"No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session." -- Mark Twain (1866)

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We all know well that the Great Lakes are littered with shipwrecks; It's just a matter of finding them. A researcher has managed to find the missing SS Arlington, long thought lost beneath the waves, after devoting an entire decade of time and resources to find it. After arriving for help, he was able to identify with certainty that the wreck was indeed the SS Arlington. After 10 years of dedicated searching on Lake Superior, researcher Dan Fountain finally found something at the bottom of the lake using remote sensing technology.
Carol Burnett was a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. A triple threat – actor, singer, comedian – he worked his way up to legendary status, eventually hosting his own television show, "The Carol Burnett Show." However, he starred in other television shows including 'The Ed Sullivan Show'. In a recent interview, he recounted how he completely "bombed" one of his visits to the show when he had to perform in front of the King of Rock and Roll himself. Due to its popularity as a television variety show, 'The Ed Sullivan Show' ran for 24 seasons from 1948 to 1971.

Javier Milai plays the role of the apocalyptic Prophet. Nations are often ruled by little men blinded by their perceived power. Men who sometimes delight in playing with people’s lives and with biblical prophecies. Javier Milai is one of them. Not the only one.

The 1970s, a period of great change in America, holds a treasure trove of forgotten events that, for some, have been forgotten. From trending toys to daring stunts, these events serve as symbols of the decade. So how many can you remember?
Embark on a journey into the lesser-known areas of cinema, where hidden treasures await discovery. The vast archives of great filmmakers contain forgotten masterpieces that deserve a revisit. From the mysterious twist of David Lynch's "Lost Highway" to the heartfelt nostalgia of Tim Burton's "Ed Wood," these films challenge conventions and offer unique insight into the creative genius of their creators. Amidst the shadows of his more famous works, these underrated gems inspire audiences to explore uncharted territories of emotion, imagination, and storytelling.
Join us as we embark on a journey through the world of amazing weather phenomena. From the awe-inspiring dance of the Northern Lights to the dramatic wrath of tornadoes, the wonders of nature never cease to amaze. In this series, we'll explore 40 remarkable weather events captured on film, revealing the astonishing beauty and power of our planet's atmosphere. Each event offers a glimpse of the fascinating forces at work in our skies, from celestial fog to explosive flashes of volcanic lightning.
Inventing has been a human practice from ancient civilizations to the modern era. While many things have become essential parts of everyday life and beyond, some inventions were too bizarre to make it into the mainstream. They serve as fascinating windows into the minds of their creative inventors.
Testing Firepower: A Woman's Accuracy in Aberdeen, 1942 Amid the shadow of World War II, humanity faces its greatest test yet. Across continents and oceans, amidst the horrific echoes of war, ordinary people demonstrated extraordinary resilience and unwavering resolve. Each image in this captivating gallery captures a piece of that indomitable human spirit. These snapshots not only offer a glimpse of history, but are powerful reminders of courage, unity, and the continued pursuit of hope amidst despair.

A former United States ambassador has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars after admitting he worked as a secret agent for Cuba.

Manuel Rocha admitted guilt to federal charges on Friday. The former U.S. ambassador to Bolivia worked as a covert foreign agent for Cuba, was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Brazil is reinstating its visa requirement for US tourists, previously lifted in 2019. Although e-visas were briefly available, the system was abolished. The processing time for visas averages five working days, but officials advise applying two months in advance.