“The story of its ruin is simple and obvious; and, instead of inquiring why the Roman Empire was destroyed, we should rather be surprised that it had subsisted so long. The victorious legions, who, in distant wars, acquired the vices of strangers and mercenaries, first oppressed the freedom of the republic, and afterwards violated the majesty of the purple. The emperors, anxious for their personal safety and the public peace, were reduced to the base expedient of corrupting the discipline which rendered them alike formidable to their sovereign and to the enemy; the vigor of the military government was relaxed, and finally dissolved, by the partial institutions of Constantine; and the Roman world was overwhelmed by a deluge of Barbarians.” — Edward Gibbon. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter 38 “General Observations on the Fall of the Roman Empire in the West”

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As NATO Issues China Seizure Threat, Beijing Is Moving Industries And Money Out Fast MikeRivero

The Biden Titanic MikeRivero

Biden’s track record as president may be more concerning than his cognitive decline. He has literally destroyed the U.S. border, deliberately allowing the entry of more than 10 million illegal aliens. His callous handlers’ agenda was to import abjectly poor constituencies in need of vast government services without regard for the current struggles of a battered American middle class and poor.

While researching why this is occurring, I happened upon this article from the American Institute for Economic Research. It explains that Medicare has cut reimbursement to physicians yet again, leaving them 30% behind the rate of inflation.

Despite a hefty taxpayer price tag, several states are requiring cities to transition their public transportation to emitting zero greenhouse gasses.

Since 2022, seven states have passed laws to transition to zero-emission school buses.

In Illinois, a law passed last year requiring all transit agencies to purchase zero-emission buses by 2026. Similar legislation was passed in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland and New York.

Here is a chart of Non-commerciak net positions for US Treasuries, currently showing more bailing out of Treasury positions. Has the world sours on DC’s fiscal train wreck and The Fed? Of course, budget deficits are a disaster with Biden/Congress spending like drunken sailors in port and showing no signs of letting up. The good news? At least a court struck down Biden’s illegal cancelation of student debt (a desperate attempt to win votes). That would have spiked the budget deficit.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has landed a new gig with Japan’s biggest steelmaker, Nippon Steel Corp.

In a statement, Nippon Steel shared, “We look forward to working alongside Pompeo to further emphasize the ways in which Nippon Steel’s acquisition of U.S. Steel bolsters the country’s economic and national security.”

No payroll for millions of people MikeRivero

Global economy crippled by digital pandemic: IT outage could last days

It remains unclear how widespread the payroll disruption is, but Melanie Pizzey, the founder and CEO of GPA said her company had received complaints from a number of clients who couldn’t access their payroll software because of the outage.

Payroll systems typically need to be notified of any issues that would stop direct deposits from going through at least two days before the payday for the issue to be resolved in time.