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Actress Julianna Margulies is being slammed for saying Palestine supporters have been 'brainwashed to hate Jews'.

The Good Wife star made a string of offensive remarks during an appearance on the The Back Room podcast on November 1.

The 57-year-old claimed Palestine supporters are mostly made up of black and gay people who need to stop 'spewing anti-Semitic hate'.

Rob Schneider: Disney Got Financially Spanked by American Families Who Dont Want Their Children Indoctrinated by Woke Lunacy MikeRivero Wed, 11/29/2023 - 12:06

Saturday Night Live alum Rob Schneider took aim at the Disney Corporation in a post on X on Monday, noting that Americans are tired of Disney’s “woke lunacy.”

“Disney got financially spanked by American families who don’t want their children indoctrinated by idiotic Woke lunacy,” the Waterboy actor wrote.

“Now they will return once again to being the great entertainment company for ALL Americans,” he predicted. “Thank YOU, America!”

REPORT: Disney To Lose Nearly A BILLION Across 13 Woke Movies MikeRivero Wed, 11/29/2023 - 08:43

Disney, once a mass producer of greatest hits at the box office, is now experiencing another series of hits as it absorbs blow after blow from underperforming “woke” movies that, all told, are expected to cost the company nearly a billion dollars in lost revenue.

It Was A S*** Show: Parents Slam Disneys NYC Christmas Village: Report MikeRivero Wed, 11/29/2023 - 08:39

Parents slammed a tourist attraction in New York City called Disney’s The Santa Clauses’ Winter Wonderland as a “s*** show” after shelling out money to take their kids through the “frustrating” experience, according to the New York Post.

Disney's 'Wish' Is A Theatrical Bomb And The Latest In A String Of Woke Failures MikeRivero Mon, 11/27/2023 - 14:34

Is it time to declare the Disney brand dead?  Only a couple weeks ago the entertainment giant suffered one of its worst box office showings ever with the failure of The Marvels, a feminist driven girl-boss movie which was widely applauded by social justice advocates but ignored by the vast majority of the public.  The film is expected to lose $200 million to $300 million once receipts are totaled and marketing costs are accounted for.

Disney admits culture wars inflicted major impacts across the board, warns investors that company's wokeness presents risks MikeRivero Mon, 11/27/2023 - 08:39

The Walt Disney Company recently admitted that wokeness and culture wars have had major impacts across the board on the multinational entertainment and media conglomerate. Disney also warned investors that the company's wokeness presents risks to its "reputation and brands."

Disney's 'Wish' Is A Theatrical Bomb And The Latest In A String Of Woke Failures malterwitty Sun, 11/26/2023 - 17:20

Is it time to declare the Disney brand dead?

Disney Admits Its Left-Wing Politics Hurt Shareholders MikeRivero Sun, 11/26/2023 - 09:18

In new SEC filings, Disney is now admitting it has been slapped by its own customers for its far left social and political agenda, legal expert Jonathan Turley wrote in his recent column for The Hill on Saturday.

"In a new corporate disclosure, Disney acknowledges that its controversial political and social agenda is costing the company and shareholders," Turley wrote.

Days After Woke Superhero Movie Launches 2nd Weekend Returns Floor Hollywood MikeRivero Wed, 11/22/2023 - 07:20

For years Hollywood heavyweights have openly transformed the character focus of long-standing comic book heroes when the stories are adapted for the big screen. A variety of cultural changes have been ceremoniously edited into the lives of superheroes that never existed in the original stories.