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The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against one of the country's largest wholesale pharmaceutical distributors on Thursday, alleging the company "for years flouted its legal obligations and prioritized profits over the well-being of Americans" by failing to report suspicious orders of controlled substances, like fentynal and oxycodone, which were then sold illegally, fueling the devastating opioid epidemic

In the civil lawsuit, the DOJ alleges that over the course of nearly a decade, from 2014 through the present, AmerisourceBergen Corporation and two of its subsidiaries violated the Controlled Substances Act by failing to report to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) at least hundreds of thousands of suspicious orders of controlled substances, as required by law.

The lawsuit claims that the company knowingly filled and failed to report numerous orders from pharmacies for prescription opioids that were then sold in illicit markets.

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A popular news site, Just the News, has assembled a Big List of the "ten major revelations" in how the FBI, and the White House, demanded that Big Tech censor Americans commenting on everything from the election to health-care issues.

"The goal, it appears, was to preserve the ruling elite's favored narratives on everything from the pandemic to election integrity," the report explained.

The report explains the FBI, that agency that worked hand-in-glove with Hillary Clinton's operatives and other Democrats to fabricate the now-debunked Russia collusion conspiracy theory to use against President Trump, was integral to several of the censorship operations.

For example, it set up a "command center" in San Francisco in 2020 to forward censorship requests from FBI operatives to Big Tech companies. And it "succeeded" frequently it getting those thoughts, including content posted by ordinary Americans, shut down.

The report explained it was FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan who comfinred in a free speech lawsuit brought by Louisiana and Missouri the bureau created "an elaborate system that involved field agents, prosecutors and the bureau's headquarters to monitor and flag content."

It's now known that the FBI interfered with the 2020 election by telling Big Tech to suppress the New York Post's accurate, but very damaging, reporting on the Biden family's business dealings with America's enemies, including China and Russia.

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President Joe Biden is back up to his old tricks, trying to censor what people can share on their personal social media pages.

His latest attempt to violate the First Amendment centers around his administration trying to demand that Twitter punish platform users if the information they share differs from the liberal narrative of COVID-19.

The New York Post reported that “The coercion campaign during the pandemic began with the Trump administration — which asked Twitter to crack down on stories about panic buying and ‘runs on grocery stores’ in the early days of the outbreak — but was stepped up under Biden, whose administration was focused on the removal of ‘anti-vaxxer accounts,’ according to The Free Press reporter David Zweig.”

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Update — She has now been charged.

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Serbia has lifted the state of full combat readiness for its armed forces following the steps to defuse tensions between Belgrade and its breakaway Kosovo region, the news agency Tanjug reported on Thursday, citing the office of President Aleksandar Vucic. The president had placed the country’s military and police on standby on December 26.

Kosovo is predominantly populated by ethnic Albanians, but has a Serb majority in its northern areas. Local Serbs erected roadblocks this month following the arrest of former police officer Dejan Pantic, who is accused by the Kosovo authorities of attacking municipal election commission offices. The barricades prompted a standoff with heavily armed police officers, many of them ethnic Albanians, who were deployed in Serbian communities. The prime minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has demanded the removal of the barricades and urged local Serbs to clear the roads.  

On Wednesday, a Kosovo court agreed to change Pantic’s detention to house arrest. Vucic, meanwhile, asked Kosovo Serbs to dismantle the roadblocks, which they began to do on Thursday. The Serbian leader said he had received written guarantees from the EU and US that the Kosovo authorities would not arrest peaceful protesters or deploy security forces to the Serb-majority areas.

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Russian T-80 BV tanks arrived at the Zaporozhye direction to participate in a special operation, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

According to one of the crew members, the T-80 BV leaves no chance for enemy combat vehicles.

"This vehicle is three to four times superior to enemy vehicles. More maneuverable, faster-firing, on the ground, off-road, accelerates quickly to 80 kilometers per hour <...> The enemy has no chance in an oncoming tank battle," the agency's interlocutor said.

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It’s been revealed by sources within the US Department of Justice that direct messages sent through Facebook by American users, along with public postings, have been rigorously monitored, and reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) if they express anti-government, anti-authority views, or if they question the legitimacy of the November 2020 presidential election’s outcome.

Witch hunt on the web

Under the terms of a secret collaboration agreement with the FBI, a Facebook staffer has, over the past 19 months, been red-flagging content they consider to be “subversive” and immediately transmitting it to the Bureau’s domestic terrorism operational unit, without the FBI having filed a single subpoena – outside the established US legal process, without probable cause, and in breach of the First Amendment, in other words.


