"It is the beans, and not the counting of the beans, that prospers a nation." -- Michael Rivero

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The COVID Killer Vaccine. People Are Dying All Over the World. Its a Criminal Undertaking MikeRivero

We are being accused of “spreading disinformation” regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The Reuters and AP media “trackers” and “fact checkers” will be out to smear the testimonies of parents who have lost their children.  

“Once the Lie becomes the Truth, there is no moving backwards. Insanity prevails. The world is turned upside down.”

MSNBC Goes After Christians During Live Segment MikeRivero

A guest on MSNBC is facing severe backlash on social media for expressing the notion that a fundamental aspect of Christian nationalism is the belief that our rights are derived from God.

During an MSNBC segment, Politico’s Heidi Przybyla said, “The one thing that unites all of them — because there’s many different groups orbiting Trump — but the thing that unites them as Christian nationalists — not Christians by the way because Christian nationalists [are] very different — is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don’t come from any earthly being.”

Google’s Gemini AI is instructing users to embrace pedophiles as valuable members of society who must be treated with dignity and spoken to with respect.

According to the woke AI, pedophilia is “involuntary” and therefore child rapists cannot be held accountable for their actions. Furthermore, those who rape children should not be called pedophiles because it might hurt their feelings. Instead, according to Google AI, child rapists should be politely referred to as as “MAPS,” or minor attracted persons.

Bill Gates has hatched a new plan that will result in the complete elimination of memes from the Internet forever.

The Gates-funded GAVI Vaccine Alliance has announced that it wants to reframe memes as “health disinformation super-spreaders.”

Data scientist David Rozado presents his complete collection of Google Gemini 17th Century physicists.

He thinks the one in the lower right corner might be reminiscent of a European physicist like Galileo, who looked like this. But the other 48 definitely do not.

Rozado writes:

… when having to choose between historical accuracy and diversity/inclusion, Google’s Gemini prioritizes the later, at least for the particular case above.

The mainstream media has lost all credibility in recent years, with its coverage of the pandemic and election leaving little doubt about who is running things and where they stand. There are lots of places to pin the blame for how it reached this state, but one big factor is former president Barack Obama.

The glorious news here is that BuzzFeed is doomed. A little over three years ago, BuzzFeed stock was worth $9.62. Today, it’s worth 44 cents. Get a load of this…

After the Complex Network sale, BuzzFeed’s stock doubled in price — doubled! — from 21 cents to 44 cents.

In the week that Google’s new artificial intelligence platform launched, its seeming inability to produce images of white men regardless of the prompt made it an unmitigated disaster.

And with more information unearthed regarding the people responsible for Google Gemini’s insufferable wokeness, its deficiencies look much less like a bug and more like a feature.

Google’s Gemini AI program was caught in another example of egregious bias when it said that calling communism “evil” was “harmful and misleading”.

The company’s multimodal large language model program allows users to generate AI images using text command prompts, but people began to notice that the program almost completely erased white people from history and has a ludicrously far-left prejudice.

When a user asked the program to “generate an image about (the) evils of communism,” it point blank refused.