"An ignorant man with lawyers is a danger to all society." -- Michael Rivero

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Just four days ago, the Biden administration launched a new line of attack against former President Donald Trump and his campaign trail promise to hike tariffs if he is elected in November.

**2012 VIDEO** - Patrick Clawson Advocates "False Flags" MikeRivero

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Government-sponsored agency the Global Disinformation Index is censoring journalism by causing publications to be starved of advertising if they publish anything deemed “harmful”, such as gender critical content. UnHerd‘s Freddie Sayers has written about the problem and his own experience of it. Here’s an excerpt.

Neocons Attack Tucker's Reputation for Dissent on Israel MikeRivero

The West Now Wants Restraint After Months of Fueling a Genocide in Gaza Ladylove

by Jonathan Cook 

Suddenly, western politicians from US President Joe Biden to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have become ardent champions of “restraint” – in a very last-minute scramble to avoid regional conflagration.

From conspiracy theory to cover-up;? Agencies hid 2018 pitch to fund chimeric coronaviru.s Ladylove

From 'conspiracy theory' to 'cover-up'? Agencies hid 2018 pitch to fund chimeric coronavirus


Published: April 15, 2024 | Image removed.