Nov 30 15:51

General who warned about ‘accidental’ war with Russia gets replaced

The UK has a new Chief of the Defence Staff, as Admiral Sir Tony Radakin took over the job from the retiring General Sir Nick Carter. The former First Sea Lord will lay out his vision for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces next week.

Radakin officially assumed the post on Tuesday, calling it a “privilege” to lead the Armed Forces in pursuit of British national interests. The government “envisages a strong, secure and confident United Kingdom, actively engaged in the world,” he added.

Nov 30 09:39

Meeting near Russian border, NATO weighs response to Moscow's military maneuvers

"We're the ones that keep other people awake at night": That's the impact US Marine Corps Brigadier General Simon Doran hopes this massive show of NATO power has on Russian military planners plotting their next moves.

Doran is the senior American representative serving with the UK's Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21), the largest fifth-generation carrier air wing in the world. It's on its way back to Portsmouth, England after completing a seven-month voyage of some 40,000 nautical miles to the Indo-Pacific, where along the way forces linked to the deployment took part in strikes against "Islamic State," tracked Chinese submarines and carried out exercises in the Black Sea. And, Doran emphasized, CSG21 is ready for duty anywhere.

Nov 30 09:31

Going, going… GONE! Footage shows the farcical moment £100m F-35 fighter jet toppled off the end of HMS Queen Elizabeth's runway and sank into the Mediterranean - as furious Navy chiefs launch mole hunt for whoever leaked it

Furious Royal Navy bosses were last night hunting for a sailor who leaked film of a £100million British warplane crashing into the sea on take-off from an aircraft carrier.

In a shocking security breach, the 16-second clip was copied using a smartphone and put on Twitter.

The incident triggered a frantic underwater race to find the wreckage of the F-35B stealth jet and secure the crash site a mile below the surface before Russian divers could get there first.

Nov 29 10:30

The Bank of England is in a pickle

Nov 29 07:33

UK Bureaucrats Ban Word ‘Christmas’ for Fear It Will Offend Minorities

UK Civil servants have axed the word ‘Christmas’ from a proposed government campaign, for fear the term will offend minorities.

British civil servants have apparently embraced their inner Scrooge, vetoing the use of the word ‘Christmas’ from being used in a coronavirus testing drive aimed at students, arguing that the use of the term runs the risk of offending minorities within the country.

The campaign, which reportedly would have revolved around ministers using the slogan “Don’t take COVID home for Christmas,” is part of a larger government effort to limit the spread of the Chinese coronavirus after two cases of the Omicron variant were discovered on-shore.

‘We have been advised by Cabinet Office that we should not use the word Christmas – as the Government campaign needs to be inclusive and some religions don’t celebrate Christmas,” an email seen by The Mail on Sunday read. “The other option was ‘festive season’ which keeps the emotional motivation.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Be offended. I don't care!

Nov 29 07:26

Britain, Israel Agree to Stop Iran From Getting Nuclear Weapons

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Israeli FM Yair Lapid have issued a joint statement surrounding their memorandum of understanding. The overarching subject is a 10-year plan to deepen ties between the two nations.

Because this is Israel, though, one cannot get through a whole diplomatic session without making things about Iran, and the nations agreed to join forces to stop Iran from getting nuclear arms.

The fact of the matter is Iran is not attempting to get nuclear arms, and Israel’s objections center on Iran’s civilian nuclear program. Israel prefers to ignore that reality, as it would get in the way of drumming up anti-Iran sentiment.

It’s not clear what, if anything, this means for UK policy toward Iran, and it may to them just be for politeness’ sake toward Israel. Israel may be keen for visible expressions of support, however, as the US is moving toward engaging diplomatically with Iran, something Israel at times opposes.

Nov 29 06:40

UK Army Reestablishes 'Permanent' Germany Presence Directed At "Russian Threat"

The United Kingdom announced at the end of last week that the military will ramp up its permanent presence of troops and tanks in Germany, a year after drawing down its large Cold War-era presence there. British media appeared unanimous in citing that it was in the face of the "Russian threat" - with the premier newspaper The Sunday Times describing a "brigade-sized force" will now be closer to eastern Europe "in the event of war with Russia."

"Hundreds of vehicles including tanks and drones will be deployed back to Germany in a government U-turn as the army builds one of its three big overseas hubs in the country," The Times wrote in reference also to Oman and Kenya, which will additionally form the three new "regional land hubs" of the army's foreign deployments.

Nov 28 06:51

Calais People Smugglers Net £58 Million From Trafficking Channel Migrants This Year

The price to cross the English Channel varies according to the network of smugglers, between 3,000 and 7,000 euros (£2,500/$3,380 and £6,000/$8,000) though there are rumors of discounts.

Often, the fee also includes a very short-term tent rental in the windy dunes of northern France and food cooked over fires that sputter in the rain that falls for more than half the month of November in the Calais region. Sometimes, but not always, it includes a life vest and fuel for the outboard motor.

And the people who collect the money – up to 300,000 euros (£324,000/$432,000) per boat that makes it across the narrows of the Channel – are not the ones arrested in the periodic raids along the coastline. They are just what French police call “the little hands.”

Nov 27 09:06

Outgoing UK Chief of Defence Staff Describes Russia as Most Acute Threat

Outgoing UK Chief of Defence Staff General Nick Carter said that from his point of view Russia poses the most acute threat to the UK national security.