US Psy-Ops exposed: Washington isn't concerned about morals, it's worried about getting caught

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 US Psy-Ops exposed: Washington isn't concerned about morals, it's worried about getting caught

Just as shockingly, these intercepted communications were then provided as leads and tips to FBI field offices across the US, which in turn secured subpoenas in order to officially obtain the private conversations that they already possessed, and thus cover up the fact the material had been obtained extra-legally. Facebook invariably complied with these subpoenas, and would send back “gigabytes of data and photos” within an hour, suggesting the content sought was already packaged and awaiting legal confirmation before distribution.

It is uncertain quite how many users were flagged, but it’s abundantly clear a specific type of person was of interest to the FBI - “red-blooded” conservative right-wingers, many of whom supported the right to bear arms. No one connected to Antifa, BLM or any other left-wing group was ever informed on. 

It seems not a single Facebook user snitched upon for daring to be possessed of troublesome political opinions was ever arrested, or prosecuted, for their wrongthink, even though some were reportedly subject to covert surveillance and other forms of intrusion and harassment. Their views were consistently found to not translate to criminality or violence - their words were simply brutal condemnations of Biden’s election and presidency, and aggressive calls for protests.

Webmaster addition: Facebook canceled my accounts months ago.

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For over two decades, American families have faced an unscrupulous foe that threatens the public health and welfare. It is a rogue, unmanageable institution within our federal government, now seemingly beholden solely to private corporate interests. Citizens have been horribly mistaken in believing that the nation’s leading health agency, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), honors its mandate to protect the public from “dangerous health threats,” both domestic and foreign. We are expected to assume the CDC relies upon the most advanced and cutting-edge medical science and data to make its policy decisions. However, the agency’s history of corruption and fraud contradict its own pledge, as outlined on its website. Instead of protecting the “health security of our nation,” the CDC uses bromides and meaningless pageantry to hide its true nature.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, now entering its fourth year, the fear-mongering spewed from the CDC has become virulent. It is a classic Orwellian script. Back in 2018, writing for the Foreign Policy Journal, Jeremy Hammond accused the agency of promoting disinformation about influenza statistics in order to induce fear in the public as a marketing campaign to increase vaccination rates. Moreover, the SARS-2 virus outbreak from the Wuhan laboratory has been seized upon as an opportunity to brainwash the public and reshape it into obedient livestock in order to increase the agency’s power over public health policies and vaccination compliance. Worse, this disinformation campaign has ignored everything we know so far about the efficacy and safety of the Covid-19 vaccines, especially the experimental mRNA vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer.

Unfortunately, the government has assured us that there is no public space to debate the pros and cons of these vaccines. The CDC has consistently shut down debate when its decisions are challenged.  Physicians, medical researchers, immunologists and former vaccine advocates who challenge the loose claims for vaccine safety and efficacy are frustrated and eager to publicly debate the best vaccine advocates the CDC and vaccine industry have to offer, but none will take up the challenge because the science is so clearly not on their side.

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A storm pummeling the West Coast has made an already disastrous weather week in America even worse, as much of Western New York remains buried under the 'bomb cyclone' that killed 34 people and thousands remain stranded due to Southwest Airlines canceling flights.

The new storm hit the West Coast with such force that trees were ripped out from their roots, drivers were stranded and wet on flooded roads, all while winds reached up to over 100mph. 

Meanwhile, the National Guard is set to go door-to-door for wellness checks in the city of Buffalo over the next 48 hours, as they brace for more than the 34 already pronounced dead throughout western New York.

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After reading this judge’s order in detail in the Kari Lake vs. Hobbs Trial, it is a useless exercise to try to counter it with evidence because he didn’t use any to come to his decision. What an absolute disgrace it truly is.

The judge ignored all of the legitimate evidence of intentional wrongdoing presented in the case, ignored perjury right in front of him by witnesses from Maricopa County, and glossed over serious election issues that were the law to have been followed correctly, would have constituted a new election at a minimum, and a Lake victory at a maximum.

So, instead, let’s talk about what the order did not address, which is much more indicative of willful ignorance on the part of the judge, who even was stunned at some of what was presented, as evidenced by his reaction in open court. How you leave any of this out is beyond me.

For this article, we will use the judge’s interpretation of the law, which as barnes_law points out, is inherently flawed. I know KariLake’s attorneys are working on the appeal now. I am not an attorney, but I will give it a go.

