"If a government cannot prove the honesty and accuracy of the elections by which they claim authority over the people, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government's dictates nor to pay its bills nor to send their children to die in that government's wars, and may with full moral justification resist with lethal force efforts to coerce said dictatorship, looting, and conscription." -- Michael Rivero

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Russia has expressed its gratitude to North Korea again for supporting its aggression against Ukraine in a show of solidarity as fresh claims of arms trading between the two authoritarian regimes emerged. 

“We are pleased that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is standing with us at the forefront of this struggle,” the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang said in a Facebook post on Feb. 29, to update developments in Ukraine.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is North Korea’s official name. 

The Roman Emperor who allegedly appointed his horse to the Roman Senate has long been a hallmark of arrogance. The US State Department has now exceeded it by declaring that Russian President Putin’s gift of a car to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un violated “international sanctions.” Washington’s sanctions are “international” sanctions that prohibit the President of Russia, an independent country, from giving a present to the leader of another independent country. There you have it.

The conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East have not distracted Washington from flexing its military muscles in the Asia-Pacific. Through one drill after another, the US is coercing regional countries into taking its side, further intensifying regional conflicts and transforming the Asia-Pacific into a more dangerous place.

Russia is warning about the risk of an armed confrontation on the Korean Peninsula amid the unprecedented military activity by United States and its allies in this subregion, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko told TASS.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has warned the United States and South Korea that Pyongyang would destroy their capitals if they opt for a military confrontation with his country.

In this context, the senior Russian diplomat said that he doesn’t rule out the risk of a direct armed confrontation on the Korean Peninsula.

Although there were drive-ins only in the 1910s, the first patented drive-in was opened in New Jersey on June 6, 1933, by Richard Hollingshead. It offered space for 400 vehicles. He built it as a solution for those unable to comfortably fit in small movie theater seats after building a mini drive-in for his mother. Appealing to families, Hollingshead advertises its drive-in as a place where "the whole family is welcome, no matter how noisy the kids are."


On Wednesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a letter announcing that Texas was going to begin enforcing the state border. They have been doing this for some time. Yet the federal government has objected to the fencing being placed across the Rio Grande barriers. So Abbott issued a historic letter in the face of a constitutional crisis that has been created entirely by Joe Biden and his bad activities at the border. Not enforcing our country's border, intentionally leaving the border open is evil, which is what Biden has done. I have been to the border.

More than 10 million barrels of Russian crude oil were effectively blocked off the coast of South Korea due to US sanctions, traders told Reuters on Friday. This statement is supported by shipping data. The situation is described by the OilPrice resource.