In his second State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Biden is slated to outline a series of actions the federal government is taking to crack down on the smuggling of fentanyl along the southern border, where Mexican cartels have sought to traffic thousands of pounds of the deadly synthetic opioid into the U.S. over the past year alone.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) revealed he’s defending Texas against an onslaught of illegal immigrants by completing Donald Trump’s former project of erecting a wall along the southern border.

In a social media post Sunday, Abbott showed construction crews making progress installing 30-foot high sections of steel fencing meant to keep out illegal intruders.

Texas Demands Reparations From Washington Lone Star Republicans Want Payback for the Cost of Southern Border Wave MikeRivero Tue, 02/07/2023 - 12:51

As the border crisis continues to spiral out of control, southern state lawmakers keep ripping the federal government for offering no assistance.

Critics claim the crisis is not only a massive humanitarian issue, but it’s also a bona fide national security risk. On top of that, there’s the financial impact, which is felt especially by border states.

That’s why Texas Republicans are now demanding “reparations” from D.C.

Ron DeSantis Sends Marthas Vineyard Liberals Spinning He Just Ordered Permanent Blue City Transport Program in FL House MikeRivero Tue, 02/07/2023 - 12:50

Democrats were fine with ignoring the exploding border crisis until Florida Gov. Don DeSantis got involved. The Republican shook up the liberal establishment when he few fifty illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

The elite liberals who lived on the rich island exposed their hypocrisy when they quickly bused the migrants off the island.

Biden and his Democrats had to scramble to cover their tracks after that. But the damage was done. More Americans are demanding answers to Biden’s open border as millions of illegals flood the country.

By September of 2022, the New York City Department of Education fired around 2,000 people who refused to comply with the vaccine mandate.

While New York teachers, and other city and state workers, were forced off the job, illegals pour into the United States without proof of any vaccines.

And city schools are forced to accept unvaccinated illegals into classrooms.

An immigration official in the Canadian province of Quebec has said it is "surprising" to learn that New York City is sending migrants to the country's border.

New York City mayor Eric Adams told Fox 5 that his administration was assisting migrants who had been sent to his city but wanted to go elsewhere.

"Some want to go to Canada, some want to go to warmer states, and we are there for them as they continue to move on with their pursuit of this dream," Mr Adams said.

Teen MS-13 member charged with strangling autistic woman to death in Aberdeen, police say MikeRivero Tue, 02/07/2023 - 11:01
73-Year-Old Arizona Rancher Charged With Murder For Shooting Illegal Immigrant On His Property Who Had History Of Deportations IamShado Tue, 02/07/2023 - 10:29



One of the strangest things about the American response to Ukraine has been the willingness of the Left and the establishment Right to discount completely that the war is heading toward a rendezvous with ever-deadlier weapons and staggering fatalities—even as we witness increasing nuclear threats from a weakened and adrift Vladimir Putin. They insist that Putin is merely saber-rattling. And he might be. Supposedly, in his diminished and discredited state, Putin would not dare to set off a tactical nuclear weapon (as if diminished and discredited leaders are not more likely to do so).