cold War, Moscow's support was critical for Third World countries striving to overturn centuries of Western colonialism in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The US took it upon itself to forcefully defend this colonial system. Indeed, the Cold War was really a giant proxy war between the US and Soviet Union over colonialism, with the US fighting to maintain this system and the Soviet Union fighting to dismantle it. Much of the world’s population continues to be grateful for the help they received from the Soviets in breaking their colonial chains.

Posted on: May 27 12:03
New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams claimed Friday that “body type” has no connection to a person’s health after signing a bill banning height and weight discrimination.
By: orraz
Posted on: May 27 11:29
A Florida deputy was killed in the line of duty allegedly by an illegal immigrant, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said Friday.
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Posted on: May 27 11:28
President Joe Biden falsely stated he has four granddaughters on Friday, leaving off his fifth, 4-year-old Navy Joan Roberts, the illegitimate daughter of Hunter Biden.
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Posted on: May 27 11:28
Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Lance Gooden (R-TX) issued a joint letter calling attention to the potential use of federal funds to enable illegal immigration into the United States.
Posted on: May 27 11:27
Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said during an interview this week that he was willing to pardon former President Donald Trump if the facts of the case showed that he was the victim of political weaponization.
Posted on: May 27 11:26

A 60-year-old home movie could finally reveal whether multiple shooters, and not a lone gunman, assassinated President John F. Kennedy – but the federal government has been hiding it for decades, according to an explosive new lawsuit.

The heirs of Orville Nix, a Dallas maintenance man who recorded the moment of Kennedy’s death with his home-movie camera, have tried for years to get his original film back from the government’s clutches.

“It would be very significant if the original Nix film surfaced today,” said Jefferson Morley, author of “The Ghost” and other books about the CIA.

With recent advances in digital image processing, the original film “would essentially be a new piece of evidence,” Morley explained. “There’s a significant loss in quality between the first and second generation” of an analog film like Nix’s.

Nix’s clip, unlike the better known film shot by Abraham Zapruder, was taken from the center of Dealey Plaza as the presidential limousine drove into an ambush on Elm Street in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

Posted on: May 27 10:10

In the aftermath of the storming of the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters on Jan. 6, new video footage has emerged on social media, showing Antifa activist John Sullivan inciting violence at the federal building under the garb of a Trump supporter.

Sullivan, who was arrested by authorities on Thursday, told Fox News in an interview last week that he was at the protest in the capacity of a video journalist and to film what was happening but did not actively participate in the attack. "It's just recording, solely, and not being active in it," he said.

'Let's Go, Get This Sh*t'

Posted on: May 27 10:09

This is unbelievable gaslighting.

Joe and Jill Biden on Friday hosted a ceremony for the Louisiana State University Tigers Women’s Basketball team to celebrate their 2022-2023 NCAA Championship season.

Dr. Jill told the female athletes how proud she was of how far women’s sports have come.

Biological males posing as ‘transgenders’ are destroying women’s sports.

Posted on: May 27 10:05

A spate of new media reports hint that there is rising tension in the White House between President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as the 2024 presidential election cycle begins in earnest, with more Republicans jumping in to challenge them.

As noted by the outlet 1945, one of the biggest mounting concerns is Biden’s age and the fact that Harris, should the geriatric president be forced to resign his post or worse, die in office, would succeed him. She’s not been a popular vice president and in fact, her polling has consistently been worse than Biden’s, even when Biden’s numbers were at historic lows.

“A vote for the Democrats might be for Biden. Then again, it might not be,” is what Republicans want Democratic voters to understand, the outlet noted.

The report added ominously: “After all, President Joe Biden will be 82 if he were to win his reelection. The average lifespan for most American men is 77 years of age.”

Posted on: May 27 10:04

Let’s give the Ukrainian Government of Volodomyr Zelensky credit for one thing — they are world class liars. Yesterday I wrote about the attempted attack on the Russian ship, the Ivan Khurs, by three maritime drones and simply acknowledged that there was a video that claimed to show one of the drones hitting a ship. It was implied that the ship was the Ivan Khurs but there was no identifying information to corroborate the claim.

Today we know the truth. Ukraine lied. The Ivan Khurs pulled into port in the Black Sea on its own power with no visible damage.


