The Larry Case Evidence


UPDATE! The following case and the note on the napkin have been confirmed by Larry Nichols.

[Police Inquiry (teletype)]Click for full size picture.(26.8K)

This purports to be a police inquiry in regards to the assault and abuse of a woman named Denise Reeder by Governor Bill Clinton, apparently involving Larry Patterson (which provides a means for verification).

[The Napkin]Click for full size picture.(18.4K)

This is a scan of a napkin obtained by Larry Nichols on which is written an apology to Denise for the abuse, and signed by Bill Clinton. The writing on this napkin appears to be identical to a sample of Bill's handwriting I have from less antagonistic days.

Samples of Bill Clinton's handwriting.

[Sample 1]Click for full size picture.

[Sample 2]Click for full size picture.

[Sample 3]Click for full size picture.


[Certified Mail Receipt]Click for full size picture.(55.3K)

[Larry Case's note to Captain Hume]Click for full size picture.(24.6K)

[Larry Case's phone message to Captain Hume]Click for full size picture.(26.6K)

The above scans are from the Senate Whitewater report and confirm that Larry Case had some kind of tapes of potential interest to the Park Police investigators.

[Police Letter to Case]Click for full size picture.(12.8K)

This is a letter from the Arkansas Police to Larry Case which indicates that he has been sent video tapes from Roger Clinton's drug arrest.

The Roger Clinton Tapes.

Courtesy of the freespeech gang, here are three clips from the video of Roger Clinton doing drugs.

[Roger Clinton Video Frame 1]Click for full size picture.(24.5K)

[Roger Clinton Video Frame 2]Click for full size picture.(25K)

[Roger Clinton Video Frame 3]Click for full size picture.(25.1K)

Roger Clinton.

[Roger Clinton]

[Roger Clinton arrested]

FBi audio tapes of Roger

Click for RealAudio sound byte from FBI tape of Roger Clinton.

Click for RealAudio sound byte from FBI tape of Roger Clinton with some signal processing cleanup.

Excerpt from an FBI tape made of Roger Clinotn in which he talks about cocaine and having uniformed officers working for him in transport and protection of the cocaine.

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