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A journalist covering a “drag queen story hour” event at a local dog- and kid-friendly pub was allegedly attacked and had her cellphone stolen by Antifa militants who were acting as security for the event.

The incident occurred at the Brewmaster’s Taproom on Dec. 10, The Post Millennial reported.

A group of people was protesting the event over concerns that it is inappropriate for drag queens, biological males who dress as women and generally perform highly-sexualized burlesque-style shows, to be hosting an event for children.

A mob of about 100 Antifa militants showed up armed with umbrellas and waving transgender flags, Rebel News reported.

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  • Both Fauci’s house and his office are adorned with portraits of Fauci.

“The walls in Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s home office are adorned with portraits of him,” writes the NYT’s Sheryl Gay Stolberg.

An embarrassed Fauci is uncomfortable with her being there and witnessing all of these bobbleheads and portraits in his house, she writes, because he believes the “far right” will now attack him as an “egomaniac.”  

Fauci’s office at the NIH is also adorned with bobbleheads and portraits of Fauci.

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Incendiary social media influencer Andrew Tate and his brother were busted in Romania Thursday related to sex-trafficking allegations, according to a report.

Police in tactical gear descended on a villa Andrew Tate and brother Tristan were staying at Thursday to detain the British brothers on kidnapping and rape charges, judicial sources told Romanian outlet Libertatea.

Video shows the officers armed with battering rams and guns sweeping through the dark villa before escorting Tate into a car.

The brothers had allegedly detained two young women — one with American citizenship and one Romanian — inside the villa against their will in April, where they were subjected to “physical violence and mental coercion,” the Daily Mail reported.

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I wish I could go through a day without having to reference Orwell and Huxley when observing how the ruling class is able to manipulate, subjugate, and propagandize the willfully ignorant masses through lies, deceptions, disinformation, and fear. But here we are, living through a dystopian nightmare blending the worst aspects of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World.

It’s as if O’Brien and Mustapha Mond are running the show, using behavioral conditioning, restricting freedom of speech, adhering to a strict caste system, surveilling everything we say or do, using our fears to control us, utilizing propaganda to produce false narratives, and ultimately threatening to stomp a boot on our faces forever if we do not obey and conform. Virtually everything we are told by politicians, government bureaucrats, military brass, “esteemed” journalists, medical “experts”, bankers, and corporate executives is lies. They do not believe their lies, but they know it benefits themselves financially to lie, and as long as they work together, they know the ignorant masses will believe them.


George tells Jerry “It’s not a lie if you believe it” as he is going to take a lie detector test. I wonder how Fauci, Biden, Hillary, Obama, Comey, Wray, Pelosi, and the slew of other Deep State coup conspirators would fare on a lie detector test about Russiagate, Covidgate, J6 Insurrectiongate, and Vaccinegate. Based on the titanic volume of lies they have spewed over the last several years, I’m sure the machine would overheat and explode if hooked up to any of this traitorous vile scum.

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The video then speeds through Biden sitting at his desk, trying to get through those 65 bills. He does eventually accomplish that Herculean task, and in just 10 minutes and 41 seconds to boot

The video then ends with white text emblazoned on the imagery, reading “President Biden. Gets It Done. For Working Families.”

And to be fair to Biden, he does appear to “get it done,” in under 11 minutes no less. But the “for working families” bit? That’s going to have to get fact-checked.

A glance at the most recent batch of bills signed by Biden shows that of those 65 bills he signed, virtually none of them actually do anything for working families. That’s a pretty glaring problem for a video whose entire point was basically to scream “Look at how fast Biden works for families!”

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A startling new report makes the astonishing claim that the CIA, known for fomenting revolution and wars around the globe, is helping to direct sabotage attacks inside Russia, risking all-out war with a major nuclear power.

Even as Russia’s forces struggle to pacify Ukraine, having had to retreat in recent weeks after taking ground in the country’s eastern reaches early in the February invasion, Moscow still maintains a substantial nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver warheads in ways even the U.S. could not stop, via Mach 5 Zircon hypersonic missiles.

According to investigative journalist Jack Murphy, the CIA is supposedly using long-dormant sleeper cells that have been activated by an unnamed NATO ally’s spy service, which are working to hinder Russia’s war effort from behind the lines.

“Years in the planning, the campaign is responsible for many of the unexplained explosions and other mishaps that have befallen the Russian military industrial complex since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, according to three former U.S. intelligence officials, two former U.S. military officials and a U.S. person who has been briefed on the campaign,” he reported on his website. “The former officials declined to identify specific targets for the CIA-directed campaign, but railway bridges, fuel depots and power plants in Russia have all been damaged in unexplained incidents since the Kremlin launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February.”