Posted on: May 27 10:03

A Black Lives Matter activist and her husband are facing federal fraud and conspiracy charges after allegedly using a nonprofit they founded to scam at least $185,000 from donors, federal authorities announced Tuesday.

Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband, Clark Grant, allegedly used money from their nonprofit, Violence in Boston, to pay for rent, shopping sprees, hotels, car rentals, auto repairs, meal deliveries, and a summer vacation trip to Maryland, the U.S. attorney’s office said in a statement.

The couple was charged in an 18-count indictment with two counts of wire fraud conspiracy, one count of conspiracy, 13 counts of wire fraud and one count of making false statements to a mortgage-lending business. Cannon-Grant was also charged with one count of mail fraud.

Posted on: May 27 09:36

Last April, I discovered an algorithm hidden in New York’s voter rolls. The algorithm linked county voter identification (CID) and State Board of Elections identification (SBOEID) numbers in such a way that it could be used as a third ID number. This could be used to clandestinely tag and track records of interest, such as phantom voters.

Since that day in April, I have done little else for seven days a week as I studied the original algorithm and three others discovered subsequently. Last week, the peer-reviewed Journal of Information Warfare published my article about New York’s voter roll algorithms. The article was written several months ago. It represents my understanding of the algorithm at that time. Since then, my understanding of how it works and what it does has deepened. Current updates on voter roll algorithm research can be read on my substack, the Zark Files.

I have identified four algorithms in New York’s voter rolls to date. I have named them “Spiral,” “Metronome,” “Tartan,” and “Shingle” based on their characteristics. The Spiral algorithm has been solved in the sense that it can be completely reversed and its effects predicted. The Metronome is unsolved but appears to be based on a random seed for the purpose of randomizing numbers. The Tartan accomplishes a similar purpose as the Metronome but in a different way. The Shingle algorithm is closely associated with suspicious records.

The algorithms are well-hidden via the use of multiple obfuscation techniques. The first method partitions the number space in a way that cannot be reproduced using any of the fields normally available from within the database. The partitions segregate SBOEID and CID numbers based on which algorithm was used to generate the numbers. Without knowledge of the algorithms or partitions, the numbers would be mixed so that they cannot be differentiated.

Posted on: May 27 09:34

CNN’s Jake Tapper did not even try to sugarcoat the latest news from a poll that assessed President Joe Biden’s support.

“Horrible news. Horrible for Joe Biden,” Tapper said Thursday as he launched into the results of CNN’s latest poll tracking Biden’s plummeting support.

“Those are some bad numbers,” he said.

Posted on: May 27 09:30

Publication Title

United States Code, 1994 Edition, Supplement 2, Title 50 - WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE


Bills and Statutes


United States Code

SuDoc Class Number

Y 1.2/5:

Contained Within

Sec. 1520 - Use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents by Department of Defense; accounting to Congressional committees with respect to experiments and studies; notification of local civilian officials

Webmaster addition: It's LEGAL for the Pentagon to conduct biowarfare tests on you!

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Posted on: May 27 09:29

The king of currency, the dollar, is on shaky ground. In this past one year, there’s a growing trend of countries sidestepping the US dollar and choosing to use their own local currencies for bilateral trade.

The de-dollarisation process – moving away from trading in the dollar and instead choosing local currency – has received a boost after the Russia-Ukraine war and as Washington’s tensions with Beijing rise even further.

In South America, China’s yuan has made greater inroads. After Brazil agreed to trade with China in the local currency, Argentina, on Wednesday, too agreed to the same. The South American country announced that it would pay for Chinese imports in yuan rather than dollars, in a measure to save the country’s dwindling dollar reserves.

Posted on: May 27 09:28

Amid clamouring call of de-dollarization, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov highlighted that the process has “begun”, adding that several other initiatives have been worked upon to stop settlement of trade in the US dollar.

“De-dollarization has begun, both in practice and in conceptual speeches,” Lavrov said at the 31st Assembly of the Council of Foreign and Defence Policy.

“De-dollarization has begun, both in practice and in conceptual speeches,” Lavrov said at the 31st Assembly of the Council of Foreign and Defence Policy.

Posted on: May 27 09:27

Ukraine has asked Berlin to provide it with long-range air-launched missiles that could potentially reach Moscow, a spokesperson for Germany’s Defense Ministry confirmed on Saturday.