"I became head of the Army in the summer of 2014, and we were arguing at that stage as to whether the threat was from violent extremism or whether it was a state threat from Russia. At that stage, the violent extremism argument just about won. But then, in 2018, we had the attack on the Skripal family in Salisbury, and it became blindingly obvious that Russia was the most acute threat to our country,” Carter told The Telegraph.

He stressed that the threats related to Russia and China were not conventional.

“The way threats appear today are not so much as a conventional threat; rather it is what I call grey-zone activity, where opponents see the world as a continuous struggle in which all the instruments of power can be used, so long as they do not bring on a hot war,” Carter added.

Nov 26 08:32

France withdraws invitation to UK minister over Johnson letter

France has withdrawn UK Home Secretary Priti Patel’s invitation to a meeting in Calais, following the publication of a letter by PM Boris Johnson to his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, regarding migrant crossings.

In a message seen by the news agency AFP on Friday, France’s interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, said he was “disappointed” by a letter that was sent by Johnson to the French president and simultaneously published on the British prime minister’s Twitter account on Thursday.

Darmanin contends that, while France was dismayed at its contents, its publication on social media only made matters worse. As a result, the French government has canceled an urgent meeting to deal with the uptick in migrant crossings of the Channel that was scheduled with UK Home Secretary Priti Patel for Sunday.

Nov 26 07:07

UK to Deploy More Tanks to Germany Amid Reported Worries Over Russian 'Activities' on Ukraine Border

London withdrew a portion of its motorised forces from the European state in 2010 amid a trend by western nations to focus on fighting terrorism and more positive relations with Russia.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has announced upcoming changes to the country's military, including on a planned redeployment of some of its tanks to Germany to bring the British motorised presence there to a full armoured brigade for the first time in a decade.

The additional tanks will be based in the NATO Forward Holding Facility at the Sennelager Training Area in Germany. At the same time, the UK Defence Ministry does not plan to increase the number of troops deployed there.

The change is expected to allow the rapid reinforcement of NATO's eastern flank. The UK thus effectively will roll back its 2010 decision to redeploy a portion of its armoured brigade from Germany, which was partially justified by the absence of an imminent threat from Russia.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The War Drums Are Beating!

Nov 25 09:09

UK to Have New Elite Ranger Regiment For 'High Threat' Missions as Part of ‘Radical’ Army Overhaul

The UK Defence Secretary had confirmed in March this year that the size of the army would be reduced to 72,500 by 2025, telling Parliament that its increased deployability and technological advantages would mean that greater effect can be delivered by fewer people with increased funding to “modernise the forces for threats of the 2020s and beyond.”

The British Defence Secretary has announced the formation of a new elite Ranger regiment as part of the army’s most “radical” overhaul in over 20 years, reports Sky News.

Ben Wallace has also saved 500 troops from a planned cut in army numbers announced earlier in March. The UK force will still be culled by 9,000 posts to 73,000, with an emphasis on capability rather than mass. The UK military forces will now be relying more on robots and computers and data, with servicemen and women expected to hone specialist skills.

Nov 24 21:25

Investigation into spike in newborn baby deaths in Scotland

A spike in the number of deaths of newborn babies in Scotland is to be investigated.

At least 21 babies under four weeks old died in September, a rate of 4.9 per 1,000 births.

Infant death rates vary widely from month to month, but the increase is larger than expected from chance alone.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) and other agencies will now look into whether the Covid pandemic or other factors could be behind the increase.

The average mortality rate among newborns is just over two per 1,000 births.

Nov 24 07:46

Boris CBI Chaos

Nov 24 07:02

British Army to Switch Main Training Base From Canada to Oman in Move Seen as Hostile to Iran

The British Army has had a huge base in the Canadian province of Alberta since 1972. The Suffield base became increasingly important as the British Army pulled resources out of Germany after the end of the Cold War.

The Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, is expected to announce the British Army is quitting its main overseas training base, in Canada, and will shift more than 1,000 tanks and helicopters to a new base in Oman.

The Daily Telegraph’s defence editor Dominic Nicholls wrote: “Defence sources said the shift to the Gulf would enable British forces to position hardware closer to allies such as Ukraine and Bahrain, and to potential adversaries such as Iran.”

The British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Alberta has been in existence since 1972 and enables mechanised infantry and artillery to train on a 1,600 square mile base near the city of Medicine Hat.

Nov 23 13:25

UK government outlaws Palestinian resistance

Stuart Littlewood views the UK's hypocritical decision to outlaw Hamas for allegedly promoting "anti-Semtism" and "terrorism" while ignoring the fact that "the rock of security is eroded everyday by the real terrorists in the region, apartheid Israel" – "the reason for the unrest, slaughter, land theft and vicious oppression of the last 73 years".>>

Nov 23 10:01

UK redefines “fully vaccinated” to require booster shots… and your compliance is not optional

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a press briefing that Britons will definitely need a booster dose of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines to be considered “fully vaccinated.” He added that the concept will need to be adjusted, given that vaccine-induced immunity wanes over time.

“On boosters, it’s very clear that getting three jabs – getting your booster – will become an important fact. It will make life easier for you in all sorts of ways, and we will have to adjust our concept of what constitutes a full vaccination to take account of that,” Johnson said.

“As we can see from what’s happening, the two [vaccine doses] sadly do start to wane, so we’ve got to be responsible and reflect that fact in the way we measure what constitutes full vaccination.”

Nov 23 09:09

Test and Trace set for axe with 10,000 job cuts because there's "no money left"

The £37billion Test and Trace scheme is already being dismantled – despite fears of a devastating winter Covid crisis.

