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North Korea launched a small military spy satellite Tuesday on the country's first successful orbital launch since 2016. This, alone, would be newsworthy, but this launch comes with a twist.

With Kim Jong Un escalating nuclear threats from the North, South Korea has found a cost-effective solution: its homegrown fighter jets.

The country unveiled its first domestically-produced supersonic fighter jet, the KF-21, also known as the Boramae, to the public at the Seoul Airbase, joining an elite group of nations to demonstrate such technology. The KF-21 could boost the allies’ deterrence capability against the likes of North Korea.

n yet another sign that President Joe Biden’s anemic foreign policy isn’t producing the results he might like, the Juche regime in North Korea is rearing its ugly head again — with the help of Moscow, as well.

In a move that got lost during a hectic news week — not to mention the Thanksgiving holiday — North Korea celebrated a spy satellite launch by basically spitting on a recent agreement it had signed with South Korea.