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President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that South Korea would be making "a big mistake" if it decides to supply arms to Ukraine and that Moscow would respond to such a move in a way that would be painful for Seoul.

Russia, North Korea and China are adjusting the final details for the new front to be opened in East Asia, that of South Korea and Japan.

B. Putin and Kim Jong Un will upgrade the relationship between the two countries to the level of "Strategic Partnership".

Putin & Kim Sign Pact Vowing Mutual Defense If Attacked MikeRivero

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is calling it a "breakthrough document" while Kim Jong Un is hailing the "strongest ever treaty" which will hasten the start of a "new multipolar world" — but the BBC is calling it an "ominously ambiguous commitment" between "pariahs in arms".

GET READY FOR THE 2 MINUTE HATE! MAJOR BEX HERE! Fiends reunited! Axis of Evil pals Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un beam as Russian despot arrives for State visit to North Korea MikeRivero

Vladimir Putin beamed as he was greeted by Kim Jong-Un after touching town in North Korea early on Wednesday morning.

Kim rolled out the red carpet for the Russian despot with a glitzy welcome ceremony at an airport in Pyongyang.

The two dictators were pictured shaking hands and hugging each other on the runway before entering the same limousine which set off behind a huge motorcade involving dozens of motorbikes.

Webmaster addition: Putin is an elected President.

Thousands of cheering North Koreans line the streets as Putin begins state visit with enormous parade in Pyongyang alongside beaming Kim Jong-un as Russian president thanks fellow tyrant for his Ukraine backing MikeRivero

Vladimir Putin was met with a reception fit for a king upon his arrival in North Korea's capital city this morning. 

After being greeted at the airport with a warm handshake and a hug by the pariah state's dynastic dictator Kim Jong Un, a huge motorcade ferried the Russian President to Pyongyang's main square where thousands upon thousands of adoring citizens were eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Multiple North Korean soldiers 'killed or injured' by exploding landmines inside Demilitarized Zone just hours before Putin's meeting with Kim Jong Un MikeRivero

Multiple North Korean soldiers have been killed or injured in a landmine explosion inside the Demilitarized Zone as South Korea fired warning shots early Tuesday morning.

The South Korean military said it fired the shots to repel North Korean soldiers  who temporarily crossed the rivals' land border for the second time this month.

Russia and North Korea to sign strategic partnership treaty MikeRivero

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the draft of a strategic partnership treaty with North Korea, which is expected to be signed during his upcoming visit to Pyongyang.

The Russian leader will begin a two-day state visit to North Korea on Tuesday, which will include a face-to-face meeting with the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, as well as talks on a wide range of issues, including security, the economy, and the international agenda.