A leaked dossier has laid bare plans to axe the shambolic system in 2022. But a major step in winding it down will come next week.

The Sunday Mirror understands the contact tracing system run by Sitel and Serco will be wound up early over crippling costs.

Up to 10,000 contact tracers and call handlers were last week told their jobs were being axed, insiders said.

In briefings by managers, teams were told there was “no money left”.

Changes to the way tracing is done and more use of technology means jobs will be lost.

And although Serco refused to comment, sources say they will not renew their contract when it expires on November 30.

The Government’s plan is contained in a 160-page Whitehall dossier codenamed Operation Rampdown.

Nov 23 07:13

Estonia, Britain send first troops, drones to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia

Estonia will send almost 100 members of the Defense Forces to help Poland…on the Polish-Belarusian border, Defense Minister Kalle Laanet [said].


The Defense Forces will send troops including reservists from the Engineers, Military Police, Reconnaissance units and combat camera teams to Poland.

Estonia is also assisting Poland in enhancing its intelligence capabilities and will send drones.

Personnel tasked with preparations will go to Poland immediately and the rest over the next week, said Major General Veiko-Vello Palm, deputy commander of the Defense Forces.

Nov 23 07:08

There is 'a lot of concern inside Number 10 about the PM': Downing Street insider briefs against Boris after PM's car-crash speech to the CBI in which he lost his train of thought and praised Peppa Pig World

Senior figures inside No10 raised concerns about the Prime Minister today after a bizarre speech to business chiefs in which he praised Peppa Pig World, compared himself to Moses and made car engine noises.

The Prime Minister was forced to shrug off questions about whether he is 'OK' following the bewildering address to the CBI, in which he spoke at length about his family trip to the popular theme park - complaining that the TV character looks like a 'hair dryer' and Daddy Pig is a bit stereotyped.

Mr Johnson also stunned bemused onlookers as he attempted an impression of a car engine as he extolled the virtues of Tesla cars, saying they are faster at accelerating from traffic lights than Ferraris.

Nov 22 13:59

UK: Westminster awash with sleaze – and it will never be rooted out while MPs sit on both watchdogs

Stuart Littlewood: ”The various Friends of Israel organisations still flourish at the heart of government, waving the flag of the Zionist regime and going to great lengths to influence those in power at Westminster, even flying them to Israel to have their heads filled with Zionist propaganda.” >>

Nov 21 10:21

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age

The brown line represents weekly deaths from all causes of vaccinated people aged 10-59, per 100,000 people.

The blue line represents weekly deaths from all causes of unvaccinated people per 100,000 in the same age range.

Nov 20 08:54

The US is seeking to expand its biggest overseas spy base. Why?

RAF Menwith Hill, America’s largest overseas spy base, located in the UK, is to be expanded, and for reasons we can only guess at – although they’re unlikely to be positive.
A planning application by the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) that was recently submitted to a borough council in England reveals that the controversial Menwith Hill spy base is due to be significantly expanded.

The proposed extension will see a ‘communications container compound’ installed “towards the north of the establishment, outside of the existing base operations area”.

“Development across the site is wide-ranging, comprising a mix of residential, commercial and operational structures set towards the southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales on the edge of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,” a ‘design and access statement’ submitted by the MoD declares.

Nov 20 06:52

UK Announces Deal to Sell Warships to Kiev, Raising Tensions in Black Sea

Tensions on the rise in the Black Sea. London recently announced that it will be selling warships to Ukraine. The vessels would be allocated in the Black Sea region. The possible deal belies a previous announcement by the British government that it would not sell arms to Ukraine and increases regional frictions between Ukraine, NATO, and Russia. The presence of modern and equipped Western ships in that area will generate a new escalation of instability, unnecessarily undermining international peace.

Nov 19 09:34

COMPLIANCE MIND GAMES: United Kingdom to change definition of “fully vaccinated” to require COVID-19 booster shots

The United Kingdom will soon require three Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations from those eligible to receive booster shots to qualify as being fully vaccinated.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the proposal on Monday, Nov. 15, saying that the definition of “fully vaccinated” in the country needs to be adjusted to account for booster COVID-19 doses.

“It’s very clear that getting three jabs, getting your booster, will become an important fact and it will make life easier for you in all sorts of ways,” said Johnson during a press conference. “We will have to adjust our concept of what constitutes a full vaccination to take account of that, and I think that is increasingly obvious.”

Nov 19 06:25

BoJo's Solution For Europe Freezing From Gas Shortage... Start Hot War With Russia!

Europe should give up supplies of natural gas from Russia and instead defend Ukraine and Poland. That’s the plucky advice of Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson who counts wartime leader Winston Churchill as one of his political heroes.

Addressing a City of London banquet this week, Johnson warned Germany, France, Italy and other European governments:

“We hope that our friends [in Europe] may recognize that a choice is shortly coming between mainlining ever more Russian hydrocarbons in giant new pipelines and sticking up for Ukraine and championing the cause of peace and stability.”

Note the pejorative use of the word “mainlining” which implies Europe’s trade with Russia for gas is a sordid addiction, rather than a mutual commercial partnership.

Johnson also pointed to British troops being deployed to Poland helping that country construct barbed-wire barriers for halting the flow of refugees from Belarus as an example of “defending Europe”.

Nov 19 06:21

Vaccine Damage Payouts In UK Could Soar Next Year

The number of claims for the UK’s vaccine injury scheme is expected to be 18 times higher next year, according to a government-backed health body.

The number was revealed in a tender for a contract for Medical Assessments: Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme, published on Nov. 15, which runs until Dec. 16, 2022.

