"The cost of being presented as a 'responsible and serious candidate' by the media [is] usually to show fundamental agreement with the existing distribution of wealth and power." -- Michael Lerner, from the book The Politics of Meaning, 1997, p99

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The mayor of Paris has reiterated her proposal that Russian and Belarusian contestants stay away from this summer’s Olympic Games in the French capital, despite them being officially allowed to compete as neutrals.

“I want to tell the Russian and Belarusian athletes that they are not welcome in Paris,” Anne Hidalgo told Ukrainian athletes at a training center in Kiev on Thursday, while on a visit to Ukraine.

210 years since the Russian Army entered Paris. On March 19 (31), 1814, cavalry squadrons led by Russian Emperor Alexander I at the head of the Allied forces solemnly entered the French capital. The fall of the French capital led to the abdication of Emperor Bonaparte and put an end to the long-standing Napoleonic wars.

After only 18 hours of fighting, Paris, the largest city in Europe, hung a white flag.

Remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron that the West could send troops to Ukraine appear to be aimed at boosting his plummeting domestic popularity, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

Macron openly raised the possibility of putting NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine last month, saying that “we cannot exclude anything” and that the West “will do everything necessary to prevent Russia from winning this war.”

Sources in the US government are angry with French President Emmanuel Macron, after his suggestion that preventing a Russian victory in the Ukraine conflict could require a NATO military force, Bloomberg has reported.

A senior US official has told the outlet that some in Washington believe Macron might trigger a clash with Moscow. The French leader’s justification for his statement has been criticized by allies behind closed doors, according to a report on Wednesday.

France has raised the level of terrorist threat to "extreme threat of terrorist attack" due to the deadly attack on the Crocus City Hall concert venue near Moscow, Le Figaro newspaper reported, citing a statement by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal.

Earlier on Sunday, French media reported that President Emmanuel Macron convened a meeting of the defense council to discuss the terrorist attack near Moscow, as well as its consequences.

The report added that France had also allegedly received threats of terrorist attacks in the country.

French President Emmanuel Macron is increasingly concerned about his personal security, Marianne magazine reported on Sunday citing multiple sources within Macron’s detail, the country’s Interior Ministry, and his notorious ex-bodyguard Alexandre Benalla.

Macron has always been concerned with his personal security, Benalla claimed, revealing the president had bolstered the ranks of his guard right after assuming office.

If you want a real and very current example of how politicians are literally empty suits who only pretend to be smart, one need only look at yesterdays conduct of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak . . .

Rishi Sunak, to thunderous applause turning into a standing ovation, proudly announced that the UK would no longer depend on Russian energy and, with camera flashes, signed a contract with a French energy company . . . . . . that imports its Liquified National Gas (LNG) from . . . . . . . . .Russia.

Is Rishi Sunak just stupid?  Or does he just think everyone is?

It is unequivocally clear that if France or any other NATO member deploys combat troops to Ukraine, those troops will be targeted and killed by Russian firepower.

In that case, the proxy war in Ukraine becomes an all-out war between the U.S.-led NATO alliance and Russia. That is, World War Three will have started, which in all probability leads inexorably to a nuclear conflagration.

Anyone pushing that trajectory is contemptible and criminal. Step up, Monsieur Macron.

France’s position on the world stage today is in a rather strange state of affairs: a country with a solid nuclear arsenal but which has lost all ability to influence its environment. Over the last few decades, Paris has lost what remains of its former greatness on the world stage, ceded its leading position within the European Union to Germany, and completely abandoned the principles needed for its internal development.