"Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the [U.S.] media." -- Noam Chomsky, American linguist and US media and foreign policy critic

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News about NATO

The West must prepare for “a long war” in Ukraine, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared on Sunday. Despite claiming to want a “quick peace” in Ukraine, Stoltenberg insisted that he still supports President Vladimir Zelensky’s goal of a military victory over Russia.

“Most wars last longer than expected when they first begin,” Stoltenberg said in an interview with Germany’s Funke media group. “Therefore we must prepare ourselves for a long war in Ukraine.”

The US military occupation of the oil fields in north east Syria came under attack recently, and there were some who said it could foreshadow a US military withdrawal. However, the violence ceased, and the US supported Kurdish separatists are continuing to hide under the Pentagon’s wings.

The Obama created US-NATO attack on Syria for regime change began in 2011, but has failed. However, it was successful in destroying the country and preventing its recovery from an armed conflict utilizing terrorists supported by the US and its allies.

NATO, in accordance with its new defense plans, can deploy 300,000 soldiers in the first month of a potential attack on the bloc, while the total number of the alliance’s military personnel could reach 3.5 million people, Chair of the NATO Military Committee Adm. Rob Bauer said on Saturday.

The upcoming Steadfast Defender NATO war drills, set for early 2024, are expected to be the biggest military exercises in Europe since the end of the Cold War, the Financial Times is reporting Monday.

US strategists have for decades viewed Ukraine as a chink in Russia's armour. Steve Poikonen, host of live webcasts AM WakeUp and SlowNewsDay, pointed out how Washington think-tanks openly discussed provoking a conflict years earlier.

US deep state and financial interests openly schemed for years to provoke the conflict in Ukraine, says a media commentator.

Col. Douglas MacGregor says no one should take General Mark Milley seriously when he says Ukraine has a chance to see real progress in a counter offensive. MacGregor says Ukraine is out of men and is out of time.

NATO’s ammunition stockpiles are running dangerously low, with demand outstripping supply, the head of the Norwegian armed forces revealed on Thursday.

Iran PressEurope: “[Procurement] is still going slow. All the defense chiefs that I have spoken to say that the demand for new weapons surpasses production,” Eirik Kristoffersen told a Norwegian newspaper ahead of a top-level meeting of the bloc’s top brass.

Romanian residents have been forced to take shelter because of ongoing Russian drone attacks near the border with Ukraine.

Emergency alerts were issued on Wednesday morning urging people to find cover in their basements or makeshift concrete shelters built by the national army’s engineering units.

On the verge of a catastrophic US defeat as predicted by Col. Douglas MacGregor, it might have only been a matter of time before Ukraine would attempt to ratchet up the conflict and launch a major attack against Russia’s state-of-the-art naval base in the Crimea located at Sevastopol on the Black Sea. 

Washington will easily send the troops of other alliance [NATO] member countries to be slaughtered without risking the lives of its military, says Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

Patrushev clarified that the US treats the troops of alliance members as "colonial armies," meaning that they are expendable in comparison to the "privileged" American people. He added that international terrorist organizations are also supported and financed by Western secret services and are used to strengthen "Atlanticist influence".