The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) is a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000 ($160,000) if someone is proved to have been severely disabled as a result of vaccination from diseases such as measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), swine flu, and more.

In December 2020, ministers agreed to add COVID-19 to the scheme, to demonstrate “government confidence in the safety profile” of any vaccine being used in the vaccination programme.

In the UK, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccines currently approved for use are the Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. All three have legal indemnity protecting companies from being sued for damages.

Nov 18 12:25

Why have deaths among Female Children increased by 57% against the 5-year-average since they were first offered the Covid-19 Vaccine?

An analysis of official data available from the Office for National Statistics shows that deaths among female children have increased by 57% against the five-year-average since they were first offered the Covid-19 vaccine, after previously being in line with the expected average prior to Chris Whitty advising the UK Government to offer the experimental injection to children.

The risk of children dying due to the alleged Covid-19 disease is so extraordinarily low that it is negligible, and this is precisely why the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation refused to recommend that children be offered a Covid-19 injection, citing that the benefits do not necessarily outweigh the risks.

Nov 18 12:23

Britain is stepping up military activity near Russia’s borders — Foreign Ministry

The framework agreement between Ukraine and Britain on naval partnership proves once again that London is stepping up military activity near Russia’s borders, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news briefing on Wednesday.

"We regard this as another evidence of Britain’s growing military activity in countries neighboring on Russia, in particular, in Ukraine," she said.

Zakharova stressed that there were no facts to prove allegations Russia was building up tensions in Europe, while the agreement in question was certainly a factor for instability and destabilization.

"Whereas before the point at issue was London’s assistance in training Ukrainian military personnel within the framework of operation ORBITAL, now it is correct to say that interaction has been spread to the naval sphere and weapons supplies," Zakharova said.

Nov 16 10:30

Comprehensive Study Could Find Just 25 Under-18 Covid Deaths in Entire England (Population: 56 Million)

A comprehensive analysis of hospital admissions and reported deaths across England suggests that COVID-19 carries a lower risk of dying or requiring intensive care among children and young people than was previously thought.

In a series of preprints published on medRxiv1–3, a team of researchers picked through all hospital admissions and deaths reported for people younger than 18 in England. The studies found that COVID-19 caused 25 deaths in that age group between March 2020 and February 2021.

About half of those deaths were in individuals with an underlying complex disability with high health-care needs, such as tube feeding or assistance with breathing.

Nov 16 09:47

NHS Trust Will Not Inform Parents If Their Child Requests to Be Vaccinated

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust has produced a leaflet which tells young people that if they book a Covid vaccination appointment their parents will not be asked to give consent or even notified of their child’s decision.

Nov 16 09:32

Thousands of heart patients could die needlessly after being forced to wait up to TWO YEARS for life-saving scans - with 65,000 people delayed at least six weeks as Covid cripples NHS

This 'distressing' waiting list is 20 times longer than the pre-pandemic list of 3,238 patients, analysis by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) shows.

Nov 16 08:42

Public Health Scotland data shows 89% of COVID deaths over the past month occurred in the fully vaccinated

The latest data from Public Health Scotland revealed that a whopping 89 percent of all alleged Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths over the past month were actually vaccine-caused deaths.

The same data also showed that 77 percent of hospitalizations and 65 percent of alleged cases where a person tested positive also occurred in people who took the jab.

Back in September, it was also reported that 80 percent of all COVID deaths in the country were actually fully vaccinated deaths.

Nov 15 08:53

Covid-19 testing company faces privacy probe over plan to sell swabs carrying customer DNA

A large Covid-19 testing company in the UK is being investigated by the country’s privacy watchdog over plans to sell swabs containing customers’ DNA for medical research.

Cignpost Diagnostics, a government-approved testing provider, has delivered up to three million tests at a cost of between £35 ($64) and £120 ($220) each since it was founded in June last year, The Sunday Times reported.

Cignpost, which trades as Express Test, said it intended to analyse the samples to “learn more about human health”, develop drugs and products or to sell information to third parties, according to company documents.

UK data protection laws require explicit informed consent for such sensitive information to be used.

Nov 15 06:52

Hundreds of UK troops reportedly ready to deploy at Ukraine border

Hundreds of British special force troops are ready to deploy to the Ukranian border at a moment’s notice, amid rising tensions and fears of a possible Russian invasion in the region, according to reports.

The UK’s Special Air Service and Parachute Regiment are prepared to enter the region with medics, engineers, signalers, and hundred of paratroopers, The Mirror reported.

“The high readiness element of the brigade was told it may need to deploy at very short notice, a source told The Mirror.

“Between 400 and 600 troops are ready. Their equipment is packed and they are ready to fly to Ukraine and either land or parachute in. They have trained for both eventualities.”

The military move comes after the European Union accused Belarus, which borders both the Ukraine and Poland, of manufacturing a humanitarian crisis by urging migrants to illegally cross into the EU via Poland.

Nov 14 08:18

UK's Truss Urges EU to Block Nord Stream 2, Demands Kremlin Pressure Belarus to End Migrant Crisis

Warsaw and several other states have baselessly accused Belarus of orchestrating the migrant crisis on its border with Poland. While Minsk is accused of retaliating against Brussels’ sanctions by using what has been dubbed a "hybrid weapon", Belarus stressed it has no resources to stop the migrants due to sanctions imposed by the EU.

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has publicly intervened in the migrant crisis unfolding on the Poland-Belarus border, telling Russia’s President Vladimir Putin the Kremlin had a “clear responsibility” to end Minsk’s attempt to use “desperate migrants as pawns” to destabilise the region.