On Friday, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reported, citing two unnamed “insiders” within the German military, that Ukraine “urgently wants” Swedish-German Taurus missiles. These munitions could be allegedly placed on US-made F-16 fighters, which are now being considered for delivery to Kiev by several Western countries.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is said to have asked for the missiles during his meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin earlier this month. For now, it is unclear whether Berlin, which earlier said it did not have any F-16s to send to Kiev, will grant this request.

Posted on: May 27 09:19

Boris Johnson has held discussions with Donald Trump about Ukraine during his tour of the US, in an apparent attempt to make the Ukrainian case to the skeptical former US president.

Johnson met Trump “to discuss the situation in Ukraine and the vital importance of Ukrainian victory”, his spokesperson said. It is understood that they held the talks on Thursday.

The former prime minister – who faces continued questions at home over allegations about lockdown-breaking parties at Chequers and No 10 – has been in Dallas, where he met Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, and Las Vegas, and made the latest in his recent sequence of highly lucrative corporate speeches.

The discussions with Trump, the location of which has not been divulged, probably centered on Johnson, a vehement international cheerleader for the Ukrainian cause, trying to impress his ideas on the former president.

Posted on: May 27 09:16

Before Johns Hopkins University graduates moved their tassels to the left on Thursday, they were sent off with a virtual livestream from a surprise commencement speaker: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“The United States has also not lost a single day in helping Ukraine repel the Russian aggression,” Zelenskyy said. “President [Joe] Biden, a strong bipartisan coalition in Congress and most of all the American people have … risen to this occasion and are leading the free world to secure freedom in Europe.”

In his speech, Zelenskyy focused on the importance of time, a resource he said is more valuable than oil, uranium or lithium.

Posted on: May 27 09:15

“Non-binary” former Biden administration official Sam Brinton led the Washington, DC, chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a radical anti-Catholic drag queen group at the center of the Los Angeles Dodgers Pride Night controversy, Fox News reported.

The drag queen group made headlines this month after being uninvited, then re-invited to the Dodgers’ tenth annual Pride Night celebration on June 16.

After receiving backlash from religious groups, the Dodgers rescinded an invitation to the radical anti-Christian organization. However, the Dodgers walked back its decision and announced Monday that the drag queen group would be re-invited to the team’s Pride Night.

The Dodgers offered “sincerest apologies to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, members of the LGBTQ+ community and their friends and families,” in a statement issued after the announcement.

Posted on: May 27 09:14

The joint military exercise conducted by the US and South Korean forces involved the deployment of hundreds of troops and dozens of tanks, artillery systems and aircraft.

Washington and Seoul have once again demonstrated exactly how much they care about peace on the Korean Peninsula by holding a massive live-fire military exercise on South Korean soil right next to the border with North Korea, a country well-known for regarding such moves as antagonistic and provocative.

During the exercise, the US and South Korea deployed some 2,500 soldiers and 610 items of military hardware such as tanks, artillery systems, attack helicopters, fighter aircraft and drones, according to a statement issued by the South Korean Defense Ministry and disseminated by media.

Posted on: May 27 09:13

NATO plans to support Ukraine by creating a Ukraine-NATO Council during the July summit in Vilnius instead of giving it a concrete plan for becoming a full-fledged member, for which Kiev has repeatedly requested, the European news outlet reported on Friday, citing sources.

NATO diplomats told media that the alliance will have to find the right balance between maintaining the open-door policy and supporting Kiev's aspirations without directly admitting the country to the bloc.

Posted on: May 27 09:13

The UK has sent its special forces to 19 countries since 2011, according to a report by Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), a London-based charity that conducts research on global armed violence. The deployed British operatives trained foreign militants, carried out assassinations, and reportedly fought alongside child soldiers.

In a report published on Tuesday, AOAV stated that British operatives have been deployed to fight or surveil hostile forces in Algeria, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Somalia, the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and Oman, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen.

Some of these deployments were into locations in which British troops were already fighting, as was the case in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, UK Special Forces (UKSF) continued their operations in both countries long after regular forces withdrew. In Afghanistan, hundreds of civilian deaths were attributed to night raids by British and American special forces between 2009 and 2012.

Posted on: May 27 09:12
Yulia Hicks, a child who was reportedly denied a kidney transplant by Duke Children’s Hospital last year, underwent a successful, life-saving kidney transplant at ECUHealth Medical Center on Thursday.
By: orraz
Posted on: May 27 09:12