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A significant discrepancy between Pinal County’s officially canvassed vote tally and its recount tally of ballots cast in the 2022 General Election ballots is expected.

The results of the statutorily required recount in 3 races were expected to be released on December 22nd however, inexplicably, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs petitioned the courts to have the results go directly to her office and asked to postpone the release until December 29th.

News of the discrepancy broke on Twitter when well-respected consultant, Constantin Querard, who is not known for spreading conspiracy theories, shared his understanding of the situation.

“From reliable source in rural county – sizable # of votes found during recount. Net benefit to GOP candidates in the 100s possibly? Yikes! Maybe why recount results are being slow-walked by Hobbs? I’m not one for conspiracy stuff, but no process is perfect, so keep an eye on it!” tweeted Querard.

There were automatic recounts in the Attorney General’s race, Superintendent of Public Instruction race, and the Legislative District 13 (LD13) House race. Arizona law was recently changed, requiring automatic recounts if a candidate wins by a margin that is less than or equal to 0.5% of total votes cast.

The approximately 300 ballot discrepancy in Pinal County stems from a “system failure,” and is expected to favor Arizona Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh, a Republican who is only 511 votes away from the declared winner Democrat candidate Kris Mayes.

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Meet the "intelligence" officials who demonetized WND months ago. Finally, we know who those people are.

It was the badly misnamed Google Trust & Safety team. (Censors always use euphemistic names.)

That's right. It was three members of the Deep State – those who control "misinformation and hate speech."

It was all blatantly illegal – in direct violation of the First Amendment.

On top of that, Google is still riddled with high-ranking "intelligence" agents – 165 to be exact. They include former members of the CIA, 27; the FBI, 52; the NSA, 30; the DHS, 50; and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, 6.

Webmaster addition:

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The Gateway Pundit has obtained footage of a meeting in the Maricopa County tabulation room between Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett and Defendants’ attorneys after day one of the Lake v. Hobbs election trial.

This meeting started at approximately 6:15 pm on December 21 and ended close to 9 pm.

Footage of the nearly three-hour meeting was obtained from the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC) live cameras on the Recorder’s webpage.

Attorney Joseph La Rue appears to be sitting across from Scott Jarrett and coaching him on what to say when called to the stand the next day. It is unclear who the other individuals are.

This meeting at MCTEC occurred after Scott Jarrett potentially lied in court on December 21, stating he did not have a clue how 19-inch ballot images could be printed on a 20-inch paper.

The next day, Jarrett changed his testimony to state that he learned of a fit-to-paper issue “a few days after Election Day” that printed “a slightly smaller image of a 20-inch image on a 20-inch paper ballot.”

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on Jarrett’s conflicting testimonies regarding this issue during day one and day two of the trial.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an “assessment tool” for teachers and school administrators to measure their commitment to “LGBTQ inclusivity” in their classrooms.

The tool asks leading questions about school personnel and their faithfulness to queer theory, including encouraging sexual education teachers to have gender neutral anatomy, referring to boys as “body with a penis” and girls as “body with a vagina.”

It pushes advocacy, membership in a school’s “Gay/Straight Alliance,” the social transitioning of children including use of facilities of the opposite sex, and decorating classrooms with LGBT propaganda.

“The CDC’s imprimatur on this ‘self-assessment tool’ — and the inclusion of numerous links to resources and activist organizations — amounts to little more than bullying teachers, administrators, and school health professionals who might have reservations about ‘affirmation’ and ‘inclusion’ efforts in schools,” Parents Defending Education founder and president Nicole Neily told Breitbart News. “It is troubling that the during a global pandemic, this is where the CDC’s efforts were focused.”

Webmaster addition: What the hell is CDC doing pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda?!?

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Every year, child protective services agencies across the nation investigate the family lives of roughly 3.5 million children, or about 1 out of every 20 American kids.

In these cases, government officials frequently accuse parents of wrongdoing. They enter homes to conduct searches and interrogations, and what they find can be used against the parent by a state attorney in court. And the accused will face punishment — including, often, having their children removed from them indefinitely.

Child welfare cases, that is, operate a lot like criminal ones.

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk has announced that his social platform will promote the 'reasoned' questioning of scientific data - while also making a dig at Dr Fauci.

On Wednesday, Musk, who can been especially vocal on the platform since assuming control in late October, wrote: 'New Twitter policy is to follow the science, which necessarily includes reasoned questioning of the science.'

