"If a government cannot prove the honesty and accuracy of the elections by which they claim authority over the people, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government's dictates nor to pay its bills nor to send their children to die in that government's wars, and may with full moral justification resist with lethal force efforts to coerce said dictatorship, looting, and conscription." -- Michael Rivero

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A bearded teen complaining in Arabic about insults to Muhammad rushed the sanctuary of an Assyrian Orthodox church in Sydney last week, savagely stabbing Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and Fr. Isaac Royel. Australian officials determined that the attack on Christian clergymen, which was captured on video, was an act of religiously motivated terrorism.

TikTok is gearing up for a long legal battle to fight legislation in the US that threatens to ban the app in its largest market if its Chinese owner, ByteDance, refuses to sell the viral video platform.

The US House of Representatives on Saturday passed a package of national security bills that included legislation that would result in TikTok being banned in the country if Chinese parent company ByteDance does not divest the app.

Shortly after 10pm eastern last night (Thursday), all hell broke loose on U.S. cable news programs. News anchors jiggled and gesticulated to the “BREAKING NEWS” Mambo. Israel Strikes Iran with Missiles, was the refrain blared out every few minutes with the kind of urgency that suggested the end of the world was nigh.

A Palestinian Sanitation Worker Is Shot Dead by an Israeli Sniper for Daring to Go Up on His Roof

Three days after a hardscrabble worker living in a West Bank refugee camp was shot dead by an Israeli soldier, his son was born and named after him


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Iyas Abu Alawiya playing on the roof where his father Sayed was shot dead by an Israeli sniper.Credit: Alex Levac

Billionaire venture capitalist Marc Andreessen slammed the ongoing issues at Alphabet Inc.'s Google after a group of leftist employees staged sit-ins and protests over the company's $1.2 billion contract with Israel amid the ongoing war with Hamas.

The pro-Hamas activists even occupied the office of the Google Cloud CEO.

CIA Director Claims Lawsuit Against Alleged CIA-Backed Spying On Assange Visitors Could Damage US Security Ladylove

In December, a U.S. judge found that four Americans could sue the CIA for violating their privacy rights under the U.S. Constitution.