"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." --  Greek proverb

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Biden Admin to Send Undercover Agents Posing as Students to Colleges and Universities MikeRivero Sun, 03/19/2023 - 15:28

The Biden administration will disguise agents as students to catch colleges and universities that are misleading students, according to the announcement, the Department of Education announced on Tuesday.

New York will change what it takes for students to reach “proficiency” on state math and English language arts tests, calling last year’s lower scores the “new normal.”

More than half a million kids could miss school next week because of a planned-three day strike from employees of the nation's second-largest school system, who are demanding higher wages due to rising inflation and housing costs.

The development comes as the latest round of negotiations between the Los Angeles Unified School District schools and a union representing 30,000 of its cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and other school staffers seemingly fell flat on Friday.

Fifth Ward Elementary in Reserve, Louisiana is located right next to a plant — a location the EPA first warned about seven years ago over concerns about toxic emissions. NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden is on the ground reporting on residents’ anger and why children are still attending the school.

At Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon, parents have expressed outrage over a class assignment asking students to write a "sexual fantasy" story excluding penetration or oral sex with no possibility of passing sexually transmitted infections.

Eighteen years ago, I published an article in the Stanford Law Review which documented for the first time the enormous breadth and scale of race-based admissions preferences in law schools. At most law schools, the undergraduate grades (UGPA) and median LSAT scores of enrolled Black students were two standard deviations below those of white students at the same school. Outside of a handful of “Historically Black” institutions (where racial preferences were minimal), Blacks in law school were not faring well.

Over the last five years, the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become a “central concern of higher education” in the United States. On its face, this “new trinity of American higher education” sounds like a virtuous (and long overdue) set of governing principles.

An Arizona school District is helping put power back in the hands of parents with what is benign described as an anti-woke hotline.

This hotline is designed to let parents report inappropriate curriculum, such as lessons that teach Critical Race Theory. Superintendent Tom Horne calls it the Empower Hotline. He says parents should report lessons their children are being taught at school they are concerned about. Although topics like CRT and gender ideology are mentioned, the Empower Hotline is for any lesson that worries a parent.