If a man or woman is truly known by the company he or she keeps, then here's Bill and Hillary Clinton's circle of friends who were sent to jail.


Neil Ainley (guilty plea), Roger Altman (resigned under cloud), Arapaho/Cheyenne Indians (5th plea), Les Aspin (resigned in disgust), Bruce Babbitt (under IC investigation), Zoe Baird (nomination failed), Robert Bennett (co-defendant in sexual harassment suit), Ronald H. Blackley (convicted - Espy), Herby Branscum (mistrial), Michael A. Brown (convicted), Michael's dad Ron Brown (died under investigation), Jorge Cabrera (convicted), Pierre Chambrin (WH chef, fired & bribed $37k to keep quiet), Gin F. J. Chen (5th plea), Ming Chen (fled country), Yi Chu (5th plea - granted immunity), Yue Chu (5th plea - granted immunity), Johnny Chung (guilty plea), Henry Cisneros (indicted), Arthur Coia (under investigation), Gilbert Colon (5th plea), Bettie Currie (subpoenaed), Billy Dale (persecuted by Clintons, acquitted), Michael deVegter (indicted), Richard Douglas (guilty plea - Espy), Joycelyn Elders (idiot), Mike Espy (indicted), Eugene Fitzhugh (guilty plea), Dr. Henry Foster Jr. (nomination failed), Manlin Foung (5th plea - granted immunity), Yogesh Ghandi (5th plea), Lani Guinier (nomination failed), David Hale (guilty plea), John Haley (indicted-fraud), Jean Hanson (resigned under cloud), Alexis Herman (under investigation), Philip B. Heymann (resigned in disgust), Nolanda S. Hill (indicted - singing), Robert Hill (mistrial), Man Ho (5th plea - granted immunity), Maria Hsia (indicted), Jie Su Hsiao (5th plea), Judy Hsu (5th plea), Jen Chin Hsueh (5th plea), Hueutsan Huang (5th plea - granted immunity), Jane Huang (5th plea), John Huang (5th plea), Zie Pan Huang (5th plea - granted immunity), Webster Hubbell (convicted), Steven Hwang (5th plea), Woody Hwang (5th plea), Harold Ickes (under IC investigation), Bobby Ray Inman (nomination failed), Charles Intriago (5th plea), Bin Yueh Jeng (5th plea), Mark Jimenez (5th plea), Linda Jones (guilty plea - Cisneros), M. Samuel Jones III (bimbo patrol), Vernon Jordan (subpoenaed), Pauline Kanchanalak (fled country), Duangnet Kronenberg (5th plea), Larry Kuca (guilty plea), Joseph Landon (5th plea - granted immunity), Nathan Landow (under IC investigation), Dan Lasater (convicted), Kent Law (granted immunity), John H.K. Lee (fled country), Na-chi "Nancy" Lee (5th plea - granted immunity), Marcia Lewis (subpoenaed), Siuw Moi Lian (5th plea - granted immunity), Hsiu Chu Lin (5th plea), Mike Lin (5th plea), Bruce Lindsey (unindicted co-conspirator), Craig Livingstone (resigned under cloud), Nora and Gene Lum (guilty pleas), daughter Trisha Lum (guilty plea), Felix Ma (fled country), Maria Mapili (5th plea), William Marks (guilty plea), Charles Matthews (guilty plea), Terence McAuliffe (guilty plea), James McDougal (convicted, died in prison), Susan McDougal (convicted), Mark Middleton (5th plea), Dick Morris (resigned under cloud), Jere Nash (guilty plea - Teamsters), Tom Nastos (under investigation), Bernard Nussbaum (under IC investigation), Hazel O'Leary (junket queen), Seow Fong Ooi (5th plea), Robert Palmer (guilty plea), Antonio Pan (fled country), Larry Patterson (co-defendant), Federico Pena, Roger Perry, (No "Q" yet), Charles Ruff (under investigation), Archie Schaffer (indicted - Tyson), Agus Setiawan (fled country), Jou Sheng (5th plea), Hsin Chen Shih (5th plea), Man Ya Shih (5th plea - granted immunity), Ted Sieong (fled country), Smith Barney Inc. ($1M civil fine - Espy), Stephen Smith (guilty plea), Joshua Steiner (lied to diary), Jane Dewi Tahir (5th plea), Roger Tamraz (fugitive - Lebanese embezzlement), Subandi Tanuwidjaja (fled country), Dewi Tirto (fled country), Susan Thomases (under IC investigation), Charlie Trie (indicted), Linda Tripp, Hsiu Luan Tseng (5th plea), Jim Guy Tucker (convicted), Tyson Foods Inc. (guilty plea - Espy), (No "U" or "V" yet), Chris Wade (guilty plea), Chi Rung Wang (5th plea), David Wang (5th plea - granted immunity), Seth Ward (under IC investigation), David Watson (fired), Clifton Wharton (resigned in disgust), Jack L. Williams (convicted - Tyson), Maggie Williams (under IC investigation), Arief Wiriandinata (fled country), Soraya Wiriadinata (fled country), Larry Wong (5th plea - granted immunity), Michael Woo (under investigation), Kimba Wood (nomination failed), Irene Wu (5th plea - granted immunity), Shu Jen Wu (5th plea - granted immunity), Eric Wynn (convicted), (No "X," yet), Yumei Yang (5th plea), Keshi Zhan (5th plea - granted immunity);


ALL 93 career U.S. Attorneys (fired by Janet Reno March 23, 1993);

mysterious Arkansas casualties: Kathy Ferguson (ex-wife of Clinton bodyguard, suicide), Stanley Huggins (Madison Guaranty investigator, found dead), Kevin Ives and Don Henry (two teens killed on the tracks after alledgedly witnessing a drug drop), Gary Johnson (badly beaten in break-in theft of his videotapes of Clinton calling on Gennifer Flowers), Jerry Parks (chief of security Clinton 1992 presidential campaign, unsolved murder), Dennis Patrick (discovered millions of dollars laundered through his account at Dan Lasater's firm, survived three murder attempts), Bill Shelton (policeman and Ferguson's boyfriend, suicide), Jon Walker (Madison Guaranty investigator, killed in fall from top of a building);

and finally, miscellaneous bimbi: Julia Broaddrick (campaign worker), Dolly Kyle Browning (high school classmate), Beth Gladden Coulson (Ark. Court of Appeals judge), Sherrie Densuk (WH intern/nutcase), Robyn Dickey ("White House Director of Special Projects and Special Needs" I Kid You Not), Elizabeth Ward Gracen (Miss America - fled country), Connie Hamzy (yes, THAT "sweet, sweet Connie" of Grand Funk fame), Marilyn Jo Jenkins (Ark. friend), Shelia Lawrence (Arlingtongate widow), Sally Perdue (Miss Arkansas), Debra Schiff (campaign plane stewardess hired at White House), Shelia Swatzyna (campaign plane stewardess), Kathleen Willey (White House volunteer), Cristy Zercher (campaign plane stewardess), et. al.


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