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"Nobody has complied their way out of a totalitarian government." -- Robert Kennedy Jr.

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A United Nations official told the World Economic Forum on Thursday that they "own the science" on "climate change" and have partnered together with Google to suppress opposing viewpoints in search results.

Posted on: Oct 02 21:31

A new body cam footage released by Arizona authorities shows a male suspect being shot to death after pointing a handgun at a police dog’s head. The incident occurred on August 25 in Tucson, Arizona.



Posted on: Oct 02 19:26

"President Joe Biden on Friday personally called to thank a Coast Guard rescue swimmer -- who is facing discharge over Biden's vaccine mandate -- for saving people's lives during Hurricane Ian," Breitbart reports.

Posted on: Oct 02 18:09

The Army fell 25% short of its recruiting goal this year despite the Biden regime offering free sex change operations to all servicemembers and training in "white rage."

Posted on: Oct 02 14:41

Joseph Stalin

Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili A revolutionary turned Soviet leader turned brutal dictator known as Joseph Stalin. He first began to use the name, which was inspired by the Russian word for steel and which meant it, after publishing his better work, Marxism and The National Question, which had previously been under other pen names such as Soselo and Koba. was published under

Posted on: Oct 01 15:34


Since it was launched into space on Christmas 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope has been sending back incredible images of deep space. The scientific community and most of the general public have celebrated the telescope's achievements, but some have advocated changing the telescope's name.

Posted on: Oct 01 15:30

The photos displayed here are taken by Hugo Jagger, Adolf Hitler's former personal photographer. He came to power and traveled with Hitler during World War II.

He was one of the few photographers who were using color photography techniques at the time. When the war was ending in 1945, Jagger hid the photographs in a leather suitcase. He then faced US troops, raising fears of possible arrest and prosecution for carrying so many images of such a wanted man.

Posted on: Oct 01 15:23

Many Americans first encountered the phrase "The American Way" on giant billboards that had spread to hundreds of American cities and towns by 1938.

While shopping for groceries, going to work, or entering an empty stretch of highway, they're suddenly struck by a giant tableau of a cheerful American family greeting Dad at the end of the workday, or a family gathering. Were taking a Sunday drive with the dog.

Posted on: Oct 01 15:17

This photo was taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936, while employed by the US government's Farm Security Administration (FSA) program, which was formed to raise awareness of and support poor farmers during the Great Depression.

In Nipomo, California, Lang came with Florence Owens Thompson and her children to a camp full of farm workers whose livelihoods had been devastated by the failure of pea crops.

Posted on: Oct 01 15:10

The Falling Soldier became famous for the way it captures with terrifying urgency, the moment a bullet fatally strikes a Spanish loyalist militiaman; Later, it became famous for allegations that the picture was "fake", or at least staged (although this was common practice at the time).

The soldier is falling backwards due to a fatal bullet in the head. He is wearing civilian-looking clothing but a leather cartridge belt, and his rifle is slipping through his right hand. This photo was taken by Hungarian Jewish photographer Robert Capa. From 1936 to 1939, Capa worked in Spain, photographing the Spanish Civil War.

Posted on: Oct 01 15:04

Assassin's bullets ended the life of a man who earned a reputation for making bold decisions in foreign affairs, a reputation based on his decision in 1977 to travel to make peace at the camp of the enemy of Egypt, Israel Was.

President Sadat was the first Arab leader to recognize the State of Israel since its creation in 1948. In September 1978, he met Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin in the United States, where they negotiated a peace deal and a peace treaty in 1979.

Posted on: Oct 01 15:00

These street photos of the City of a Thousand Towers show the rapid growth and transformation of Old Cairo at the turn of the 20th century.

Cairo was founded by the Fatimid dynasty in AD 969, but the city's history goes beyond that. There was an important ancient religious center in On (modern Heliopolis).

Posted on: Oct 01 14:57

Mummy drawings have been found throughout Egypt, but are most common in the Faiyum Basin, particularly from Hvara in the Faiyum Basin and the Hadrianic Roman city of Antinopolis.

"Faume Portraits" is usually used as a stylistic, rather than a geographical, description. While the cases of the painted Cartonese mummy date back to the Pharaonic period.

Posted on: Oct 01 14:50

During the Victorian era of the 1800s, Napoleon's conquest of Egypt opened the doors of Egyptian history to Europeans. At the time, mummies were not given the respect they deserved from the European aristocracy and, in fact, mummies could be bought (as shown in the picture) from street vendors as main events for parties and social gatherings. used as. In the 18th century.

Posted on: Oct 01 14:42

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday said "communities of color" have to be prioritized for disaster relief funds to advance "equity" and suggested white people were to blame for hurricanes because they're the main drivers of climate change.

Posted on: Oct 01 12:38
Posted on: Oct 01 10:25

Users of cookie-warning-buster add-on already forking off due to privacy concerns

Posted on: Sep 30 17:12