Writing for The Telegraph, Truss warned that the UK was prepared to act “robustly, decisively and relentlessly” in response to “malign actions, wherever they are in the world”.

Nov 13 13:47

Scottish govt puts tampons in men's toilets

Period products are now being supplied to men’s restrooms visited by Scotland’s transgender civil servants, British media has revealed. The move has apparently been introduced by the cabinet to top up its equality index.

Nov 13 11:10

London is literally a shithole...

Nov 12 13:06

UK Deploys Troops To Poland To "Fortify Border Fence" With Belarus

UK troops are being freshly deployed in Poland to assist in strengthening the border fence at points of entry into the EU along the Belarus-Poland border, at a moment the showdown continues and as Minsk and Moscow are ramping up their rhetoric in condemning Europe's hypocrisy.

Polish defense minister Mariusz B?aszczak made the announcement Friday, saying in a written statement that British military engineers will help repair and fortify border fences which have recently been breached by Middle East migrants on the other side, reportedly with the assistance of Belarusian security forces goading them on.

Nov 12 09:10

35,924 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 8 months of 2021 according to ONS data

Official Office for National Statistics data has inadvertently revealed that 35,924 people have died within twenty-one days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in England during the first 8 months of 2021.

Nov 11 07:25

Russia Scrambles Su-30 Warplane as UK RC-135 Aircraft Approaches Crimea

NATO activity near Russia’s borders has escalated dramatically in recent weeks, as the bloc is preparing for military drills in the Black Sea and Mediterranean.

The Russian military dispatched an Su-30 fighter jet as a British RC-135 reconnaissance plane tried to approach the border of Crimea, the Russian Defence Ministry stated on Thursday.

"From 12-00 to 15-00, an RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft of the British [Royal] Air Force tried to approach the Russian border off the south-western part of the Crimean Peninsula", the Defence Ministry said.

According to the statement, the British aircraft had to turn back after the Russian plane approached.

Nov 10 10:34

We're "Very Sorry" - Bank Of England Governor Apologizes To Brits For Crushing Their Standard Of Living

n an odd moment of truthful admission - that absolutely will not be heard in the US - The Bank of England governor has said he is "very sorry" that UK inflation is rising amid forecasts the cost of living could increase as much as 5%.

Andrew Bailey told the BBC that households were already feeling the impact of rising prices.

"I'm very sorry that's happening," he said.

"None of us want to see that happen."

Inflation is currently ahead of the Bank of England's 2% target at 3.1%. There are expectations it could rise to 5% by next April.

Nov 10 07:26

UK Palestinians to sue London over Balfour Declaration

Members of the Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK (APCUK) are to launch a legal case to compel the British government to apologise for the 1917 Balfour Declaration that promised the creation of a Jewish homeland in historic Palestine.

According to a report published by the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, the organisation said “a special lawyer was appointed to carry out the necessary legal procedures".

Hundreds of Palestinians in Britain participated in a large meeting in the capital, London, on Saturday evening, in which they discussed the 104th anniversary of the “Balfour Declaration” and decided to proceed to establish a lawsuit to demand the government apologise for it.

Nov 09 09:15

Julia Hartley-Brewer slams NHS Chief for misleading statistics

The head of the NHS is accused of “misusing” statistics for saying there are 14 times as many people in hospital with Covid than this time last year.

Julia says she was either “deliberating attempting to mislead the public” or “she doesn’t know what the figures are”.

Nov 09 08:37

Care bosses issue desperate plea for No10 to delay or ditch its 'timebomb' no jab, no jab policy with up to 60,000 unjabbed staff facing sack on THURSDAY - as sector warns homes will CLOSE because there were already 100k vacancies before Covid struck

Care bosses have today issued a desperate appeal for No10 to delay or even ditch its 'timebomb' no jab, no job policy over fears 60,000 workers will be sacked within days.

From Thursday all care home workers must have received two doses of a Covid vaccine or face losing their jobs.

Unions have warned a tenth of the sector's entire workforce will be forced out of employment, which could see already under-staffed homes have to close. There were already more than 100,000 vacancies across the social care sector in England before ministers confirmed the controversial policy.

Nov 08 16:09

Massive denial of service attack after posting U.K. privacy breach article

Our website, Redress Information & Analysis was subjected to a massive denial of service attack after posting an article about the mysterious privacy breach at the U.K. Labour Party (

The site is still partially down but we’ve managed to restore some of its pages slowly, including the above article. Work by our technical team is continuing.


Nov 08 12:02

Yes, Palestinians must get reparations from the British. But an apology is vital too

The British are famed for saying sorry when they've done wrong. Apologising for the Balfour Declaration would let Palestinians start reclaiming the narrative from the Israeli occupiers

Nov 08 09:20

Edinburgh nightclub scraps Covid vaccine passports amid huge decline in footfall

Owners of an Edinburgh nightclub have announced customers will no longer need a coronavirus vaccine passport to enter the establishment.

Scottish Government laws had come into force in October which legally required all those attending certain large scale events and clubs to have official proof of both vaccinations.

As a result, all nightclubs in the capital have taken on the law, with customers requiring confirmation on the NHS Scotland Covid status app.

However, this week George Street club Lulu's announced that they would be scrapping the scheme altogether after a complete "crash in sales."