Gad Saad, a heavily-followed Evolutionary Behavior Scientist, replied to Musk's tweet in jest by posting a video of Dr. Fauci and writing: 'The science is anything that His Eminence Lord Fauci says it is.'

Musk is again ruffling feathers on Twitter by declaring that the platform will 'follow the science,' which will include a robust questioning of theories and data - a dig at those who blindly followed CDC and other government advice during the pandemic


Musk is again ruffling feathers on Twitter by declaring that the platform will 'follow the science,' which will include a robust questioning of theories and data - a dig at those who blindly followed CDC and other government advice during the pandemic

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Schools in the Rochester school district in Michigan include in their curriculum a course called “History of Ethnic and Gender Studies.”

If my child were attending school there, I would wonder why this is in the curriculum as part of K-12 education and what is taught.

One mother, Carol Beth Litkouhi, wondered enough that she went to the school and asked for details about what will be conveyed to her child in this program.

The response she got from the school amounted to “sorry, none of your business.”

Excuse me. A mother has no right to know what her child is being taught?

Litkouhi turned to the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation, which filed a lawsuit against the school district. A request was made under the state’s Freedom of Information Act to release to this mother details about the program. But this request also went nowhere.

Now, the Oakland County Circuit Court has ruled supporting the school district’s claim that because teachers belong to a teachers union, they are not public employees subject to the FOIA.

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Apple, Inc. was slapped with a new class action lawsuit Christmas Eve alleging the pulse oximetry feature on the Apple Watch product doesn’t work on people with a “darker skin tone.”
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In the months after a West Virginia court permanently took away their right to parent their daughters this past April, Jackie Snodgrass and her husband were left in a quiet house. The kids’ rooms remained untouched. The same dolls and stuffed animals were arranged on their younger daughter’s bed. The same clothes in the closets, becoming outgrown. The same photos on the walls, outdated.

The court had denied a final visit — despite the children continually saying they missed their mother — so the parents never got to say goodbye to them in person. Snodgrass worried about them constantly, especially her older daughter, who has diabetes. An app pinged her intermittently with updates on her child’s blood sugar. Occasionally, it would dip too low or spike too high.

“What if something happens to her?” Snodgrass said. “And if it does, I’m not going to be allowed to be there.”

Once considered a last resort reserved for parents who abandon their children, the involuntary and permanent termination of parental rights now hangs over every mother and father accused of any form of abuse or neglect — including allegations of nonviolent behavior like drug use or truancy, the two central parenting issues in the Snodgrasses’ case. Known in the legal world as the “death penalty” of child welfare, it can happen in a matter of months.

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President Joe Biden escaped winter’s chill with a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands where he and first lady Jill Biden are staying at the home of wealthy donors, according to multiple reports.
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A police officer in Tampa, Florida, was let go after body-cam footage showed him literally dragging an uncooperative female in handcuffs through a parking garage on her way to jail.
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Pro-Antifa Attorney General Keith Ellison has charged a former Minneapolis police officer for allegedly assaulting a man who fired at police during the Black Lives Matter riots over George Floyd’s death.

Former officer Justin Stetson, 34, has been charged with one felony count of third-degree assault.

Far-left AG Ellison infamously shared a photo of himself holding the Antifa Anti-Fascist Handbook, claiming that it would “strike fear” into former President Donald Trump.

Stetson is accused of beating up BLM activist Jaleel Stallings on May 30, 2020.

On that evening, rioters had lit fires all over the city — including at a post office, gas stations, and other businesses near the police department.

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams defended himself Wednesday after facing criticism last week for fleeing the city as the Big Apple braced for a severe winter storm during the Christmas holiday.
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Ryan Seacrest just said he agrees with the idea of CNN limiting hosts’ alcohol consumption during their New Year’s Eve broadcast.
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The launch of Russia’s special military operation and the accession of the four new regions to the country ended 30 years of attempts by Moscow to build an equal partnership with the West, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Summing up the country’s foreign policy course in 2022, the ministry said the recognition of the sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), the start of the special military operation, the holding of referendums in the two Donbass republics and in the liberated areas of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions followed by their accession to the Russian Federation were "tough but necessary steps." "At the same time, they ended a 30-year period of honest attempts by Russia to build an equal partnership with the collective West," the Russian diplomats said.

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Russia fired scores of missiles into Ukraine early on Thursday, targeting Kyiv and other cities including Lviv in the west and Odesa in the southwest, sending people rushing to shelters and knocking out power in one of Moscow's largest aerial assaults.


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