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Puerto Rico’s elections commission said Tuesday that it’s reviewing its contract with a U.S. electronic voting company after hundreds of discrepancies were discovered following the island’s heated primaries.

The problem stemmed from a software issue that caused machines supplied by Dominion Voting Systems to incorrectly calculate vote totals, said Jessika Padilla Rivera, the commission’s interim president.

Four campaign workers in Connecticut on Tuesday were charged with mishandling absentee ballots in a 2019 Democratic mayoral primary, including one of the city's council members, and a Democratic Party official.

Scared of voter fraud in 2024 election? You should be! Newly released poll reveals shocking number of unabashed cheaters MikeRivero

The 2020 election may seem like a distant memory, but as November 5 draws nearer, many are worried about repeated voter fraud.

And they should be worried.

Sara Gonzales points to a 2023 poll conducted by the Heartland Institute. According to the survey, “in the 2020 general election, more than one in five mail-in voters admitted to voting illegally.”

Youngkin Orders Virginia Agencies To Strengthen Voter Roll Maintenance Ahead Of 2024 Election MikeRivero

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin issued an executive order on Friday requiring state agencies to establish data-sharing protocols for keeping the commonwealth’s voter rolls updated and accurate.

South Texas Judge Overturns City Council Election Due to Voter Fraud and Allegations of Fake Addresses on Voter Registrations MikeRivero

A visiting judge has overturned the results of the November 2023 Edinburg City Council election, declaring Gerardo “Gerry” Lozano the rightful winner over incumbent David White, myRGV.com reported.

The lawsuit, brought forward by challenger Gerardo “Gerry” Lozano, contested the narrow victory of incumbent David White, alleging widespread irregularities, including illegal assistance to voters and the use of fake addresses in voter registrations.

Democrat Politician DENIED Right To Vote After Potential Voter Fraud Scare MikeRivero

One of the byproducts of the 2020 election is that we know that there are a good number of small to extremely sketchy things that go on with elections across our nation.

I’m not going to even get into the last presidential election because I would be here all day and night, but for Democrats to say that there isn’t voter fraud of any kind is absolutely silly.

The reason that they aren’t saying they are finding any is because they simply do not want to look for it.

You ever know someone who wouldn’t know the truth if it came up to them and slapped them in the face?

New Jersey congressional primary results delayed after 1,900 mail ballots unsealed prematurely MikeRivero

A New Jersey judge will decide whether to count about 1,900 mail ballots from Atlantic County in a congressional primary election after the ballots were unsealed prematurely.

On Friday, Superior Court Judge Michael J. Blee will hear arguments over whether the 1,909 mail ballots cast in both the Democratic and Republican primary elections on Tuesday will be counted after the ballot envelopes were unsealed too early, the Associated Press reported.

New Filing by Lake and Finchem: 2020 and 2022 Elections in Maricopa No More Reliable than a Ouija Board MikeRivero

Plaintiffs in a new motion filed by Attorney Kurt Olsen claim Maricopa County’s 2020 and 2022 elections “have not been shown to be any more reliable than a Ouija board.” Olsen, whose business has become protecting America’s elections, filed the Motion in Federal Court in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on behalf of Kari Lake and Mark Finchem.