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Are you ready to learn the shocking truth about the Covid-19 vaccines?

Health authorities around the world have been caught red-handed manipulating figures in an attempt to keep the public in the dark about the devastating side effects of the injections.

Don’t believe the lies and propaganda being spread by the mainstream media – keep reading to discover the full extent of this cover-up and the real impact the vaccine is having on people’s health.

Get ready for a bombshell revelation that will shake the foundations of everything you thought you knew about the pandemic.

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The question that should be on our minds is: how are my household's buffers holding up?

Lists of predictions for the new year are reliably popular. Here's 10 predictions, there's 17 predictions, over here we have 23 and a half... let's strip it all down to one prediction: everyone's predictions will be wrong because 2023 isn't going to follow anyone's script.

There are several reasons for this. One is that the vast majority of predictions are based on historical comparisons to previous eras. If the current era is unique in its combination of dynamics and instability, previous pathways are not going to accurately predict what happens next.

Recency bias leads us astray. The past 50 years of relatively mild weather, the past 40 years of Bull Markets, the past 30 years of financialization and the supremacy of monetary policy--all of these offer a warm and fuzzy confidence that the future will be comfortingly similar to the recent past. This assumption works pretty well in stable eras but fails dismally in destabilizing, transitional eras.

Stability and instability are not evenly distributed, so every cherry-picked bias can be supported. You predict slow sales? Here's an empty shopping mall. See, I'm right! You predict a return to the good old days? Here's a crowded street fair. See, I'm right!

Those who happen to be living inside an island of coherence are inside a bubble that they mistakenly think encompasses the entire world. This is especially prevalent in the top 5% who shape the narratives that influence the rest of us. If real estate is sinking in their little corner of the world, they predict real estate will crash everywhere.

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The Austrian defense minister has warned that Europeans could face blackouts that go on for days, leaving one–third of citizens unable to “supply themselves.”

Klaudia Tanner made the comments during an interview with German news outlet Die Welt.

“The question is not whether it (the blackout) will come, but when it will come,” said Tanner, blaming the war in Ukraine.

“For Putin, hacking attacks on Western power supplies are a tool of hybrid warfare. We must not pretend that this is just a theory. We must be prepared for blackouts in Austria and Europe,” she added.

Austrian armed forces are set to establish 100 self-sufficient barracks by 2025 that are capable of sustaining themselves for a minimum of two weeks if energy supplies are seriously disrupted.

Tanner spoke to how unprepared Europeans were for crippling elongated blackouts by warning, “one-third of citizens would not be able to supply themselves on the fourth day of a blackout at the latest.”

While Vladimir Putin remains the convenient scapegoat, others have pointed to Europe’s overdependence on ‘green energy’ and its shutting down of traditional coal-fired and nuclear plants as one of the primary reasons for increasing the risk of blackouts.

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Wokeness just got its comeuppance from a big wig in the entertainment industry.

In an interview for the January issue of, comedian John Cleese railed on “wokes” as enemies of humor and creativity. According to the Washington Examiner, the 83-year-old blasted the idea that people are used to “deliberately waiting for the thrill of being offended.”.

Cleese said a concern that many have been thinking out loud: “You think of an idea, and you immediately think: ‘Oooh, is that going to get me into trouble? Well, that person last Thursday got away with it.’ But all that stuff immediately stops you from being creative.”

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Least surprising story of the week concerns the (relatively) young black lady who took offense when an elderly white retainer, also a lady, at the court of the British monarch tried to engage her in conversation. Liberals all over were shrieking and fainting at the old lady's "racism."

The younger of the two parties in this story, the black one, runs a charity for  "victims of abuse and violence within the African and Caribbean communities." So I guess this charity only caters to other black women. Is that legal in Britain? Apparently it is.

At any rate the charity gets government money from London's municipal government and other sources. They reported total income of £363,506 last year.

And all that money was spent helping poor battered black women, right? Apparently not. Questions have been raised, and the Charity Commission, which oversees charities in Britain, is undertaking an investigation.

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The 3,472-square-mile Yellowstone Park, known for its geothermal features, is located in the western United States and sits on a supervolcano - Yellowstone Caldera.

A colossal lump of molten carbonates is bubbling hundreds of kilometers underneath Yellowstone Park’s supervolcano, and the discovery has changed scientists' understanding of the carbon cycle.

About 1.8 million square kilometers (700,000 square miles) in size, the liquidized, carbon-infused material lurks in the upper region of the mantle, a research published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters has revealed.

Planet Earth is composed of four layers: the inner core, the outer core, the mantle and the crust. The predominantly-solid mantle lies between Earth's dense, super-heated core and its thin outer layer, the crust.