Nov 08 07:29

EU plot to wreck Christmas: Brussels prepares to go 'nuclear' if Boris triggers Article 16

The EU's punishment plot against the UK has been exposed, amid speculation that the British will soon trigger Article 16. It is thought that Boris Johnson is waiting until COP26 is finished to trigger Article 16 and suspend the Northern Ireland Protocol. Tom Parker, president of the British Chamber of Commerce EU, explained that senior EU chiefs have already discussed a plan to retaliate if the Brexit mechanism is invoked.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Parker said that EU retaliation could unleash "potentially major" consequences, such as problems with the supply chain just ahead of Christmas.

He explained: "The position of EU leaders is one that has been evolving for some time now.

"The UK has expressed the right or indicated it would be prepared to take serious measures, like trigger Article 16.

"There has been a concern and significant discussion about the implication of this, and what the EU might do in turn, should Article 16 be triggered.

Nov 07 19:20

Thousands of women told they have 'long Covid' may just be suffering the menopause, experts say

Thousands of women told they have 'long Covid' may in fact be suffering from the menopause, experts say.

Long Covid is an umbrella term for a range of persistent symptoms that can linger for months after someone has fought off the virus.

Survivors have complained of lasting fatigue, sleep problems and brain fog, among hundreds of other warning signs.

But researchers at the universities of Manchester and Warwick believe some of the hallmark long Covid symptoms in women could be down to 'the change'.

Nov 07 19:15

Thousands of unjabbed care home staff set to quit for NHS as compulsory vaccination law comes into force

Thousands of unvaccinated nurses and healthcare assistants who work in care homes are set to flood the NHS, say bosses, as a ban on unjabbed staff in social care comes into effect.

Up to 60,000 care home workers across England – about ten per cent of the sector's workforce – have still not been double-vaccinated against Covid, according to official figures.

But on Thursday, they will be forced to leave their jobs when a new law banning the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated from working in care homes kicks in.

Nov 07 06:41

Tory donors 'who pay £3 million get seats in the Lords': Investigation reveals that wealthy backers are 'guaranteed' a peerage if they take on party treasurer role and shell out - as insiders claim 'law of omerta' keeps practice 'concealed in plain sight'

The Conservative Party has been accused of guaranteeing peerages to a group of multi-millionaires who have donated more than £3 million to the party.

Wealthy backers who take on the temporary role of party treasurer appear to be offered a seat in the House of Lords once they have donated the set figure.

All 16 of the Conservatives' main treasurers, excluding the most recent, were offered a seat in the Lords in the past two decades including Peter Cruddas, Lord Spencer, Lord Fraser, Lord Lupton and Lord Farmer.

According to the investigation by The Sunday Times and Open Democracy, six former Tory ministers felt uneasy about the practice, some calling it a 'scandal'.

One ex-party chairman said: 'The truth is the entire political establishment knows this happens and they do nothing about it...The most telling line is once you pay your £3 million, you get your peerage.'

Nov 07 06:38

Fixer at the heart of Prince Charles' cash-for-access charity scandal reveals he hasn't been questioned yet by investigators

The society fixer at the heart of the Prince Charles cash-for-access charity scandal has revealed that he has still not been interviewed by investigators.

Michael Wynne-Parker acted as a middleman for the Prince's Foundation, offering to set up dinners and an overnight stay with Charles at Dumfries House in exchange for six-figure donations to help restore the 18th Century Ayrshire mansion.

After The Mail on Sunday exposed the grubby deals, the charity announced an independent inquiry and said they had ceased working with Mr Wynne-Parker and William Bortrick, the editor of Burke's Peerage who was receiving the payments.

But two months later, there is still no sign of the report and Mr Wynne-Parker last night said he has not been questioned by forensic accountants tasked with unearthing the truth.

Nov 07 06:37

PETER HITCHENS: Our Green Queen has just made a terrible mistake by taking a side in politics

I have just stopped supporting the monarchy. I can’t do it any more. I am not a republican, or anything silly like that. I would like a proper monarchy. But the House of Windsor’s total mass conversion to Green orthodoxy has destroyed the case for this particular Royal Family.

The whole point of the Crown is that it does not take sides in politics. Yet in the past few days, three generations of Royals have given their support to one of the most contentious causes in human history.

Of course you would barely know it now, because so many other institutions have collapsed into conformity in the past year or so, but the view that climate change is caused by human activity remains controversial.

There is pretty good evidence that the late Duke of Edinburgh, perhaps the most scientifically minded member of the Royal Family, was among those with doubts.

Nov 05 11:21

Death of the NHS Covid app: Use of software behind hated 'pingdemic' plunges up to 180-fold since June as experts say it is 'not far off' being switched off for good

At the peak of its powers in summer, there were as many as 14.5million check-ins a week, the equivalent of around one in four people scanning a barcode once.

Yet latest figures reveal just 220,000 people used the QR-code software to sign in at pubs, restaurants and other venues in the week ending October 27, meaning usage has plummeted 60-fold nationally.

But MailOnline analysis of the NHS data shows the drop was even starker in parts of the country. Just 557 check-ins were made in Liverpool during the final week of October, compared to around 100,000 in June. Manchester and Wandsworth also saw massive drops.

Nov 05 09:51

60,000 UK Care Workers Face Losing Their Job After Being Told to Get Covid-19 Vaccine or Get Sacked

As a result of the UK government’s vaccine mandate for all social care workers, 60,000 unvaccinated employees face losing their jobs this winter.

The news comes after Health Secretary Sajid Javid told them to get the Covid-19 vaccines or face getting sacked. The mandate requires care workers to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus by November 11th.

