A man in Kansas was reportedly shot and killed by his own dog during a hunting trip.

Posted on: Feb 07 19:06

Woman Left Baffled For a Moment When Her Dog Asks Her A Simple Question

Posted on: Feb 07 19:04

A California man set up a hidden camera under his back deck to find out why his dogs suddenly started behaving as though they saw something scary.

Posted on: Feb 07 19:02

A woman in Florida returned her adorable cat to the Humane Society of Broward County late last month because the feline was too affectionate, according to reports.


Posted on: Feb 07 19:00

A woman's decision to rather stay at home to take care of her pet parrot than help her stepdaughter plan for her wedding has sparked a fierce debate online.

Posted on: Feb 07 18:59
Posted on: Feb 07 18:45
Posted on: Feb 07 16:17