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I saw this on the website The Truth About Guns, where they’re making an obvious gun rights point—it was already illegal under Federal law for Wesley Brownlee to possess a firearm, but he allegedly got one anyway:

A man suspected in Northern California serial killings has been charged in four additional slayings this week, bringing the total to seven deaths since April 2021, authorities said.

The shootings terrorized the Central Valley city of Stockton earlier this year as police searched for a man clad in black who appeared to be “on a mission” as he hunted victims for ambush-style shootings. He was also tied violence in Alameda County.

Three of the four slayings listed in court documents Tuesday have already been disclosed by authorities — who earlier said they had linked suspect Wesley Brownlee to the killings of six men and the wounding of a woman — but charges had not been filed.

[Accused California Serial Killer, a ‘Prohibited Person,’ Charged With 4 More Shooting Deaths, December 29, 2022]

However, the story had a picture of the guy, and he’s not just an alleged serial killer, he’s a black alleged serial killer:

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It was a stressful Christmas for patients at a medical practice in the UK after they accidentally received a text telling them they had aggressive lung cancer.
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The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has released body camera footage of a deputy fatally shooting a man with a cleaver who was claiming to be the Antichrist.
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61-year-old Carlo Secondino was murdered in his Brooklyn apartment Thursday in an incident the police initially suggested was a home invasion.
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Hunter Biden’s baby mama Lunden Roberts asked a court to change their daughter’s last name to Biden.
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The price of eggs has hit a record high and is not showing any signs of going down in the near future.
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Legislation proposed by Republican lawmakers in Arizona would prohibit teachers from using a student’s “preferred pronouns” without parental consent.
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Multiple states have changes going into effect dropping personal or business taxes.
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Russia's Engels airbase has been targeted for a third time this month by Ukraine's military, resulting in Russian anti-air defenses being activated to take out an inbound projectile. 

Engels airbase is located in the Saratov region and crucially is at a distance of over 600km from the Ukrainian border. "The air defense system has been activated in the Engels district," regional governor Roman Busargin said of the Thursday incident. 

Busargin described that an "unidentified object" had been destroyed, adding that there is no further threat to civilian safety. He didn't indicate whether the object was a drone or missile, but it comes after a deadly Monday attack involving a Ukrainian drone. 

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The government of Switzerland rejected attempts to impose a third-gender option or no-gender option for official records last week, distinguishing itself from other European nations that have already adopted the politics of gender identity.

The Swiss Federal Council responded to two proposals from the nation’s parliament saying “the binary gender model is still strongly anchored in Swiss society,” according to The Associated Press.

The Swiss Government said, “The social preconditions for the introduction of a third gender or for a general waiver of the gender entry in the civil registry currently are not there.”

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Biden has been criticized for fabricating stories for decades, from claiming to having been arrested in apartheid-era South Africa to being "shot at" in Iraq to being in a helicopter that was "forced down" by al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Most recently, Biden was slammed after telling the hurricane-devastated island of Puerto Rico that he had been "raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically," in Delaware.

Biden's tall-tale telling first came to light during his failed 1988 presidential campaign after he was busted for lying about his academic record and plagiarizing speeches on the campaign trail, which ultimately derailed his bid.

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Thousands of migrants streaming over the border have overwhelmed the city, which has admitted to having to cast out hundreds onto its streets in recent months when its shelters have become too full.

Those with nowhere to stay have ended up camping outside the shelters on the streets of El Paso — where temperatures have recently dropped below freezing at night — wrapped in blankets and huddled in tents and cardboard boxes.

The small camp may have been started by legally admitted asylum seekers who had been processed by the US government, but they soon attracted others who had sneaked over the border illegally and were also seeking food and shelter. By eating and sleeping in one area, trash quickly piled up around them.

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NASA might use a SpaceX spacecraft to rescue three space station crew members depending on a leaky Soyuz to get home, a report suggests.

The Soyuz spacecraft on the International Space Station suffered a severe coolant leak on Dec. 15 and a decision about whether it is safe to send the crew back to Earth on it will come in January, Russia has said. If a rescue Soyuz craft is needed it could only come in February, two or three weeks before the normal changeover in March.

NASA is apparently considering using SpaceX, the only company currently flying astronauts into space from American soil, as a backup if these options don't work out.

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"The stillbirth rate is measured in terms of live births per thousand," explained Dr. Thorp. "And really, it's come down in my career from about 10 to about almost 5.8 or six."

"Now let's go to 2021..."

"This is horrifying. But if you take this death figure, and you look at that rate at 29.3, that sigma that you're looking at — is 40+ sigma standard deviation. Let that sink in."

Chance of probability: 0%

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