However, due to the mandate, many care homes across the country could face closure due to losing so many members of staff. “The sector is in crisis, this could be the final straw for many. residents will have to find new ones, causing anxiety.

Nov 04 13:33

Over 20,000 Migrants Have Crossed English Channel Into UK This Year

...more than double the total for the whole of 2020...

Nov 04 13:23

UK MoD ‘repeatedly wasted billions,’ says parliamentary committee

The British Ministry of Defence has wasted billions in taxpayers’ money time and time again, a parliamentary committee report says, noting that some 13 of the 20 current largest projects were behind schedule.

On Wednesday, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) published its latest report, heavily criticising the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for continued procurement errors and failing to learn from its mistakes over the past 35 years. The PAC contended that MoD inefficiencies in procurement, as well as supplier delays, have cost the British taxpayer billions.

Nov 04 06:58

Palestine Action shuts down Israel arms supplier’s HQ on Balfour Declaration anniversary

UK-based activist group Palestine Action occupied the Bristol headquarters of Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest privately owned arms manufacturer, on Tuesday - the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

Several activists scaled the building early Tuesday morning and occupied the roof, while others daubed the building in red paint, signifying "the Palestinian bloodshed from which Elbit profits", the group stated on its webpage.

Nov 04 06:58

Palestinian foreign ministry urges Britain to apologise for Balfour Declaration

The Palestinian foreign ministry is urging Britain to apologise for the Balfour Declaration, saying a due process is taking place to ensure the apology takes place.

The November 1917 Balfour Declaration stated that the UK would look "favourably" on the creation of a "Jewish national home" in Palestine. The UK occupied historic Palestine after the First World war, which saw a rapid increase in Jewish settlement expansions in the area, eventually leading to the creation of Israel in 1948.

An apology is a key step in Britain's recognition of the declaration's responsibility for the decades-long impact it had on Palestinians, said Ahmed Al-Deek, the political advisor to the Palestinian foreign affairs minister.

Nov 04 06:52

The way Prince Charles is ‘playing politics’ on climate is ‘horrifying’

Nov 03 21:49

School in mourning after two pupils die suddenly in one week

Harry Towers and Mohammed Habib passed away during October half-term and were both remembered in prayers during an online assembly on Tuesday. St John Fisher Catholic College in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, has ensured support is available for its grieving students and staff.


Mr Murray added: "At this stage, the cause of each death has not yet been determined and out of respect for both families, we would ask people not to speculate, particularly on social media, at this very difficult time."

Nov 03 21:18

BBC wasted more than £300,000 of license fee payers' money

THE BBC has wasted more than £300,000 of licence fee payers' money on taxi, train and hotel bookings that were never used.

During the last five years the Corporation has admitted that 4,684 train tickets, 565 hotel rooms and 1,226 taxi trips were all cancelled - and the broadcaster was unable to claim a refund.

Aborted train trips cost the BBC £233,000, cancelled hotel bookings added another £61,500 to the bill, while abandoned taxi journeys added up to £18,000.

It means that, over the five years, the BBC wasted more than £5,000 every month on transport and accommodation that nobody ended up using. Each unused cab cost the public broadcaster an average of £15, cancelled train tickets cost around £50 each, while the booked hotel rooms that were left empty cost an average of £100 each.

Nov 03 20:53

Children are dying at a rate 62% higher than the 5-year-average since they began to be given the COVID-19 vaccine

On September 13th 2021, the four Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO’s) of the United Kingdom advised the UK Government to offer the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to all children over the age of twelve.

This was despite the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) previously stating they could not support universal vaccination of children.

Is it just a coincidence that deaths among children have since increased by 62% against the five-year-average?

Nov 03 07:11

THE UK HAS FALLEN – 85% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated, Child deaths have risen by 83% since they were offered the jab, the Covid-19 Vaccines have negative effectiveness as low as -132%

The latest Public Health data shows that Covid-19 vaccinated people have accounted for 85% of Covid-19 deaths in the past four weeks, whilst UK Health Security Agency data shows that the Covid-19 vaccines have a negative effectiveness as low as minus-one-hundred-thirty-two-percent, and Office for National Statistics data shows that since children were first given the Covid-19 vaccine deaths among young boys have increased by 83% against the five year-average.

The UK is on the road to disaster, with a vaccine programme that has clearly failed, but more worryingly may now be killing children judging by the statistics, and may will kill more.

Nov 03 06:16


A woman who claims she suffered horrific sexual abuse at the hands of paedo Jeffrey Epstein has warned there are still “predators in power” and that includes, the Queen, who is implicated in a child sex trafficking ring which may have abused tens of thousands of children during her reign.

We have all seen her unstinting support from Prince Andrew since the scandal of Jeffrey Epstein's murder and his shameful lies on BBC Newsnight, how she has tried to hold her protective hand over him and minimalize the horrific crimes he is now understood to be guilty of.

How to explain his verifiable lies otherwise?

The Jimmy Saville scandal, Louis Mountbatten and Kincora scandal, the Westminister paedophile scandal, thousaads of children raped under a forced migration scheme...the list of abuse that has occured in the UK goes on and on and much of it has happened in government run insitutions and schemes.

Nov 02 10:48

UK soap operas join forces to highlight climate change

For the first time in British television history, the country’s soaps and continuing dramas have joined forces to highlight the issue of climate change and environmental issues.

Casualty, Coronation Street, Doctors, EastEnders, Emmerdale, Holby City and Hollyoaks have each filmed scenes, or have references, to cover different aspects of climate change and, in a soap first, five of the soaps will also be referencing each other as each drama will also give a nod to another.

