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Kevin O'Leary on the 'hidden tax' facing the middle classes MikeRivero

Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary has revealed the 'hidden tax on the middle class.' 

The veteran broadcaster was talking about President Joe Biden's proposed tax hikes on Fox News.

He said that high inflation is already working as a hidden tax on middle earners. 

Over Half of New IRS Audits Targeted the Middle Class MikeRivero

Washington’s reckless spending comes with a cost to US taxpayers. While the fed may simply roll over their debt and issue new debt to pay off the old, the American public is on the hook for immediate liquidity every single year via taxation. The misconception that Biden would only target the wealthy needs to be dispelled as a recent study reveals that 63% of new audits targeted Americans earning under $200,000.

Congressman launches bold bid to free gold and silver from tax shackles alexmark
Biden Hints At Tax Hike If He Gets Reelected MikeRivero

Biden’s remarks on X reiterates his penchant to break promises, as he previously vowed to not raise taxes on Americans who earn less than $400,000 per year.

If he fulfills the promise he made on X, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, enacted by Trump would be totally gone with its expiration at the end of 2025.

Biden has already made a proposal to enact a $2 trillion tax hike, which would be one of the biggest in American history.

Trump Gets a Surprise Gift From Mike Pence The Former VP Reveals Donalds Best Act MikeRivero

Over the past few years, Donald Trump and his former vice president have drifted apart. Trump has come down hard on Pence for not backing him up regarding the 2024 election, and Donald’s fans have been unhappy with Pence as well.

But the former POTUS might be thanking Pence for one very complimentary letter.

Pence’s group, Advancing American Freedom (AAF), just sent a memo to congressional offices in D.C., and this note focused primarily on the controversial tax cuts Trump put in place during his term in office.

The G-20 Proposes a 2% Wealth Tax on Assets, Will Biden Approve? alexmark
The White Tax Is Coming: Biden Admin Proposes Tax Rate Changes Because White People Have Higher Rates of Home Ownership and Own More Stocks Than Black and Hispanic Households MikeRivero

Extraordinary! The Biden administration wants to implement a White Tax supposedly to close the racial wealth gap. Of course, it's just another attempt to use the circumstances of Black people as a cover. The real goal: fund an even bigger government.

Poll: Most Americans Believe US Has Excessively Spent On Foreign Aid MikeRivero

A recent poll showed that most Americans believe the U.S. government has spent too much on foreign aid.

Congress recently approved a $95 billion taxpayer-funded foreign aid package, which will be sent to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.