Nov 02 09:04

Majority want government to enforce another lockdown to stem ‘Covid’ cases, poll finds. Oh, 40 percent is now a majority then?

Following a spike in Covid cases across the UK, a slim majority of people want the government to impose another lockdown to slow the spread of the virus, a poll by The Independent has found.

Nearly 40 per cent of respondents said that they wanted another lockdown due to concerns around rising Covid infections and NHS capacity as the country enters flu season.

Nov 02 08:58

UK’s Online Safety Bill looks to prosecute people for thought crimes, threatens to jail people who speak about vaccine injury

The United Kingdom (UK) is preparing to establish a legal framework that would surveil online communications and punish people for thought crimes. Under the new rules, social media companies could use their algorithms to eliminate certain narratives and target the individuals behind them. This bill allows content moderators to criminalize the spread of truthful information that exposes real-life crimes and conspiracies.

The Online Safety Bill will police social media posts and private messages to ensure that the information coincides with the government’s narrative of propaganda and force. The proposed legislation uses surveillance and censorship “to combat abuse and hatred on the internet” and provides for prosecution against people who would dare speak out of line with official government narratives.

Nov 01 08:12

Johnson Claims Modern Civilisation Is at Risk over Climate Change

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in Italy for a Group of 20 meeting on Friday with a stark warning: modern civilization could soon lie in ruins like ancient Rome if world leaders don’t act to curb climate change.

Johnson has one big goal at the G-20 gathering: to persuade the leaders of the world’s biggest economies to put their money where their mouth is at the U.N. climate summit in Scotland that starts Sunday.

Johnson will deploy his ebullience and his — admittedly divisive — charm to try to extract cash and carbon-cutting commitments from the G-20, which contains some of the world’s biggest carbon emitters, including China, the United States, India and Russia.

Johnson told reporters aboard his plane to Rome that the Eternal City’s ruins “are a fantastic reminder, a memento mori to us today … that humanity, civilization, society can go backwards as well as forwards and when things start to go wrong they can go wrong with extraordinary speed.”

Nov 01 07:25


Starting November 1, the process for obtaining a firearm license in the United Kingdom is set to get harder and more invasive. On October 20, the Tory government issued new “statutory guidance” relating to firearm licensing and announced that “No one will be given a firearms license unless the police have reviewed information from a registered doctor setting out whether or not the applicant has any relevant medical history…” Extending beyond a medical veto on firearms licenses, the UK Home Office also announced guidance encouraging law enforcement to delve into an applicant’s social media and financial history when making license determinations.

Oct 31 13:40

Fears for UK's seventh biggest energy firm Bulb amid reports it will collapse as early as next week

Fears are mounting for Britain’s seventh biggest energy firm, Bulb, amid reports it will collapse as early as next week.

The company, which has around 1.7million customers, is the latest to be pushed to the brink by soaring energy prices which have already forced the closure of 14 suppliers.

And it came as energy regulator Ofgem warned seven other firms may also face action after falling behind on payments required to support the UK’s switch to green energy.

The seven, which serve around 500,000 customers, owe a combined total of £17.9million.

Oct 29 11:02

Official Government Reports suggest the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by Christmas

Everybody over 30 will have lost 100% of their entire immune capability (certainly for Covid and most likely for viruses and certain cancers – following the evidence from Cole Diagnostics in Idaho and Dr Nathan Thompson and Dr Ralph Baric) within 13 weeks.

Double vaccinated 30-49 year olds will have lost it by Christmas. These people will then have no immune defence to Covid at all. The question then becomes how much of the immune system is involved in defending against Covid? The worst case scenario is that they effectively have full blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and destroy the NHS.

Unless a cure is found quickly they may well die (as occurred at the start of the AIDS epidemic).

Oct 29 08:29

Children are dying at a rate 62% higher than the 5-year-average since they began to be given the Covid-19 Vaccine

On September 13th 2021, the four Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO’s) of the United Kingdom advised the UK Government to offer the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine to all children over the age of twelve.

This was despite the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) previously stating they could not support universal vaccination of children.

Is it just a coincidence that deaths among children have since increased by 62% against the five-year-average?

Oct 29 08:23

Thousands of dead sea creatures washing up on UK beaches in “waist-deep” piles

Thousands of dead sea creatures have been washing up on British beaches and collecting in waist-high piles in a phenomenon that has scientists scrambling to find answers.

At several beaches in Teesside, piles of dead crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters can be found lying across the shore. Other sea creatures, such as fish and porpoises, have also been found among the dead.

Area fishermen have reported to the North Eastern Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority (NEIFCA) that they have not been fishing near the shore there because there is nothing to catch. NEIFCA Senior Environmental and Scientific Officer Tim Smith said that divers have seen dead crabs on the sea bed, while fishermen report that their lobster pots are coming up mostly empty.

Some of the affected beaches include Redcar, Seaton Carew and Seaham.

Oct 29 05:06

Le Showdown: Furious Liz Truss summons French Ambassador for dressing down as Navy patrols are put on standby and UK mulls retaliation options over 'illegal hijacking' of Scottish trawler whose crew is detained after being forced to dock at Le Harve

Britain was last night preparing to retaliate after a UK trawler was detained by France amid fears the fishing row could spark a full-blown trade war.

The Government accused the French of breaking international law and France's ambassador to London will be hauled in today to face questioning.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said French ambassador Catherine Colonna would be expected to attend the Foreign Office 'to explain the disappointing and disproportionate threats made against the UK and Channel Islands'.